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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Mai Otome Ep4

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I got my little butt up from a little nap juz to type Mai Otome Ep4's summary. Ha. Slept from 4pm - 7pm ... i set my alarm clock to wake myself up at 5.30pm but no sound sia then when i woke up it's 7pm ... damn. Here's Mai Otome Ep4's screenshots. Yeah short review this time and next time till Ep8 ba ... i'm lazy these days ha.

*Bing* LoLHMPH! I'm Back!That Person ...
ACK! Nude Pics Of HYS?!!!! Holy Crap ...I Thought I Was The One With No Fashion Sense LoL ...

Really short and brief review. Heh.

- Recap from previous Ep, Shizuru VS Rado, the air craft from Ep1 came tumbling down, Arika used her Robe powers + the power of the GEM to hold on to it. Everyone's amazed by Arika's power, Shizuru too and Rado took this chance to run away. A while later, Arika's Robe power couldn't handle it and slowly cracked off. [Fan service! LoL] Arika couldn't hold on any longer as her Robe straps snapped off and Arika plunged down. Suddenly, Haruka, Topaz of the Bells, flew into the scene, grabbed Arika by the arm, stabilized the air craft with one hand! [SUGOI!!!] Haruka seemed impressed with Arika's courage haha, then threw the air craft with her superhuman powers to space lol. Everyone's very very amazed by the display. Haha. Back in Garderobe, the decision was made, Nina obviously was the winner and as for Arika, because of her courage to protect the civilians, Arika's accepted into Garderobe. Mashiro ain't happy about this haha. Ha, seems like it's the same old Haruka, she still hates Shizuru's guts aha.

- Still got this rivalry thing going on between them haha. Haruka's really into Arika, haha she's pretty confident that Arika will be a great Otome =). Then Arika was dressed in Garderobe's uniform and Natsuki started rambling on the rules and blah on being an Otome. First, no contact with the other gender cos it seems that the nanomachines which are the source of an Otome's powers are weak against this Y-chromosomes ... PSA lol watever and if those things enter the body, the nanomachines will dissolve and it will end one's day as an Otome. LOL then Natsuki was like ... on other words ... if one should marry then ... go abit further ... lol, one will lose the powers of an Otome. After that, Natsuki said that if Arika should become a Meister Otome, she will be linked to her master by the GEM, that means if Arika should get hurt, her master will get hurt too, if her master should die, Arika will die as well. Manz, almost the same as the Mai Hime VIP thing lol.

- Arika, number 51, then agreed to all the terms and was introduced to her class [Star Class] with the Coral GEM stud on her ear. Ha then Arika was assigned to room with Nina and Number 17, Erstin Ho. As expected haha, evil Natsuki heh. Seems like only half of the Coral [First] class could be promoted to the Pearl [Second] class then only a handful can become Otome. Shizuru commented that Natsuki's mean to room Nina and Arika together lol, Natsuki said those two will encourage each other to grow by being rivals. For example Haruka and Shizuru then herself and ... that person. [=O We're betting it's Mai! Ha] Arika received her school fees slip and was lol shocked. [LOL, i got this expression when i got my school fee slip in poly too! lol] After that, Arika, Erstin and Irina were having their meals and Arika said that she would have to get a job to pay the school fees cos she got noone to pay for her. When Arika said that, 3 girls from their class walked past.

- Then Yayoi made this 'No way' statement and got the stares from 3 girls sitting down. Erstin then proceed to introduce the 3 girls' names, Lilie, Yayoi and Miya. Irina then asked why Yayoi made that 'No way' comment, Yayoi said cos Arika seems to know Mashiro and Shizuru seems to be interested in her so they thought Arika's a princess or daughter of some rich offical or wat. Arika was like 'Nah, i don't have any family after Ba-chan died ...' Miya then gave this 'why-does-good-things-happen-to-you-then' kinda tone but was interrupted by Coral number 2, Tomoe Marguerite, the representative of their class. While Arika was looking at Tomoe while she introduced herself, she turned to her food only to find that Mikoto had eaten half of her food. As Arika shooed Mikoto away, Mikoto overturned the food, spilling the gravy on Arika's new uniform. Tomoe took out her handkerchief and started cleaning Arika's uniform. Scene change to a girl saying that Onee-samas Number 12 and above have gone to the bath ...

- Lilie, Miya and Yayoi then rushed off, saying they're late ... Tomoe also excused herself. Erstin and Irina also got up, Arika asked for the reason. Erstin blushed and said that they have the responsiblity to take care of the Onee-samas in the Pearl class. [LOL ...] BATH SCENE! LOL. the Pearl class students were ... duh taking a bath? LOL. Tomoe and Lilie then walked over to help Chie clean her back. Shiho's pretty 'demoralized' cos her assets ain't as big as Chie's, Akane's or even Erstin's [Erstin's cleaning Akane's back] LOL. By the way, Erstin's boobs are currently the biggest in the Coral class ... XP. Scene change to Arika in the laundry room but the washing machines are all full [Cos her uniform was dirtied before] so she juz carelessly placed her uniform in one of the baskets, planning to wash it tomorrow. Scene change to Nina outside singing ... a song ... then flashback to chibi Nina looking through Sergay's photo album ... ha chibi Nina kawaii~

- Footsteps were heard, Nao appears. [Same old Nao, lol going out without permission again] Seems like Nina and Nao are from the same country and Nao's Nina's Onee-sama? Ha. Nao commented that Nina seems to be concern abt Arika and with all these waves Arika made, she may be destroyed soon. [Probably from jealous students] Scene change to Arika on bed, touching her warming Coral GEM. Flashes of scenes of the previous Eps entered Arika's sleepy mind ... Scene change to ... a student going to the laundry room taking Arika's uniform from the basket. -END-

Art: 7/10
Story: 6.5/10 [Suspense!]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Erstin-chan~ Ha.]
Overall: 6.5/10

I'm lazy to type Ep5 ... so i'll juz do it tomorrow ba ... along with Ep6, Ep7 and Ep8 ha. Which i doubt so ... sigh but lappy no space le. Heh. I'm going to watch School Rumble Ep25 and Ep26 [END] ... later.

OHHHHHHH YES! YES! YES! I remembered something that i SIMPLY SIMPLY SIMPLY MUUUUUUSSTTTT type HERE! LOL. My dad came back from work today, then suddenly he sat next to me and said he had something to tell me. LOL, then i was like ... eh, abt my school? He said nope. Then i asked if it's bad or good news. [LOL kaoz, like i juz killed somebody like tat ... so suspicious lol] Then he didn't reply and said that he's doing this landscaping job in YanZi's house. -Pause for 10 seconds- LOL I was like grinning so wide ba haha, then i went like 'Really?! COOL! COOL! I'm so gonna tell everyone!' LOL. I was like could i go with you the next time when you go landscape YanZi's house? LOL. Then he said he didn't really saw YanZi there but heard his workers say that they're landscaping YanZi's house, then he even said YanZi's mum fierce sia lol. [Oops]

So cool sia, i wanna work for my dad le LOL. Damn, should had studied Horticulture lol. Then he continued saying the benefits of doing landscaping cos u get to see many famous people and ministers especially. Haha then he listed examples of the Singapore Ministers he saw and talked to and stuff.

Ah, gtg watch School Rumble cya.

[Signing off @ 11:58 PM]

PS: YAY America Next Top Model's showing on 21st Dec ... that means on Wednesdays ... 10.30pm but got animes on Wednesday le ... sigh.

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