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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep9

[Posted @ 10:15 PM]
I know i've been slacking off lately ha, but i think i'm back in gear already. My moods are pretty good these few days ... ahaha. I found the reason why i was feeling down last week! Cos a certian Ms ZY kept changing the colour of my Fossil Watch from green to blue lol. [Nah, juz joking la] Hahaha. So i've been keeping it green till now yep. So here's Pani Poni Dash! Ep9 screenshots~

Survivor Of The Fittest LoL.Wat's Up With Power-Girl-In-Maid-Costume-With-Smiling-Faces These Days!?LOL BRRRAAASIIILL~ LOL
Too Hard! Too Hard! AH! AH! Ooooh~ LOL.Onee-Chan Is Here To Guide You ... *Pant* *Pant* *Pant* LOL.Kawaii Becky~

Uh ... Becky's off to see her Professor in Uni and it happened that the six girls went along with her too ... many funny stuff happened there la lol, then this super girl in a maid costume named Media, lol rather cool. Then they got stuck in this quicksand and got sucked down to the Professor's place lol. Then LOL there was this sudden Brazil Parade Dance on screen then Himeko was like shaking so hard/wild that i was repeating the scene like 5 times LOL and kept laughing and laughing and laughing. [See screenshot 3] Oh Mesousa turned into this lol funny looking faced rabbit. [See screenshot 4] LOL! So serious face but so funny at the same time. LoL, how corny is that!? Rei pats Becky to give her a little love. Oh Becky's Professor said that Becky used to be this 'heck-cared and lonely brat' [She still is now LoL!] and doesn't have friends and smile. So after teaching and being in contact with the girls, Becky's more open and smiled more. [See screenshot 6] Oh lol we saw Becky damn cocky smirk too lol. Guess that's all i could remember ha.

I've been feeling rather lost cos Tokyo Toshokan was down, [But it's up now! YAY!] then so nothing to download and my lappy had been giving this stupid Error Hardware thing and making me restart lappy every 6hrs damn sia. Pretty pissed off. Then played IB game ... lol i'm baddd in Maths, dun ask me. I think our grp's gonna be last in the next round lol our ... price is like so damn high argh. Nvm, it's juz a trial, we will learn from our mistakes =). Oh i went for BB Lecture this morning OK! LOL. Wrote down alot of stuff and blah. Then went to underpass and do LAM project ... bring qns down to 37 le ... and i juz printed it along with LAM additional reading and tutorial. I lazy to do sia.

Oh downloaded Blood+ OP! YAY! Aozora no Namida by Takahashi Hitomi, the same young singer of Gundam Seed Destiny's Bokutachi no Yukue. Yep, power, i like~ But the ED is even better lolllll~ Sooo ... touching but i dun really cry when i listen to it le la lol. School Rumble Ep26 [END] is finally out ... dl dl dl ... watch Ep25 later along with POT eps ... still downloading Mai Otome Ep 9 ... ahhh can't wait for ShizNat scene lol.

I'll be typing Mai Otome Ep4 and probably Ep5 tomorrow ba, but it'll be short reviews then on thursday i'll do Ep6, Ep7 and probably Ep8 ... i wanna keep up sia. Besides, after tomorrow, LAM will be almost done, so thursday shld be slacking day ... unless some stupid roadshow pops out la. I'll juz ... sigh.

Been crazy abt fanfics the last few days lol, they were good reads yay, i like and my mood improves along with my english lol. But ah, i said i wanna do a original fanfic ... but couldn't find time ... [or rather i'm lazy ha] Sat gotta go Toa Payoh again ... sigh. I must at least get 10-15 sign ups tat day. I dun care le, i throw my pride, face, soul, body away le LOL. Last sat i was still ... scared and nervous and demoralized. But ... i guess i have to jia you, i have to do my part. Yep. Oh yes, i finally bought TCZ II Black & White #12 last sat, couldn't find in CC and North Point's Popular. So went to TPY's Popular and found it yay! Now going to Neopets to collect my Xmas stuff lol from Advent Calender. WOOT 700NP! + some Xmas stuff LoL.

Oh think i'll go watch Girls Bravo ... Ep13 [END] Time to clear some titles heh. Then watch School Rumble Ep25 then download Ep26 tomorrow ba. Let lappy rest tonight =). Then POT time! Whee, i love myself now! LOL.

[Signing off @ 10:46 PM]

PS: Where is the 'set time' option for blogger?????? ANYONE KNOWS?!?!??!
EDIT: Oh i saw it le, i didn't realized i 'closed' it up lol ... dummy me.

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