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Friday, December 30, 2005

Mai Otome Ep6

[Posted @ 9:16 PM]
I finally kicked my butt into finish typing up Mai Otome Ep6's brief summary. Since Mai Otome Ep13's not airing till next week, i'll take this chance to catch up the Eps ... hope i can get my butt working again tomorrow.

So They're Finally Into S&M.Looks Like Nina's Enjoying It LOL!Does This Even Look Like A CPR Scene To You?!
Erstin! How Dare You Betray Me!Guess Big Busty Girls Get Better Treatments XD.Cool Nao Doing Her Stuff.

- Damn short, a few light points here and there. U know where to go to get good summaries hm?

- LOL This Ep's rocks lol, so kawaii~ Nina's actually ticklish LoL, while Arika's tickling Nina, Erstin looked on =O. [LoL, Nina's voice sounds so darn erotic. XO Even to a girl like me.] And manz, Nina gave a darn good whacking to Arika after that LOL. Yukariko-sensei then assigned both Nina and Arika to be Nao's helpers LOL. [Nao's Pearl Number 4] While in the changing room, Arika sorta told 'everyone' Nina's weakness lol. Irina was like 'really'? Then she tried it out by ... sliding a finger down Nina's back and making Nina do tat erotic sound again LOL. Everyone in the changing room heard LOL. Irina was like 'Whoa sexy~' LOL. Nina's pissed and kicked Arika's butt lol after that.

- Shiho learnt of Nina's and Arika's weaknesses ... and was planning some evil scheme ...using her MAKI MAKI!!! LOL. Nina got 7 maki maki, Arika got 3 maki maki LOL. Freaking damn funny, i was chanting maki maki for a few mins after that lol. So ... the swimming lesson began ... Mashiro's there to rub on Arika's inability to swim lol. Meanwhile, Shiho's maki maki chants summoned some weird ... naughty ... invisible snake-like ... creepys LoL. And those little creeps snaked through the girls in the pool, making them shriek erotic sounds XD. Haha.

- One particular scene is that Erstin thought it was Nina who was standing behind her, touching her. Hahaa. Erstin turned back and said ... 'That won't do, we're both girls ... but if it's Nina-chan then i'll gladly ...' LOL!!!!!~!!!! [So ... Seems like Erstin got a crush on Nina~ ha kawaii~] Next ... ah, Shiho's snake-like friends get ... too friendly with Nina ... haha Arika tried to save the drowning Nina but forgetting that she couldn't swim as well -.-||| ha. =O Erstin gave Nina CPR. Nina seems upset that her first kiss is not given to Sergay ...

- Awww manz, Erstin's expression's so ... sad, like she had done something wrong. Oh Nina got this ... flashback of Rena [MUST HER LA!] looking down at her ... [Manz, Arika or Nina's Rena's child?! Or Rena's not even their mum ... ?] Arika heard from Nao that Nao and Nina are from the same country, Artai. Shiho's happy that she got her revenge and tried to get rid of the evidence but was stopped by Ms Maria ha. Nina then found out that Shiho's snake-like friends will appear when they are exposed to salt. However, someone changed the tag of Salt to Sugar ...

- Bet it's Tomoe ... ha. So Nina, Arika, Nina and Erstin poured 'salt' into the pool ... hoping the snakey friends will come out ... but later discovered they poured sugar and sugar happens to increase the size of the snakey friends to ... big tentacles monster that rapes little virgins MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH .... [Drags the crazy akayuki out] ... eh excuse me for that out-burst. LoL, ok the big tentacles monster that gropes ... lol. Pretty ecchi moments ... that i'm lazy to describe. LOL how come the tentacles monster is so biased?

- LOL It was almost choking Shiho ... but groping Erstin? LOL. BIASED! BIASED! BIASED! LOL! Anyways, Nina and Arika teamed up to take down tentacles monster, but failed, Nina got pawned. However got saved by Nao Onee-sama~~~~ LOL! So damn cool, the way Nao zooms in in her Robe and freed Erstin and Nina from tentacles monster. Shiho's still stuck with tentacles monster lol and Nao made sure Shiho begged to be saved before slicing tentacles monster into little little little bits lol. HAHAHA. Nao's soooo cool! Scene changed to Arika writing a letter to Mr Sir, anonymous person who provided her school fees.

- Arika fell asleep on the table and Nina used a blanket over Arika and commented that Arika's handwriting's ugly LOL!!!! Nina's soooo sweet hahaha XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [More of fan-service ba ...]
Characters: 7/10 [HAHAHA Nina's ticklish!!! KAWAII~~~~]
Overall: 7/10

I cut my hair juz now. Yep so it's back to short again. YAY. I feel cooler already heh. I researched a little on Little India this afternoon. So what got LAM common test next tuesday? What is LAM sia lol. I read the LAM reading guides dutifully each tutorial ... so all i had to do it juz skim through the second time. No worries. Ha. But i guess my groupmates need to study, well i dun blame them really, it's their way of studying. I'm a lazy person. I dun study for test till the day before. Yes, i'm that lazy.

Manz, the Shizuru-ism is really kicking in these days. Now i know what to fill in when people ask what is my religion ... 'Shizuruism' LOLLL! LOL i even dreamt of Shizuru-sama this morning KYYYYYAAAHHHH~ She's soooo cool!!!~ I want red contacts! Do they sell red contacts? LoL. Bet it'll scare people away sia haha. Ohh my display pic on MSN is a really cool pic of Shizuru and really brings out the crimson eyes of Shizuru-sama really well. My bro kept insisting that Shizuru-sama's eyes are not red but rusty brownish red. Ok. Yeah, some pictures Shizuru-sama's eyes are that colour but i like crimson red best muaha. So there!

God, i'm feeling so excited these days ... cos YANZI'S CONCERT'S COMING SOON!!! In 15 days!! Whoa, it means it's like 2 weeks more! KYYYYYAAAHHHHHHHH~ And her advertisment on TV keeps showing up lol, i think around 10 over times a day~ Woot. I love it. But it's only on Central ... other channels ah, seldom ba. Manz, i'm so excittttteddd~ I juz hope that day got nothing related to school stuff. If not ... i'll go hang myself hahahaha. I mean i spent S$198 bucks ok ... uh ok it's not S$198 ... it's S$170.30 LOL. Let me rephrase, ok i mean i spent on a S$198 ticket ok! LoL and waited like 4 years for it. Every YanZi fan waited k. Ha. Ever since the Start 2002 concert ... manz, i've been dreaming to watch it again. Now's the freaking chance and no way, i mean NO WAY in HELL i'm going to miss it. Even if i die, my spirit will go there i tell u LOL. Ok this is getting way too creepy.

I'm so happy. I'm so happy. CAN YOU FEEEEEELLLLL IT?! Yay, i can't wait for 2006. Usually i would ~whine~ and ~grumble~ that a new year's approaching at full steam ahead but ... not this time. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. YanZi~ YanZi~ YanZi~

Well now i got hm IB tutorial to do ... i wonder doing which question is best le ... i think i'll inform my groupmates abt it on LAM Common Test day ba ... i feel like i'm pushing my groupmates too hard. Dunno. I dun like to feel too demanding. But do what must be done! LoL. I gotta go watch Animes too~ Whee. Right now downloading School Rumble OVA 1. Heh. I've been thinking of downloading Azumanga Daioh and Noir ... but lappy has no space. And they're licensed anyways ... but i really wanna watch them.

OOOOOOOH YES! I remembered! Sat and Sun, 4pm-5pm, Channel U got animes!!! Sat, 4pm, we have Full Metal Alchemist. Sat, 4.30pm we have The Mythical Detective Loki. Sun, 4pm, D.N Angel. Sun, 4.30pm, Saiyuki Reload. WHEEE I love channel U lol. Well, i love Art Central too ... as long as they air animes XD. Hope the two new titles are subbed. Uh.

Ok. I dun think i got anything to say anymore, i wanna go watch Blood+! MUAHA MUAHA and read fanfics! MUAHA MUAHA and ... HM oh i read Fruits Basket #14 juz now ... awwww Haru and Rin's love is sooo sweet ... hope they get back together again =D. And god, i'm feeling Tohru's in love with Kyou ... and vice versa. NOOOOO! Don't. Destroy. My. Fantasy. Of. Yuki. And. Tohru. Together. NOOOO! I hate this manz. But ah, i can't change anything if Takaya Natsuki-sensei want it THAT way. I juz have to drown in the world of fanfics~ ... ha

Oh back to Mai Otome, there's a new OP for Mai Otome~ titled Crystal Energy by Minami Kuribayashi once again. Then i juz downloaded this NetRadio broadcast video clip from Animesuki forum. LoL, we have the seiyuus of Nina and Arika chatting about Mai Otome's uh it's not subbed so i dun really know what the hell they're chatting about LOL. But manz, Nina's seiyuu's really hyper haha, really different from the feeling we get from Nina in Mai Otome. While the seiyuu for Arika, Mika ... well she's ok, not as hyper as Ami <- Nina's seiyuu's name. LoL, they were busy laughing in half of the ten mins video. Ha. Pretty cute and funny.

Ok, long post. Cya tomorrow ... heh heh heh i think i'm gonna take pics for the food tomorrow ... cos going to my cousin's home to party, eat, drink and get drunk~ Nah. My cousins are all younger than me ... and not 1 or 2 or 3 years ... but 5 and more years lol.

[Signing off @ 9:50 PM]

PS: [Spots Shizuru-sama pic in a website] SHIZURU-SAMAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~ [Runs like the wind]

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