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Friday, December 16, 2005

Mai Otome Ep5

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Finally, manz i'm really slow ... i dun feel like typing stuff the last few days lol, lazy + no mood. I'm having mood swings pretty often these weeks. God i still gotta go to school tomorrow to do SMM ... sian. Anyways here's Mai Otome Ep5 screenshots.

LoL Butt Got Stunned.Ah, My Kind Of Shop LoL! Oh Did I Just Spot A Shizuru Onee-sama Poster Over There? *KYAAHHH!*What? There's No SMM Meeting Tomorrow?
Saw 3 : Attack Of Nao's Nails! LOLWhat Big Tongue You Have.Spot Tomoe's Green Hair.

Really really short summary, in point forms lol. I'm getting lazy.

- Arika's dream isn't what it seems to be lol. Arika had dreamt that she's all up and ready for her first day of school and waking up sleepy Nina lol. But in reality, she's the one still sleeping while Erstin's trying to get her up. Ha, i'm beginning to like Erstin's =D smile ha. First period of class and Arika's having biggg problems lol. [See screenshot 1] After class, Shiho came barging in LOL, then Arika was like 'Oh, that Maki Maki person.' LOL!!!! Shiho rushed over and covered Arika's mouth telling her to shut up lol.

- Shiho [One of the Top 3 Pearl Students aka The Trias, the other two are Akane and Chie] had called upon Arika cos Arika's uniform was found in this Backstage store. This Backstage store is a Otome-fan store which sells any items related to Otomes. [From Figuires, Used Otome uniforms, picture books, posters and blah lol See screenshot 2] And that Backstage store sold those items at very high prices ... so it's kinda like a black market lor. Arika's pissed off and yelled that she didn't sell her uniform while Shiho kept accusing her and stuff haha.

- While Shiho's screaming at Arika, Ms Maria and Natsuki walked in and said they'll take it from there. Natsuki gave Arika a letter and said that the person in the letter was in debt to Arika's mum, so wanted to help Arika in the school fees. Ms Maria then told Arika that they won't press for the 'selling uniform' incident anymore but would be put under suspension. In Arika's class, the 3 girls, Lille, Yayoi and Miya were gossiping about Arika. Nina recalled what Nao said to her before, that Arika may be destroyed soon ... and acted cold when Erstin asked what they should do lol. [Awwww~]

- LoL Mashiro heard about what happened to Arika, was basking with happiness and planned to rush to Arika and rub it in lol but was stopped by Aoi cos Mashiro still got paper work to finish up. Arika's reading the letter addressed to her, the person said that Arika's mum used to help her/him, so he/she wish that the money would help Arika be a good Otome. Arika's hesitating whether to believe the letter or not. Just then Nina walked in, Arika couldn't help but feel demoralized after the incident ... and told Nina that she shouldn't have come to this school.

- Nina got angry and told Arika if so, get the hell out then lol. Arika got pumped up after Nina's words, rushed off and asked Erstin and Irina to help her. Akane and Chie were there to help Arika too. Nina's pissed off and kicked a tree, Nao happened to sit on the tree's branch, fell off the tree and landed on her feet perfectly lol. Nina then asked a favour from Nao. Erstin, Irina and Arika got permission to go out of school and meet Kazu-kun~ LoL. [Woot Kazuya's a rich kid and pretty cool guy here lol]

- Seems like Erstin and Irina had asked Kazu-kun out to ask about who had sold Arika's uniform but didn't got much info from him. Meanwhile, Nao's in some pub ... and kicked the butt uh i mean slashed the butt of the guy who sold Arika's uniform. LoL. [Nina looks kawaii in the cute green getup~~~ LOL Oh Nina's with Nao's gang too. Seems like the favour Nina had asked from Nao is to find the guy who sold Arika's uniform ba.] Arika, Erstin, Irina sent Kazu-kun off. Sergay saw them, walked over and teased Arika for a while lol. The 3 girls walked back to school and was disappointed that they didn't find the real culprit.

- LoL, suddenly, Mashiro ran in and began rubbing in Arika's wound with salt, pepper and lemon juice by laughing in her face lollllll. So funny. Woot, some winking vibes from Aoi and Chie ... do they know each other here?! LoL. Mashiro then asked for Mikoto, Mikoto's biting a handkerchief and Irina was reminded of the time Tomoe had wiped Arika's uniform with that handkerchief and announced she solved the mystery. LoL. Irina aka Kindaichi pointed out that Mikoto's the culprit cos the day before Mikoto had spilled TOKIHA [NANIIIII!? LOL] mushroom soup over Arika's uniform. Tokiha mushroom soup happened to be Mikoto's favourite food.

- So Irina said that Mikoto picked up the smell from Arika's uniform in the laundry room and thus had taken it away. The evidence is the tear, the tear in both the uniform and handkerchief are the same, cos Mikoto had tore it when she tried to bring the cloth out. So when Mikoto had brought the uniform out, picked up by a man and got sold by him and not Arika. [Wooot, three claps for Irina!] LOL Arika made a sparkling, 'THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME, LOVE YOU' expression lol. Mashiro got pissed off that she lost and ran off lolllll~ Arika's glad and said she had made trusting friends from this incident and will believe the person who wrote the letter to her.

- Over dinner, Arika's thanking Irina, Erstin and also Nina although Arika didn't know why lol. One of the 3 gossiping girls, Miya was cornered by Nina in the toilet cos Nina knew Miya's the one who stole Arika's uniform and gave it to the man. As Miya ran out of the toilet, she met a person ... who scared the shit out of her lollll. Miya was confronted by Tomoe [Cos the person hiding in the dark has green hair! =O] and Tomoe even slapped Miya. Seems like Tomoe's the mastermind behind this uniform stealing incident. Woo, Tomoe's not as simple as we thought she is XP and i love it LOL. And holy crap ... Ep6's preview ... freaking rocked! LOL.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Woot Woot~!]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Thumbs up for Tomoe~ Lol the new evil villian]
Overall: 7/10

I'm going way too slow, i need to speed up ... probably tomorrow i'll type out Mai Otome Ep6's summary ... i wouldn't pressure myself to type a good review for it ... i know i can't do it anyways lol. Ah, juz go to Memento's blog for good Mai Otome reviews k? I'll juz do what i can do and try my best ba.

I'm pretty proud of myself today lol, i did up Blood+ Ep6 and Ep7 summaries just now~ Manz, it's getting pretty interesting lol. Saya's going into a girls' boarding school ... AH WHAT IS BLOOD+ GOING TO DO WITH SCHOOLS?! Stay tune lol.

I juz got TCZ II #36 this afternoon! WHEE! Bai Bing aka White Frost's da covergirl~ and also the metallic badge's her too! Now i'm wonder if i should go watch the rerun of Hellsing or juz stay here and watch POT and Naruto ... hmmm. Oh i watched 5 Eps of POT this afternoon too. Heh. Still haven't do up the data entry lol lazy. I'll do it later la, i think 30mins can finish le. Juz 14 right.

I need to prepare stuff for SMM discussion tomorrow too ... yes my notes ... i need notes ... god. My brain is full of animes right now and YanZi lol. AHHHHHHHHH~ Speaking of YanZi, let me edit the last time i say about YanZi's mum, she's not really fierce la ... probably juz a little loud? LoL. Teachers' voices are supposed to be loud right ... lol. Dunno la. Anyways i decided to not watch Hellsing and continue watch POT and Naruto. So cya.

[Signing off @ 10:49 PM]

PS: ... yawn. type type type.

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