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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Goodbye All.

[Posted 9:53 PM]
I'm going to hell. I'm so stressed up with IB. I'm sick and tired but my brain is not working. I doubt i'll AM NOT doing any anime/manga summaries/reviews/comments for this week. Maybe next week, i got like 6eps of Mai Otome waiting for me. Dun expect much, i'm probably juz gonna slack through them.

I need to work on IB report ... today and tomorrow ... and then on SMM project then on LAM project ... pissed off with myself, why can't i work? Why can't i concentrate? Why? Why the hell am i even blogging? I dunno.

I need to calm down. I know i know. I need to bang my head against the wall. I know i know. I've been repeating 'MATERIALISE' for goodness knows how many times. God. I love it so much shit lol.

I changed my wallpaper to Shizuru-sama to hope tat my mood can get into gear. But it's backfiring. I'm ... getting too hyped up, i go 'Kyaaaaaaaahh' whenever i see my desktop. Shit manz. And the GIF i placed. Manz, it's even worse. I'm going so crazy. Am i stressed? Am i sad? Am i nuts? Am i a lunatic? I've been posting food pics these few days ...

Pissed. Pissed. Pissed. I've been reading fanfics ... not working ... why i need to write down my thoughts and organized them. I dun wanna do things anymore. I can't even find the peace to sleep. I keep thinking i got alot of stuff to do. But what? I have no idea. I have no darn idea.

Yes, i need to do IB ... i ...

[Signing off @ 10:00 PM]

PS: Oh merry christmas all.

EDIT PS: I juz read this great paragraph on a fanfic i was reading and it damn reflected my feeling right now. So i'll juz post it over here.

'You fucking stole them from me you fucking bitch! Now they’re both fucking dead! I don’t fucking know who did it but I fucking bet you fucking know! I’m giving you a fucking warning, you fucking whore, stay the fuck away from XXX. She’s my fucking sister, I won’t let you fucking hurt her, understand, you slut? Stay the fuck away from XXX; I won’t let you fucking steal her away from me too. I fucking hope you go to fucking Hell, XXX. A fucking whore like you deserves to fucking die, bitch.'

LOL, i feel so darn great after reading it out LOUD LOL. I never saw so much 'fucking' words in a paragraph before lol. So i reckon now i'm ready to rumble after i finish the fanfic ... time to fucking kill IB report!!!

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