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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Becos I'm Lazy.

[Posted @ 11:43 PM]
Becos i'm lazy i dun wanna post anything tonight and go watch Simple Life on Channel 5 right now LOL! Driving a police car LOL! And the lol boss was like 'I can't take this anymore!' LOLLLLL SO FREAKING DAMN FUNNY.

Oh let me just type down what i did today. First, woke up, then was about to leave home at 10am when suddenly this Singtel guy from Singtel ... duh came and said he's from Singtel [LOL!] and is here to upgrade my home connection. So yep, 1500KB modem ... yes download stuff is fast lol ... too scary when i downloaded a scanlation from a web XP.

Then went to sch to do SMM project, was supposed to meet at 11am but cos the unexpected visit of the Singtel guy, i pushed the time to 12 noon. Yep. But i was still a little late ... sorry ZY!
Hahaha then did till around 5pm ba then i sit 184 .. 171 then go Northpoint and purchased 6 mangas!! Chrno Crusade #6, Fruits Basket #14, Girls Bravo! #4, Mai HiME #2 [Kyyyahh Natsuki!], The Mythical Detective Loki #6 and Full Metal Alchemist #4. I forgot to buy TCZ II #14 [Black & White Version]. Sigh. I'll buy next time ba lol. A whopping $48 bucks for 6 mangas! Wasn't shocked, i paid by NETS lol.

Ah then this morning i re-read Fruits Basket #2 again ... so touching, i almost cried. Kana ... Hatori love ... sigh.

Ah gtg le, cya.

[Signing off @ 11:58 PM]

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