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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Mai Otome Ep8

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Woot, i'm so good, lol i did Mai Otome Ep8 summary juz now + half of Mai Otome Ep9's summary. So tomorrow will be Mai Otome day again! I'll continue to blog Mai Otome till Ep11 ba. Downloading Ep12 right now.

ShizNat~Jealous Tomoe Looks On.Miyu!
Nina's Blushing.Eh Heh Eh Heh Eh Heh ...Midori!

- Ep started with Natsuki and Shizuru talking abt Mashiro and Arika stumbling upon the secret place and the Harmonium power. They also suspected that Mashiro and Arika might had formed a contract. Natsuki then told Shizuru that she didn't want to make the incident anymore bigger and wanted to let thing flow naturally. However, the incident has already spread far and wide. LoL, Arika's punishment for skipping the Mai-battle lessons is to clean up the burial place For the Otome's Shinso: Fumi-sama. [Arika's Coral GEM had already cracked, so she needed reasons to skip the Mai-battle where they have to use their Robe.]

- Later, Nina, Erstin and Irina came to bring food and visit Arika. Flashback of Nina hearing the news of Mashiro and Arika forming a contract from Sergay. Sergay then asked Nina to question Arika about it. Nina couldn't bring herself to ask Arika abt it ... as she was reminded of Rena Sayers ... Scene changed Arika realizing that exams were coming soon and she hadn't done any studying yet ha. [LIKE ME! MUAHAHAHA LAM test is like in 2 days XD] While slobbing in the library to find stuff abt cancelling the contract, Shizuru-sama walked in and asked Arika if she's researching. Arika lied and said she's studying for exams.

- Shizuru then offered to help Arika in studying. [KYYYYYYYAAAH Private one to one tuition from Shizuru Onee-sama~~~~ That lucky dog, Arika.] This offer attracted green eyes from the Coral girls and ... Tomoe. [LOL Tomoe looks so ... forlorn sia, like her lover's doing it with someone else like that XD] While tutoring Arika, Shizuru mentioned something abt the loud thunderous sound earlier. Arika was like, 'I never noticed it ... the sound of that organ ...' LOL Shizuru was like 'Oh ok.' LOL. Arika had already spilled the beans out and she didn't even know. While walking back to her dorm, Arika was ... cornered by someone.

- That someone's Miyu. And Miyu's Arika's good friend. [=O Holy smokes!] And Alyssa's a yellow bird perching on Miyu's shoulders. [HOLY CRAPPY SMOKES! LoL.] While chatting with Miyu, Arika's hair glowed for a while ... like what happened to Alyssa in Mai HiME. [HOLY GOD CRAPPY SMOKES! XD] Arika then asked Miyu if she knew how to cancel a contract of a Meister GEM. Suddenly torii Alyssa chripped, Miyu went into defence mode startling Mashiro who was walking towards them. Mashiro pulled Arika away and scolded Arika for telling Miyu their secret. Arika defended Miyu and said the secret will be safe with Miyu.

- Mashiro doesn't seem to believe and kept telling off Arika that Miyu got pissed and told Mashiro to kinda back off the stuff. Mashiro-sama ... doesn't seem to budge. Hahaha. [Weird to see Miyu so defensive of Arika ... if Arika the Reincarnation of Alyssa-chan?] Miyu wanted to take a look at Arika's GEM and easily took Arika's GEM out. LOL!!! Both of them were damn shocked. Mashiro's GEM was also taken out from her ring. Mashiro and Arika thought that by taking off the GEMs, the contract would be broken ...

- But Miyu said that even if the GEM's taken off, the contract is still there. Miyi doesn't seem to know the way to break the contract too. Miyu seemed to place the idea of going to the forbidden library in the burial grounds of the Otome's Shinso to find the answer cos Arika asked Irina abt her idea of entering the forbidden library. Nina ... unexpectedly said that she will help Arika ... Irina and Erstin also went ha. At night, the four girls went in ... with the help of Nao-sama. [LOL! As expected!] However when Nao said that by helping them, she expects help back from the girls ... Nina blushed when Nao said that.

- =O I wondered what 'Help' Nao needs that would make Nina blush haha XD. Nao used the key and tried to open the door to the forbidden library. But there's a step more that Nao didn't know. Arika butted in and jokingly said that it could be 'Open Sardines' could it? [LOLLL Open Sardines! LOL] Then door really opened LOL. Nao and the rest were like 'Sardines'?! WTF LOL. [I went WTF too.] Ah i think Miyu told her ba. They went in the forbidden library and underneath them were the data bank. [As said by Irina, simply it means the records of everything they're searching for ba.] But the problem is that they need a password.

- After a while, it disappeared. They went further in the library and were greeted by graves of the dead Otomes [Who died in the War of the Dragon Lord] and Ms Maria. Ms Maria then related the happenings of that war to the girls. Most importantly the cruel reality of an Otome, when you make a contract with ur masters, you must obey every whim and protect your country, even it means killing your best friends. Ms Maria's Onee-sama was one example. Ms Maria then asked the girls if they're ready for this. Nina replied that she is, readily. Arika begged to difer and said that if she becomes one of the best Otomes, she would stop wars from starting.

- Ms Maria merely smiled and said ... if it becomes reality, all will be well. Ms Maria then noticed Arika's 'bandaged ear stud' LOL then peeled off the bandage and saw the 'Empty' hole in her stud and everyone's damn shocked LOL. The punishment for the four girls ... is to clean the walls of the burial grounds of the Otome's Shinso LOL! suddenly Mashiro came screaming in lol and was pissed that Arika had let out the fact that their gems broke. Arika commented that if her master's like Mashiro, friends would be much more important. LOL. [Ah the mouth says one thing, the heart says other.]

- The leader of Asward from the Black Valley [MIDORI!] made a fact with the King of Carlteya to inspect the areas of Ealis. [The country where Yukino and Haruka come from] Oh, so there're 12 kingdoms ... and the usual 'I wanna rule the world + merge the countries' thingy applies. LOL. Ah, reminds me of 12 Kingdoms showing on Arts Central ... sigh. So interesting~ LOL the background voices of the preview is so funny. Abt Erstin asking Nina abt what Nina's helping Nao. Nao said it's juz some simple physical service. Erstin was like 'What? You can't do that ...' then went rumbling abt purity and honour of Otomes ... LOL!!! MIZUGI~~~ [Swimsuits~] WOOT! XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [XD]
Characters: 6.5/10 [=D]
Overall: 7/10

Next i have pics for last night's party. We had BBQ ... lol, BBQ again yep. But this time, this BBQ, we juz sat and eat cos got 5 maids to cook for us XD.

First up, BBQ pit ... filled with yummy food~ Chicken wings, cheese hot dogs, satays [Mutton and Chicken] and fishballs~

BBQ Pit.

Next, my plate of food XD. Fishballs~ so ... chewy and bouncy =D. Cheese hot dog ... so ... cheesy~ satay ... so juicy~ chicken wings ... so spicy hot~ yummmyyyy~

My Plate Of FOOD!

Pineapple + cashews rice and mutton curry. I didn't eat la, but it looks nice so i took a snap shot of it lol. I dun like pineapple and the mutton curry's a little cold.

Second Plate Of FOOD!

Otahs~ Corns~ I didn't eat this either lol. Dun like corns ... didn't managed to eat the otah though ... busy with chicken wings and hot dogs XD.

Otah~ Corns!

The birthday cakes. Two of my cousins' birthday ... yeah one's born in the year of the goat, the other's the chicken. Hence the pictures on the cake. Anyways the chicken pictured cake's chocolate cake and goat pictured cake's vanilla.

Two Cakes.

And of course i had the chocolate cake la LOL. It's pretty good. I like the cream, quite chocolaty and smooth.

My Slice Of Cake.

Yep, that's abt all, i need to go watch School Rumble OVA 1 ... and Blood+ Eps. And of course studying for LAM test ... blah.

Oh my New Year's resolution's probably to watch more animes! YAY! So cya for more anime posts!

[Signing off @ 11:00 PM]

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