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Friday, December 2, 2005

Mai Otome Ep3

[Posted @ 9:50 PM]
I was debating to myself to blog or go watch Prince of Tennis Eps. But then i realized that there's quite abit of stuff that happened to me today tat i simply HAVE to type it down LOL. Oh before we going into that, the long awaited Mai Otome Ep3 screenshots~ Ha. I'm only half way on Ep4's summary damn. I'm busy this weekend.

=PChibi Nina! Kawaii~~Look Who's Back?
Shizuru Hugs Arika. Natsuki Gets Jealous.Shizuru-sama~!Ba-chan Says ...

- Recep from previous Ep, Nagi walked in and proposed that why don't they have an Otome fight, Nina VS Arika, whoever wins gets to stay in Garderobe. At the same time, this will be a great performance for Mashiro's coronation ceremony. Nina got up from her chair and said 'Allow me to fight her.' The council went wild. Nagi, the schemer as ever lol, decided to give Mashiro a little push by pretending to take back his words cos if Nina were to lose, it would be trouble for him as she might be his future Otome. And of course Mashiro took this chance and agreed to Nagi's proposal, acting like she had made the best decision ever. LoL not realizing she had fallen into Nagi's trap. Natsuki got a headache cos of it lol. Nagi pretended to be upset over Mashiro, turned around and did a little =P face lol. Hahahaha Nagi's so evillllllllllll~~~. The day before Mashiro's coronation ceremony, important kings from other countries gathered around to witness Mashiro's coronation.

- And a suspicious figure walking swiftly through the streets then we see a Mai?/Midori? look-alike ... cos her face's covered by a hood and mask lol pretending to be interested in some fruit then the suspicious figure walked behind her and whispered that they're here. In Fuuka Castle, Mashiro is being prepared for the ceremony for tomorrow. Scene changed to Garderone, Arika's undergoing some 'injecting nano-machines' thingy. Nano-machines are small machines that are injected into a person's system that materialize Elements and Robes. They also amplify strength and regenerative power. Arika got excited that exclaimed that she will be able to wear that cool dress~, Youko told her that it would be a one-time thing since Arika doesn't have a GEM yet. GEM is the ear stud that all Garderobe students wore, it controls the nano-machines. Arika told Youko to put one on her too, Youko replied that only if you're a student of Garderobe. LoL, Arika went 'Chey, guess i have to wait till i beat Nina-chan then.'

- Scene change to Natsuki worrying her pretty face thanks to Mashiro and Nagi lol, now things are getting complicated. Shizuru walked over placing a cup of tea in front of Natsuki and tried to lessen Natsuki's worries by saying to let things take care of themselves. The students in Garderobe are talking about Nina and Arika's awaited performance at Mashiro's coronation ceremony. Strolling around, Nina, putting on a serious face was called by Sergay. When Sergay asked how it's going, Nina smiled and replied that it's going well and she will not disappoint Otou-sama and Grand Duke, Nagi. Sergay placed his hand on Nina's cheek, told Nina not to take it so seriously and just be herself. Scene changed to a flashback, chibi [KAWAII~~~~!!!! LOL] Nina sitting in front of Sergay's desk and noticed a photo album in front of her. She opened the book and blushed as she looked at the photos of Sergay. [Oh, so the father-complex started that young?! LOL].

- As she flipped to the other page, she saw a photo of a young blushing Sergay with Rena Sayers, the Blue Jewel of Heaven Otome, young Nina pouted and seemed jealous LOL! End of flashback, Nina told Sergay that she's allowed to win right, Sergay smiled, said of course and hugged Nina. As Nina ran off, Sergay heard someone singing in the woods and was reminded of the song where he was spying on Rena Sayers carrying a baby and the song playing in the background. As Sergay walked further in the woods and saw Arika singing the song. Sergay walked forward and asked Arika about the song she's singing. Arika said that Granny used to sing it for her and was told her Mum sang it. Before Sergay walked off, he commented that Arika's singing's off-pitched LoL. On the day of Mashiro's coronation ceremony, the students of Garderobe are sitting in front of the TV watching.

- Scene change to Youko's evil lol lab, Erstin and Irina bribed Youko-sensei with uh a classic artifact to let them watch the ceremony together on her big Plasma TV lol. Ok, introduction of the Kings and famous Otomes from the countries ... blah blah ... the top three of the Pearl Otome aka Trias [Akane, Chie, Shiho] were asked to help in the ceremony. Akane noticed Kazu-kun waving at her, blushed and smiled. [Aww.] Arika thought Akane's smiling at her and got a little happy LOL, Kazuya and Arika were standing pretty near. Nagi walked into the scene, Arika thanked Nagi for the chance he gave her, Nagi dismissed it and said no need to thank him as their Nina-chan got no intentions of losing. Arika declared that she wouldn't lose. Nagi seem pleased, praised Arika before leaving. Scene changed to Nagi sitting on a chair then saying that the coronation ceremony's a joke as it's not sure if Mashiro's the real princess yet.

- Nagi continued by saying that everyone's acting that they've forgotten the incident 14 years ago? ... Scene changed to Mashiro's coronation ceremony yeah placing the crown on Mashiro's head and stuff. [LoL i was wondering when the crown's gonna drop lol] Ohh then we see a short scene of Yukino and Haruka in a limo and Haruka tapping her fingers. [They're late ha] Scene changed to Shizuru hugging Arika to activate her Robe lol and Natsuki on the side, blushing and looking a little unhappy? LoL. [See screenshot 4] Mashiro walked into the scene just to mock at Arika lol. Then Natsuki activated Nina's Robe by kissing Nina's GEM. As Mashiro announced the starting of the performance, Nina and Arika got into position. Shizuru noticed an intruder in the castle and went to take a look. Meanwhile, Chie, Shiho and Akane were also looking first hand at the performance, with Shiho grumbling that both of them should lose LOL!

- Everyone's rooting for Nina-chan, especially, Erstin LOL. [Oooooh~~~ sensing something] As the performance begin, Nina attacked first, using the long extendable pole that was given. Seems like Arika's having trouble lol, she don't even know how to use the pole. Scene change to the intruder scanning the insides of the castle then going for the throne. [Some secret trapdoor's below it?!] Shizuru's voice stopped the intruder [Aka Rado, the robot guy who cornered and attacked Rena from Ep1] from going any further. Shizuru thought Rado's working for Schwarz, Rado snorted and told her not to associate him with Schwarz and introduced himself as the messenger from the Black Valley. Shizuru-sama as ever, retorted back that shall she treat him to bubuzuke [Rice served in green tea LOL!] for his insolence and she activated her Robe. [akayuki going 'KYYYYYYYAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~'!!!! LOL SO COOL!!! Feel like banging my table ... oh i did already it juz now lol]

- GOD, even Shizuru's transforming scene is so freaking cool LOL. And GOD, I GOT TO HAVE THE MAI OTOME OST!!! SO FREAKING COOL, i love the background music soooooooooooo much!!! AHHHHHH! Ok, back to Arika and Nina's performance, Nina's doing well against Arika, kicking Arika's butt pretty hard lol. To ensure her win, Nina used her best attack, sending Arika crashing to the wall behind. As the dust cleared, Arika had cleverly used Robe straps to prevent the impact. Mashiro sighed in relieve that Arika's alright. [Ooohh?] Arika did her 'Baa-cha says' again and said her dream is in front of her so she will not lose. Blood trickled down Arika's forehead and Nina was reminded of a flashback Sergay with blood trickling down his forehead too. Scene change to Shizuru VS Rado, Rado issued an attack towards Shizuru, Shizuru dodged and the impact damaged the castle wall. Onlookers at the arena were shocked to see the castle wall stumbling down.

- Natsuki rushed in to protect Mashiro-sama, Sergay ordered Nina to protect Nagi. Arika ran towards the tumbling air craft in attempt to save the people who can't retreat in time. -END-

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Oooh~ Is Arika Rena's child? Mashiro's a fake princess? Who's the real one then?! =O]
Characters: 7/10 [Shizuru-sama~~]
Overall: 7/10

I have once again fallen in love with reading fanfics LOL. That's why i've been so slacked yesterday ... but that's not the reason why i feel so fucked up recently. I dunno why, maybe i'm still not ... eh in the 'studying' mood yet. Someone kick me plz. I need to get in gear but i can't really! [Stares at the LAM project] I feel like i didn't do anything. Sigh i feel so bad but my brain simply ain't working. I think i need my dose of ... ShizNat! LOL. LOL. [Runs to read spoilers for Mai Otome Ep 9] ... ... ...

[30mins later] OMIGOD OMIGOD! LoL. Looks like Shizuru's having a great time =D and god her swimsuit ... looks so ... sexy. Ha. I wonder how the back of the swimsuit looks like ....

Next, no time to lose, i gotta type fast, i need to watch an Ep of POT later then after watching Godannar, jump into LAM project then go to bed and prepare for battle tomorrow at Toa Payoh Singapore Post Office. Sigh and i wasn't even supposed to be there lol. But i really dun mind cos i'm slow and stuff. If i went for the next sat, i doubt i could get 25 people to sign up for me in a day. It's tough for me you know. So i guess i need to do extra efforts to at least 'Jiao Dai' C lol. So i think i'll be probably sleeping @ 1am tonight.

Sigh, oh ok, i was suppose to report what happened this morning lol. Firstly, i sat 171 ... then there's a traffic jam at the BKE, an accident had happened. So i was jammed around 15-20mins. Then we reached the scene of the accident, the cars were towed to the side of the road. Then i saw a line of 6 or 7 cars? I can't remember then the last 2 cars were dented rather badly but i doubt could kill. It's like a chain reaction, from badly dented to a little dent to a dent to then a scratch on the lined up cars lol. So blah blah, then reached the community centre, 184 is in front of the bus! AH. Rushed down and managed barely to get on, i was at the 2nd step of the opening door lol. Feeling a little dizzy cos of the closeness hahaha of the road. It's been a long time since i stood at that place. I remembered when i was in NVSS, i took the bus to school and 804/806 was always full then sometimes in a week i would be standing at the opening door for 2-3 times. So i guess it brings back memories.

Later went for BB tutorial, didn't managed to get the tutorial answer from JZ so i thought someone in my grp would do them so i went up happily. [Not really happily, i was still feeling cranky lol] Went to level 3 and was stunned cos noone bought textbooks or had the questions written down lol. So no questions we can't do anything for the tut. Of course BB tutor got maddd, took our attendence and walked off. Saying it's 'Game Over' for us haha. So we're stunned there when he walked out. Well it's not really the first time a tutor walked out on the class i'm in. So we slacked in the classroom doing SMM tut for a while and toked abt the roadshow stuff. Yeah i know it's our fault for not doing tutorial, so i guess we deserved it. I'll do tutorial next time. [Borrow from other class muahahaha!]

So after that, had an early brunch lol. I know my timing is not up yet [Shi Chen Hai Mei Dao LOL] but juz eat to get my tummy full. SMM tut was pushed forward to 12noon, yay no need to waste time to wait. So the class ended early at 1pm, no LAM discussion cos i haven't done my part and i feel ashamed to show my grp mates. And besides our leader is not around, the more i can't function. Haha. It's still early so i went to NorthPoint Comics Connection to buyyyy manga!!! Smiled at the CC staff cos she smiled at me, i think she remembers me. Picked up Magister Negi Magi #8, Girls Bravo #3 and SuperPsychic Nanaki #2. Whee, i juz read MSN halfway. Oh then i bought Sushi too~ Whee, it's been a long time since i bought the Sushi there, yum yum. After that reached home at 2pm then had a late lunch of curry rice! Yum. After eating i went to sleep LOL. Woke up to watch Justice League Unlimited and SpongeBob SquarePants @ 5.30pm and 6pm.

Then i woke up, watch TV, had dinner, bath and read manga, then blog. Yeah. Report over. I NEED TO BUCK UP! [Pull my socks lol]

[Signing off @ 10:32 PM]

PS: really. really. really. really.

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