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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Mai Otome Ep9

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Whee, the 250th Post! LoL. Well kinda if u include the anime eps page. Ha. Anyways i'm in a good mood tonight. Great way to start 2006. Yay. Here's Mai Otome Ep9~

Must Get To YanZi's Concert ...XD.Natsuki's Finally Feeling Shizuru-sama's Magical Hands! XD.
Shiho's Not Taking Well To Arika's Cooking.Meanwhile Shizuru-sama's Having A Whale Of A Time ...Erstin: 'Kyaa~!' XD.

- Sergay's having a date with ... some spy Sergay had sent. The spy told Sergay that Nagi's meeting up with Swartz's negotiator, John Smith. It's confirmed Arika's anonymous Mr Sir IS Sergay as Sergay opened a letter saying the handwriting's ugly and opened with a 'I'm studying hard for my exams ...' [Can't be Nina, cos Nina's handwriting ... couldn't be ugly lol XD.] The scene then continued with Arika tired out from the tests she had to take LOL. The main event, the hike ... is yet to come lol and everyone's pretty stressed up over it. Scene changed to the girls going to the ocean ... for their test. LOL.

- Arika's so hyped upon seeing the ocean and thought they're going swimming or what LOL. She stripped her uniform and ran towards the ocean lol, but was stopped by Yukariko LOL. Seems like they're in Ealis to do the main test ... besides the Corals, Trias, Natsuki and Shizuru ... Mashiro, Aoi, Mikoto, Nagi and Sergay came too lol. Arika's still getting over her shock that their main purpose to Ealis is to do a survival hiking test LOL and not do some leisure activities. So they went off in their hike, Arika is paired up with Erstin, Nina and Tomoe. [=O, power house 1 and 2 together!] At night, someone's messing up with Arika's and Erstin's bags. [Tomoe?]

- So, the hiking survival test begins ... the Arika x Erstin pair's having fun lol. Nina x Tomoe pair's ... pretty systemantic. While the Corals are sweating it out, LOL Natsuki, Shizuru, Youko, Haruka and Yukino are having fun in the pool!!! LOL! Such great twistZ! Ohhh and the 'famous' Shizuru touched Natsuki's 'Oh-we-can't-see-where-area' is played out lol. But it's pretty ... sensitive ba ... haha Natsuki's like 'Wait ... Shizuru ... that place ... ahhhh~' LOL. Manz, that scene's so cool. Shizuru's smoothing the skin uh i mean applying lotion on Natsuki's back.

- Ah glad to see Natsuki so comfortable with Shizuru touching her like that XD. [You go girl! Shizuru-sama~] Youko then said that when Natsuki's a Coral, she didn't finish the survival hiking test LOL. Natsuki then blamed it on 'That Person' [Suspect it's Mai.] That time Shizuru's probably in the Pearl class ba, cos Shizuru said that she remembered that Natsuki and 'That Person' looked pretty desperate when she went to save them lol. Haruka and Yukino then walked in, seems like when Haruka and Shizuru are Corals, they're paired together lol.

- And as Haruka said, that useless woman [Shizuru] made Haruka do everything LOL! Yukino's like 'I knew it.~' LOL. Meanwhile, Mashiro's pissed that she's been surrounded by bodyguards and especially Nagi who's there to bother her XD. LOL then Nagi made a cheeky remark of Mashiro not been as well-endowed as Chie XD. LOL then Shiho was left alone to guard the tent ... Akane .. out to meet her Kazu-kun~ Hahaha. [Akane's got a nice swimsuit =D I like the star necklace. Looks really nice on Akane.] Meanwhile, Arika's having fun, while Erstin's having troubles.

- Suddenly, a snake bit Erstin without any freaking reason LOL!!! Maybe it thought Erstin's smooth, white, silky and milky leg's some chicken? LOL. Anyways, Arika's really concern abt Ers-chan~ and offered to set up camp since Erstin's already worn up and stuff. [Arika's a really caring and great friend XD.] Next we have the Trias, Yukariko and Shizuru going to the camp sites of the Corals to score the dinners. First, Shiho went to Arika x Erstin pair with an evil grin LOL. Then Shiho had a taste of Arika's 'FINE' cuisine LOL!!!! Actually, Shiho was tricked to eat la LOL.

- So god damn funny lol, when Shiho first saw Arika's ... 'cuisine', she was like 'Urk' then 'Zero Points.' 'Ja.' [Goodbye] LOL! So damn funny that exchange hahaha. Arika tricked Shiho by pointing to the sky that she saw a 'Flying Sprial' [Maki Maki!~] LOL! Shiho actually fell for Arika's trap and ate the ugly round thing lol. Then we hear a horrible 'ARGGHHHHH!!!' of Shiho lol. Elsewhere, Shizuru was having a ball of a time dining in Nina x Tomoe's cuisine ... damn looks so ... high class XD.

- Shizuru heard the cry of Shiho and said 'How irritating ... was there an animal here that made such a terrible sound?' LOLLLLLLLL!!!! Then Nina replied that it might be a captured crow LOL!!! [Imagine Shiho in a crow suit XD, anyways Shiho's child in Mai HiME's a crow right ... so ... yeah Shiho's a crow alright lol =D] Manz, while Shizuru's eating, Tomoe looked on with such a loving glaze in her eyes and that didn't escape the eyes of Nina. Chie's lol laughing her guts out cos the Irina x Miya pair apparently had cooked some 'Laughing mushroom'.

- Scene changed to Arika cleaning Erstin's body ... XD. Arika wanted to ask for help, as Erstin's having a fever already. Erstin didn't want to, cos that means Arika will be eliminated as well. LoL, then Arika was like 'But, our dinner received a score of negative 10 ...' LOL!!!!! [As expected of Shiho ...] Erstin got pretty worked up and exposed herself [Her front] to Arika LOL, then Arika went like ... 'Whoa, they're jiggling ...' LOLLL!!! Seems like Erstin really thinks alot ... and wasn't confident in herself and finally broke down & cried when Arika hugged her.

- Back to the Nina x Tomoe pair, Nina told Tomoe her observation of Tomoe's obvious liking of Shizuru Onee-sama. Tomoe retorted by stating that it's rare for Nina to say these kinda words ... paused then continued that how could she not [like Shizuru-sama]? Everyone admires Shizuru-sama alot as she's a great Onee-sama. Nina apologized after that. Tomoe then thought to herself ... 'Yes ... that's why i ...' [EVIL TOMOE!!! LOL.] The Black Valley group are up to something. The Arika x Erstin pair's lost and a storm is moving in soon. To add in, Erstin's fever is getting worse.

- Arika pressed on the bracelets to get for help but both of theirs are not working ... [The work of the black shadow i mentioned earlier messing with Arika and Erstin's bags. Might be Tomoe ...] Arika moved the sick Erstin in a cave then ran out in the rain to get help. The rest are searching high and low for both of them ... [Oooohh~ a 'wet' Akane lol.] Mashiro's obviously worried abt Arika but denied that she's worried haha XD. Sergay reported their disappearance to Nagi too. LoL Arika's climbing some cliff and when she got on top, she saw someone standing in front in an army suit.

- Arika ran forward to ask for help but got a shock when she saw the guy in the army suit dead. Suddenly a cyborg from the Black Valley appeared and attacked Arika cos she saw what she shouldn't have saw. LoL. The cyborg then noticed Arika's GEM and was kinda surprised that Arika's from Galderobe. Ah cyborg continued to corner Arika ... issued a attack, Arika stumbled off the cliff and into the ocean below.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Cliff hanger! When is Midori coming out?!]
Characters: 7/10 [More evilness of Tomoe!]
Overall: 7/10

Well well well, i juz done it ... next Mai Otome Ep10 ... i managed to type a few lines then stopped cos i need to watch Blood+! I'm missing too much! NOoOoOoOoOoO. Ha.

Anyways, i had my LAM test today. It was ok i guess if ... i got question 2 right XD. It's either i die or LC dies lol, cos we wrote different answers ... manz i feel a little sad already lol. I mean it's 25 marks, i pondered on that damn question for a long time u know. Cos i know both answers ... then i dunno which to write down. If i write all down, waste my time and i was left with 45mins ... and i got question 3 and 4 waiting for meeee! So i juz followed my instinct, common sense and heart. Hahaha. Question 3's a breeze. Question 4's a go shooter too. Question 1's a mystery to me XD. Anyways overall, a can pass but dunno if can pass well paper. [Claps, great description!!!]

Next mangas!!! I bought 6 mangas today ... went to Northpoint along with LC. She went shopping and i tagged along lor. Or it's the other way? Ha. Dunno. Yes i bought uh, Slam Dunk #31 [END], Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #4 [YAY!!! I haven't even opened the coverings yet], MAR #1, Ouran High School Host Club #3, X #14 and Mythical Detective Loki #7 [END]. Almost $50 sia. Heh paid by NETS~ Oh i read Slam Dunk #31 [END] already ... well open-close ending ... soso la. But they won against Sannoh but lost against the next one lol. Kinda sad.

Oh and yes, LC gave me the brochures and flyers for YanZi's concert~~~~~~ YAY, so niceeeee thanks manz! Hahaha, my dad came home today, then he told me, 'Hey, 11 days more.' LOL, i was like 'YEAH MAN!!' LoL. Surprised that he knew hahaha, then he said he's counting down for me XD.

Lalalala, a pretty happy day for me, cos i got mangas to read and the LAM test's pretty ooooook la. And YanZi's concert's in less than 2 weeks. DAMNNNN HAPPY! I bet everyone can FEEEEELLL that right? LoL. Ok off with my butt to watch blood+. Cya.

[Signing off @ 11:11 PM]


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