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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Mai Otome Ep11

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Sorry for being late, i was doing up School Rumble OVA 2 summary =D, and replaying the Imadori part again and again LOL XD. Anyways, here's Mai Otome Ep11~

ARGHHHH! I'm The Big Bad Wolf!Irina's Imitation Of Nina XD.=D.
'SianZ' Face Of The Year Goes To Mashiro!REALLY?~~~Akira.

- Flashback of Nina as she remembered how she got her birth date. Chibi Nina didn't remember her birth date so Sergay suggested it to be September 7th since he got a day off and they can have a birthday party. [Aww~] A little angst scene, as Nina remembered the scene where Arika called her Sergay by first name. Meanwhile Sergay's troubled over matters of Nagi cos he had told him to find the real princess and also the birthday of the Queen's near. Scene changed to Arika and company having lunch. Seems like Arika had jumped 29 places in the rankings to Number 22 cos Arika's like a wild animal in the re-survival test and completed the test in record time LOL!! XD [See screenshot 1]

- However, Erstin ain't that lucky, she dropped to Number 30 cos she wasn't able to take the second test. Then Arika grasped Erstin's hand with this very earnest expression and said 'It's try our best next time. I'll use all my power to help you!' Haha, guess that the old Arika's back =D. While Nina and Tomoe remained at Number 1 and Number 2 respectively. Nina nonchalantly said 'I only did what i usually do.' LOLLLL!!! Then Irina was like so envious of that and did a GREAT and FUNNY impression of Nina LOL. [See screenshot 2] While the rest laughed haha, including me XD. Meanwhile, Natsuki's grumbling what Midori had said in Ep10 ... luckily Shizuru's there to back her up and told her that 'No matter what happens, I'll always be by Natsuki's side.'

- [Awwwww how sweet~~~~~~ XD] Scene changed to Erstin asking Nina permission to give her a present on her birthday tomorrow. We then learnt that Nina and Mashiro shared the same birth date [HMM~~~~] haha, when Irina suggested to have a party, Nina got so flushed [Kawaii~] then Arika moved in and tickled Nina hahaha. As Nina's about to ya know, Ms Maria called them and had something to tell them. Nina and Arika were assigned to help up in welcoming a prince from Zipang. Both of them are holding presents when they walked in, Arika's present is big lol and it's from the Sir [Oji-sama aka Sergay] and filled with clothes and stuff. While Nina's a small but expensive chain to go with her pocket watch and duh it's given by Sergay again.

- Side note: I can't help but correct that english note Sergay gave Nina. LoL 'Congratulations on your 15th Birthday ... you're always in my thought.' I was like isn't it better if it's 'You're always in my mind or something?' LOL. Then it seems like Nina, Arika and Mashiro all shared the same birthday ... HOLY CRAP Now who's the REAL princess!?! LOL. EVIL SUNRISE!!! While Nina was dissolving in happiness with her gift, a bang came when Arika also said that her birthday's tomorrow too! God, Nina's expression is so ... betrayed like someone stabbed her in the heart, turned and twisted, added lemon and salt in it then pulled it out again.

- Nina ran out, crying then placed her thoughts to the time that Sergay suggested her birth date to be September 7th, the scene Sergay said Rena Sayers was once his dream, the picture of Rena Sayers and Sergay's shocked expression when he saw the Azure Sapphire pendent Arika's wearing. Nina probably felt betrayed that she's nothing but a replacement for his thoughts in Rena Sayers and the real princess. So i reckon Nina's dream was dashed .... as she mumbled 'Is it really so? Otou-sama ...' and broke down. [So ... heart wrenching ... the way the thoughts was put together] Scene changed to Mashiro being angry cos she had to welcome the prince from Zipang on her birthday haha.

- Aoi and Mr Afro were having a bad time convincing Mashiro. Behind closed doors, Mr Afro accidentally slipped out the real purpose [For arranged marriage Ha] of the Prince of Zipang coming XD. Mashiro overheard it anyway and ain't happy. In Wind Bloom, everywhere's pasted with Mashiro's posters wishing her a happy birthday haha. Ah Nina's a kind girl after all under all that poker face haha XD, she saw this kid with this expression of defeat & despair and was reminded of the time when she too was having that expression. [Before she was adopted by Sergay?] So she went up to the kid and brought him to the lost and found counter. However, ungrateful brat had stolen Nina's pocket watch.

- Nina chased after the kid immediately with Arika over passing Nina again. Arika managed to go through a short cut and grabbed hold of the kid's coat. Nina went up to the kid and asked the kid politely to return the pocket watch. [WHAT THE?! Bash the kid up and snatch that watch away from him! No answers needed!!! Was what i was thinking XD LoL] Guess the kid's hungry, that's why he stole Nina's pocket watch ... when Nina offered to give him money in exchange for the pocket watch ... wrong move, the kid got pissed and threw the pocket watch into the river behind him but luckily a boat zoomed past and the pocket watch fell in it. [The kid's got backbone huh cos Nina looked down on him XD Ha]

- Nina like her soul was in that pocket watch, gave chase and hollering to the [Deaf] boatman to stop haha. But the boat didn't and zoomed off as Nina helplessly stared at the boat zoomed away. Nina quickly took off her clothes except her undergarments and planned to dive in to give chase. Arika stopped and grabbed hold of the struggling Nina from jumping in ... [Manz, Nina looked so desperate.] Meanwhile, Mashiro's on her way to welcome the Prince of Zipang and she ain't happy hahaha. [see screenshot 4 XD That 'SIAN' face LOL!] So she took the chance of the limo moving and ran out of the limo leaving Aoi and Mr Afro shocked haha.

- Arika and Nina caught up to the boatman, and were disappointed when the boatman said a crow had snatched it away. [Like pig would buy it XD but they bought it] Arika even climbed up a tree and wanted to ask the animals if they saw the pocket watch LOL!!!! GOD! I laughed out so loud at this hahahahaha! Nina was like losing hope when she saw the number of trees and knew it's gonna take forever and told Arika not to bother. Arika was actaully busy asking the birds and squirrels lol XD. Nina's frustration of the idea of being the replacement of Rena Sayers and that woman's daughter finally got the best of her as she burst out, taking it out on Arika.

- Mashiro's changed her clothes to plain clothes and planned to go out and see how the citizens are doing to celebrate her birthday. As she called for Mikoto, Mikoto's having a one to one with a crow, the crow who had Nina's pocket watch. When Mikoto charged, the crow flew out and dropped the pocket watch below. Mikoto gave chased forgetting she can't fly LOL!!! And fell tummy first straight at Mashiro's face. OOOH, Takumi saw the scene and pulled Mashiro's body like a dead carcass LOL to a corner. Nina's pocket watch was then picked up by some unknown guy ...

- Nina's lashing speech: 'Why are you here? Why do you have to appear now?! If you weren't here, Otou-sama would be watching me forever. Even if he only sees me as his daughter, i still ...' Even the usually dense Arika caught up and asked if Nina likes Sergay. Nina looked shocked, blushed but didn't deny and said how about you? Then Nina continued asking about what had happened between them during the survival test. Arika blushed and said nothing happened as he only saved her. Nina didn't buy Arika's explanation haha. [See screenshot 5 haha] Arika probably wanted Nina to believe her and affirmed that they MUST find the pocket watch since it's so important to Nina.

- Then Arika went on what Ba-chan said again haha. Nina seemed to believe Arika but was interrupted by Sergay. Sergay then gave Nina the pocket watch back, seems like the spy Sergay had worked with in Ep9 was the person who found Nina's pocket watch. Manz, seeing that smile of Nina when she got the pocket watch from Sergay haha, kawaii~ Sergay continued to say that it's been 6 years since they met and that day's September 7th and also Nina's birth date. Nina felt so relieved that she cried that she wasn't a replacement as she thought she was. Then they had a little hug ... [Awww~] Arika looked at the scene before her, feeling genuine happiness for Nina.

- Suddenly there's this 'thump thump / dokidoki' sound from Arika's chest ... [Is it from the pendent? Or is it that Arika's jealous? I prefer to think it's the pendent. I mean, she's still wearing it right?] Ep10 ended with Aoi and Mr Afro, feeling a little screwed up cos of Mashiro's disappearance. They're welcoming the Prince of Zipang ... Akira?! -END- LoL, i love the cute background preview voices again ... this time it's Arika and Erstin ... Arika was saying 'Wow, so big and white and soft~' Erstin: 'Stop staring at it ... i'm embarrassed.' [Reminded of Ep 9 where Arika saw Erstin's assets in full view XD] Arika: 'Hey, can i lick it?' Erstin: 'Haaa?'

- Nina: 'What are you two doing?!' Arika: 'She made me a cake for my birthday present.' LOL! What is Nina thinking?! LOL!~ Funny~~~ Hahaha.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Kyaaahh~ Cliffhanger again!]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Nina-chan XD]
Overall: 7/10

Woot! I finally caught up! YAY! Ep12 summary will be right up when Ep13 is out~ Woot. I'll move on to Blood+ now! =D Then Gokujou Seitokai~ I'm doing well and not procrastinating hahaha XD. I'm proud of myself yay.

Anyways off to do take a rest by reading fanfic! Heh, i'm beat ... i typed alot today ... and i still gotta go to school tomorrow for LAM Part Project discussion ... sianz. Need to crap even more hahaha. Cya.

[Signing off 10:44 PM]

PS: Fanfics~ Fanfics~

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