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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Help! I Can't Feel My Legs Anymore!

[Posted @ 10:47 PM]
Phew i was doing LAM project juz now ... we got like 45 questions [We got 1100 words yay!] but i know some questions are weird, so i haven't filtered them yet. Was at Toa Payoh Singapore Post Office today, sooo damn tired and so disappointed in myself. I really need to buck up next Sat, i got only 2 pathetic sign ups today. So freaking sad. Low morale sia. I approached like 10 over people in the morning then got refused like 8-9 times even when i 'begged' lol.

The few others got the vPOST flyers i had and left, saying they need to consider. Sigh. Now i can't really feel my legs anymore lol cos i kinda 'sprained' [I dunno wat happened too] my leg yesterday. I was taking a nap when my bro shook me up to watch Justice League Unlimited. So i sprang up from bed then there was this sudden acute pain on my lower left leg. The pain was so intense that i was whining like a baby for around 5mins lol. I could barely move my leg after that then after 1hr of rest ... i could walk, but can still feel the after pain. I tried massaging my lower leg but it doesn't help. What a good time to hurt my leg -.-||||| ... anyways yeah this morning woke up at 7.15 AM muahaha, cos it will only take me 20mins to reach Toa Payoh but walking to the MRT takes me 15mins lol, wat the hell. So a grand total of 35mins was spent, it was still alright la. Yeah then i reached there at 8.20 AM, ZY and JY were there le, wasn't surprising haha. Then SH came, followed by XT, Char then E was waiting at the Post Office. Then V arrived a while later in his car with the prizes.

Manz, i feel tired from typing. So yeah went around the interchange and the HDB Hub to get sign ups then took a break, had bread from BreadTalk then hear and saw SuperStar Cham, Chen Weilian singing haha. There was this public disability awareness campaign going on and alot of crowd but they're mostly those aunties and uncles lor. So how to get sign ups? Haha.

So after that, we went window shopping around for a while then walked to the MRT station with SH and walked home. Oh i bought Chendol Mr Softee at 7 Eleven ha + 4 cans of Jolly Sandy. Woot. Barely made myself home then i was rooted to the sofa for around 15mins before i got up and refresh myself up lol. Then i took a nap. Woke up at 8pm then mum said they're going out to eat. I realized i haven't touched LAM project so i said i'm staying home and asked them to buy take away for me. Yeah so i had western food chicken chop yum, it was not bad. The mushroom sauce was good, i could actually see mushroom slices in the sauce LOL.

Yeah so i did LAM project for around 1hr before i went to bath, then when i come out from the bath, it was time to eat. Then after finish eating, i started on LAM project again for 30mins then now i'm blogging ha. To watch or not to watch POT ... hmm think i'll watch 2-3 Eps. Tomorrow waking up at 10am thenwatch GSD on TV before i go to Raffles City's Starbucks to pay the YanZiUnlimited money for the concert tickets. I was busy last sun with the BB questionnaire la, damn and was freaking tired. I think i'm slowly getting into gear le, after today's roadshow at TPY, yes, so on with LAM project till 12 midnight then time to watch POT. JIA YOU TO ME, I CAN DO IT! MUAHAHA.

[Signing off @ 11:28 PM]

PS: My leg still hurts ... lol i wasn't lying when i said i'm going to sit on my butt for good tonight haha.

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