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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mai Otome Ep7

[Posted 7:06 PM]
Ahhh, we're going out soon ... so i figured i gotta make this a fast post XD. Ha, i finally made it in time to do up Mai Otome Ep7's summary. So i reckon the next 4-5 days would be on Mai Otome Eps. Then it's to Blood+~

Chibi Mashiro.The Bed Looks Wayyyyy Too Big For One LOL.XD.
XD.Ah, Mashiro's Into S&M Now.PEACE To The World.

- Mashiro's dreaming, Mashiro's childhood gets pawned by adults gossiping that Mashiro might not be the real princess after all. Poor Mashiro. Seems like Nagi and Mashiro knew each other from young and called Mashiro, the fake princess. As blunt as ever Nagi. KYAAHHHH Shizuru's playing the piano, while Natsuki's relaxing, reading a book with a HUGE bed ... in the background XD HAHA. [See screenshot 2]

- Arika got a part time job [That is fixing the castle lol] to pay Mr Sir for the school fees. Arika got pissed off when Mashiro demanded that they rebuilt the whole castle to another form and doubted if Mashiro's the real queen or not. Mashiro got pissed and slapped Arika. [Manz, can't blame her ... she got pawned when she's a child that she wasn't the real princess, guess that old wounds reopened huh.]

- Arika learnt about the rumour about Mashiro from Sergay and also the background of Windbloom 14 years ago. Arika regreted her words and ran in the castle to probably apologized to Mashiro. Nagi had a little flirt with Mashiro XD and proposed to Mashiro XD. Arika barged in uninvited ha and stopped Nagi and Mashiro from kissing XD. Oh, Arika saw the portrait of the formal king and his Otome ... Rena Sayers.

- Arika noticed that Rena's ear stud's the Azure Sapphire and related it to her pendant. After the interruption from Arika, Nagi walked out ... leaving Mashiro and Arika in the room. Suddenly Mikoto jumped on Arika and she accidentally pushed a trap door and they fell inside. [I think Nagi purposely did this ... i juz got this feeling] The rest then searched frantically for Mashiro.

- Meanwhile Mashiro and Arika ventured in the place where they had dropped. The place looked like an abandoned ... part of the castle and the new part is juz built over it. Arika and Mashiro had some heart to heart talk ... about their names and stuff. Ha. Still Mashiro is grateful to Arika for Arika's attempt to cheer her up. Suddenly they ran to this place and Arika activated this ... round ball thingy ...

- The ball thingy opened and an organ was in front of them, Mashiro pressed one of the keys and the louuud sound broke Mashiro's GEM ring and Arika's ear GEM. [Ohhh then we see a glimpse of Miyu~] Suddenly a shadow of Mikoto showed up and said ... it's not enough and if they wish to gain the Harmonium power ... they must combined singer's melody, organ's player and protector's charm.

- I got this feeling that the neko Mikoto is awaken to this human Mikoto le. Anyways after saying that, shadow Mikoto disappeared. Another Mr baddie appeared again, i presumed another person from Swartz organization. He pricked his finger, the blood flowed to the dark black crystal thingy and summoned out a Slave to attack Mashiro and Arika. Arika grabbed Mashiro away from the Slave's attack.

- Arika's pendent suddenly glowed and two GEMs appeared from it. Arika grabbed the Azure Sapphires GEMs, related it to the portrait when she saw the 'Blue Jewel of Heaven' Otome. Placed one of the GEMs on her ear stud and the other on Mashiro's ring. They fit perfectly. Arika then told Mashiro to make the contract lol and Arika went 'Materialize!'. [Kyyyyaaahhhh~]

- Arika then fought with the Slave with a little trouble at first, cos she didn't know how to control her powers. When Arika got a hit, Mashiro felt it too cos the Master and Meister Otome are linked, like what Natsuki said a few Eps ago. Arika got pumped up and her weapon appeared from nowhere then later the GEM powered up and Arika's weapon ... got an expansion, grew bigger and cooler.

- LoL, the attack Arika's issuing straight towards the Slave is 'Bolt From The Blue', Arika won her first Slave battle and ended with a cool 'Peace' sign~ Scene changed to the rest worried over the disappearance of Mashiro and Arika. Suddenly, they fell down and in front of them from the fireplace thingy hahaha ... Later Mashiro and Arika were whispering to each other abt keeping the contract a secret.

- Haha, they might pretend to dislike each other ... but Mashiro and Arika ... really are concern abt each other after all =). Arika's Materializing is cool too, nice battle scenes. But of course Shizuru-sama's more cooler and sexier in her Otome suit XD. I knew that darn pendent got some use de lol. And god, i love neko Mikoto's expression alot LOL, makes me laugh so much. Nice Ending~ Oh i juz realized something.

- But i guess most of you shld know abt it XP. The Pillars' GEMs' names got to do with the names of the most precious gems in the world. We have the 'Ruby', probably taken by Mai. 'Sapphire', by Arika. 'Diamond', probably Natsuki, cos her's silvery in colour, so I can pretty safely assumed it's 'Diamond'. 'Topaz' by Haruka and lastly Shizuru-sama's 'Amethyst'. Coral and Pearl are precious gems too. And there are others too, like 'Emerald', 'Onyx', 'Jade', 'Opal', 'Turquoise' and more.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Soo cool~ Mashiro and Arika made a contract!]
Characters: 7/10 [Poor Mashiro-chan.]
Overall: 7/10

Downloading School Rumble OVA 1 and 2 right now and i'm blogging abt it after i finish downloading them XD. Yay so stay tune. Heh.

I need to catch up on Gokujou Seitokai Eps ... i got Ep17-Ep21 waiting for me to blog ha. Later after the Mai Otome Eps ba ... then after Blood+, then i'll go in Gokujou Seitokai ... but do i have the time? My LAM test is next week ... that means i got only 3 days more to study~ And i haven't touched any of my notes yet.

And i'm proud of it.

HEH HEH HEH. Oh i got Pani Poni Dash! too ... hahaha god, it's getting funnier and funnier each Ep LOL. I'm always roaring with laughter when i watch PPD. Heh. Good. I need laughter.

Oh i watched FMA and Detective Loki on Channel U juz now~ Kyyyaahhhh Loki's sooo cool, i like the ED, it's pretty rock. I prefered red-eyed Loki than green-eyed XD. Adult and young Loki looks hot and cool~~~ Heh. Oh the doll in Ep1 ... is pretty scary. I dislike Dolls. Even barbie dolls, i dun play with dolls when i'm young. I play with bicycles, cars, bikes and mud. LOL. So NEVER NEVER NEVER buy dolls for me. Plushy animal toys are always welcome. Ha. Especially White Tiger / Teddy Bear kinds~ I get so mushy when i hug them.

Anyways gtg i reckon. I'll post up the foody pics tomorrow ba, that is if i'm not shy to take the pics of the foody heh. CYA.

[Signing off 7:17 PM]

PS: Ooohh, Hollow Man's showing at 10pm on Channel 5 tonight yay. And Happy New Year all~

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