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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blood+ Ep6

[Posted @ 9:39 PM]
Because i promised, i deliver. LoL here's Blood+ Ep6 screenshots~

Ah Ha! I've Finally Found akayuki's Secret Stash Pics Of Shizuru-sama!NANI! akayuki Loves Shizuru-sama More Than Me?!It's Raining Blood!
DIE akayuki! How Dare You Love Shizuru-sama More Than Me!Nooo~ Don't Die On Me!Prepare To Get Slaughted.

- Recapturing from the previous Ep, David, Saya and Hagi went into the abandoned Yanbaru place to save George. They ventured slowly into the place and into the basement. The military decided to blow up Yanbaru anyways and set off. After hacking into series of metal doors, David, Say and Hagi went deeper into the basement and began searching for George's location using a PC. Scene changed to Riku and Kai worrying for Saya and company. Just then Julia got a call from the US military that they're blowing up Yanbaru and tried to contact David and etc but failed. Kai suggested that he'll go inform them riding on his bike and left. Meanwhile, David's hacking into the military's data and found out that the Yanbaru was used as a place to run experiments to artificially create Chiropteras. The US military was also linked to the many war, Chiropteras' increasing appearances and finally Okinawa.

- Suddenly a Chiroptera jumped down from above and attacked them. Saya was in state of shock and stood rooted to the ground, the Chiroptera lunged forwards and Hagi pushed Saya away. David took this chance to tackle the Chiroptera and took off. Saya felt sorry and helpless that she didn't fight just now. Saya got out her blade, pricked her fingers and let the blood flow on the blade. David then pushed the open button to open the door, as David shot at the Chiroptera waiting for then outside, another Chiroptera appeared behind Saya. Saya used the blade and stabbed into the Chiroptera. The cut wasn't deep enough to stone the Chiroptera. Suddenly George appeared and rammed towards the Chiroptera forcing the blade to slide deeper into the Chiroptera's stomach and stoning it. [Saya's blood got this effect of stoning the Chiropteras and using her blood, she could kill Chiropteras]

- Kai ran into the Yanbaru place to inform Saya and company. Saya and company were cornered by many Chiropteras and Saya still wasn't doing much to fight. A Chiroptera suddenly attacked Saya, George rushed forward to save Saya and got slashed across his chest. However, George used his left [beasty] fist to punch a hole in the Chiroptera's stomach. Saya yelled and stabbed the Chiroptera using her blade. Kai burst through the door and told them that the military's blowing up the place. George's blood's flowing so rapidly lol like water ... and seemed like dying, no, he's turning into a Chiroptera ... as the wounds on his chest healed. George told Saya to kill him before he turned into a Chiroptera like Forest. Sobbing, Saya grabbed hold of her blade and made a cut on her palm. George held to Saya's bleeding hand and slowly stoning George.

- George's last and stunning words to Saya is 'Live through today for tomorrow's sake'. After George died, Saya lost it and began slicing the Chiropteras into sushis when they appeared in front of them. [SOOOOO BLOODY!!!! WOOOT!!!! LOL Blood is like water around this Ep. LoL] Oh they managed to leave the place before the US military bombed the place. Manz, poor George, he still died in the end. Sigh. Manz, this Ep's really great! George's death finally made Saya realized that she had to fight ba. Very emotional but George died ... a little too fast, lol more draaaaaammaaa!!! LOL. But generally it's ok la. Heh.

Art: 6.5/10 [The animation is getting a little laggy~~~ LoL]
Characters: 7/10 [Saya's ready to rumble i reckon.]
Overall: 7/10

Well i'm really busy cos i haven't done my SMM project on MIS yet. Damn, i've done only like 1/10 of my part? LOL. Typed in the address only ... shit. I dunno abt the damn modes of payment of MIS ... nvm email to them. But i'll get the reply only tomorrow right? Shit. How am i going to answer to my groupmates?! NOOOOOO! Wow i cursed alot on this paragraph huh. I've really been slacking off, i didn't even record stuff for IB game lol. Damn.

I'm so slacky. I need to do ... SMM project must do must do. So cya.

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PS: must do must do must do must not do must not do ... wat the hell? lol.

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