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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Mai Otome Ep10

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Nope, i didn't forget, i juz forgot the time. Here's Mai Otome Ep10~

Evil Grin By Tomoe.Nina Needs Some Motherly Love.XD.
Midori VS Shizuru!Sexy Shizuru-sama In Action~Kawaii~

- Recap from the scene where Arika rushed for help, cornered by the cyborg from Black Valley, stumbling down the cliff and plunged into the ocean. Sergay who was in a boat happened to be there watching Arika falling off the cliff. Nagi had told Sergay abt the place ... and tat place was the ruins from the War of the Twelve Kings. As Sergay's boat was noticed by the cyborg and the cyborg summoned a Slave out to finish them off. [I'm not sure if it's called a Slave but let's use it for now.] Sergay could identify the Slave as one from the Aswald not Swartz. The Slave slammed down the boat sinking it into the ocean.

- The cyborg thought they're goners for sure and turned to leave. All these are witnessed by Swartz's negotiator, John Smith who was hiding in a corner. Scene changed to Nina x Tomoe pair starting to set their camp up in a cave. Suddenly Chie appeared before them and told them that the survival test's been cancelled as Arika x Erstin pair's in danger, Erstin's been found but Arika's still missing. Nina and Tomoe were shocked at that news. Then scene changed to Tomoe turning to a side grinning evilily. [Oh god! How could those two missed that evil grin!?! This shows that Tomoe really dislikes Arika ... and there's a chance she had messed up Arika and Erstin's bags.]

- Chie then continued to say that Sergay went missing too, Nina looked shocked duh. Scene changed to Sergay carrying Arika out of the water and lying her on the sand to listen to her heart beat. Sergay tried to wake Arika up but failed then he spotted a kinda uh rocky hut in front and probably carried her in. The cyborg from Aswald who had 'killed' Arika and Sergay reported what he did and saw to the leader [Midori] of the group. Nina's clutching her precious pocket pic of herself and her Otou-sama seemingly distressed. Mashiro's pretty worked up too haha. Manz, the scene where Tomoe was 'pretending' to be relieved that Erstin's ok ... was lol totally FAKE!

- God, i was screaming, FAKER!!! LoL. Manz, but she really can act haha. Tomoe ended with a 'Now let's hope Arika's alright.' LOL! Nina then went off to eavesdrop Youko-sensei and Natsuki getting bad nanomachine reaction coming from where Sergay had disappeared. Nina rushed off but was stopped by Shizuru-sama. Nina went berserk fearing for her father's safety but luckily Shizuru slapped Nina out of her senses then consoled when Nina broke down and cried. [Awww ... when Shizuru said 'Daijoubu.' I was reminded of the time Tomoe said 'Daijoubu' and could make out the feeling of 'real' and 'fake' ahaha. No offence to Tomoe fans but well i like Tomoe ... i guess it's a love-hate relationship. XD]

- Manz, Nina's really worried for her father, first time we saw her cry. Scene changed to Arika and Sergay in the cold hut. Arika's not doing so well ... crying in her sleep ... mumbling about her grandma and telling her not to leave her. Sergay's fatherly instincts kicked in and he tried to keep them warm by taking off their clothes and at the same time comforting Arika's nightmares. [In this scene we see the weak and frail side of Arika unlike what we saw in the first 9 Eps of genki-ness and determination. Really a great scene, in Ep8, she was the one caring for Erstin and mothering her like a mother. But inside, Arika's just a 14 year old girl and orphan to top it up and needed some loving too.]

- Akane and Chie were at the cliff where Arika had fallen. They saw a cyborg there doing some weird exercise lol and guarding the place. They went back and reported it to Natsuki and the rest confirming Arika and Sergay were there. Nagi innocently asked what were those ruins, Yukino replied that it's probably a research facility built by the people from the Immigration Era. Haruka said they had searched that place before but found nothing. [Nagi knew about that place but purposely asked about it ... what's his real motive?] Meanwhile, the Aswald group breaking into the rocky doors of the cave. Mashiro's worked up, pissed on why ain't they taking action to save them.

- Nina volunteered to go, Yukino shook her head and said Galderobe is prohibited to interfere but ... with the consent of three [Important] members, the clause could be bypassed. One, Mashiro, second Yukino and lastly, Nagi haha. Nagi gave his consent, seeing Nina's begging doggy eyes and they left to save them. Meanwhile, Arika awoke and was extremely shocked to see herself naked and leading on a half naked Sergay. She went screaming like a mad girl haha but stopped when she saw that Sergay's injured.

- Sergay then assured that he didn't do anything to Arika. [Hahaha Arika's blushing throughout the scene ... kawaii~ XD] Scene changed to the Aswald group, cyborg, Gal's unlocking some door ... [One of the cyborg's name is Rado, the Rado who fought with Shizuru in Ep3.] Sergay and Arika proceeded on to go back, Arika suddenly remembered about Erstin and wondered if she's alright. Arika thanked Sergay for saving her ... and called Sergay Wong-san. Haha. Sergay told Arika to just call him Sergay.

- Haha Arika probably misunderstood that [Using a person's first name means you really close to that person. Usually either close friends, lovers and family.] and said Sergay only saw her naked, no need to get all close. [Hahaha so funny.] Sergay shrugged that off by saying Arika still got ten years before she should mind those things XD. That really lightens the mood hahaha. Scene changed to the Gal successfully unlokcing the door. Then back to Arika and Sergay walking and talking, the mood is really light after Sergay's comment.

- Then they spotted the Aswald in front of them ... and Sergay noticed them having some chip that shocked him. [We dunno wat it is really yet] John Smith was hiding behind them and fired a shot above Sergay and Arika sending the Aswald looking at them. The leader of the Aswald ordered her cyborgs to finish them off. Suddenly, Haruka appeared and jumped down the cliff wanting to save them but forgot Yukino had not even her 'kiss' [Agreement] yet LOL. The cyborgs snorted and attacked Sergay and Arika. Sergay had moved forward to protect Arika but was pushed away.

- As the two cyborgs are about to hit Arika, Shizuru and Nina rushed in to stop them. Nina turned around and gave a ... damn relieved expression that her father's alight. However was treated to a shock when Arika called her father, Sergay. Natsuki walked in and asked Aswald their purpose of here. The leader of the Aswald hopped in and snorted at the idea of being stopped by the people from Galderobe. Scene changed to Yukino giving Haruka the kiss ... uh i mean the acceptance. LoL, Haruka's a little pissed that Yukino called her Haruka-chan in public.

- Haruka went into materialize mode ... so did the leader of the Aswald using some R.E.M system and a 'Don't Forget Our Motherland' phrase below lol. However, she had only 300 seconds until activation limit. Haruka issued an attack towards the leader of Aswald and she just stopped it with her hand. [=O] The mask covering the leader's face was unveiled. Yep, she's Midori~ Midori then jumped up to attack Haruka, just then a shot was fired from Midori's belt and the chip that they took from the locked doors fell. John Smith from Swartz had took advantage of the situation and made off with it. [That John Smith's really smart, he just sat back, relaxed and waited for the moment to strike XD]

- Midori told her cyborgs to go after them while she dealed with Shizuru who was about to chase them too. Midori then threw some ... jewel up, calling it 'Steel Fang' and called out 'Gakutenou!'. [=O] Midori then taunted Haruka that if she's not afraid of Gakutenou's powers then come! LoL. Haruka's anger got better into her and called Gakutenou as only a 'Slave'. Midori smirked as Gakutenou easily whacked off Haruka. Shizuru zoomed in from behind and had a sword to sword battle with Midori. Both of them complimented each other's skills, Midori questioned Shizuru's reason for working for Galderobe. Shizuru simply replied that it's for her most important person. [XD!!! A public love declaration for Natsuki!!! XD]

- Midori then suggested Shizuru to fulfill that wish through death and commanded Gakutenou to charrrrge!! Shizuru got serious and used her weapon to slow Gakutenou's advances by spinning it around. Midori's 'GEM' broke, as the 300 seconds limit was up and Midori announced that they will settle it next time and left. Haruka did a spin [LOL!!! I dunno why!] and agreed. All those time, Arika was clinging to Sergay and went 'Opps' when she realized haha. Nina saw the scene with a weird expression on her face. Youko saw the leaving Midori in the sky and exclaimed out Midori's name. Youko seemed to know Midori as she took out a picture of a younger herself and Midori. Seems like John Smith made off with the chip thingy and Midori's pissed.

- Back home, Sergay asked Nagi about Swartz, Nagi retorted with a why-should-i-say-when-you-too-hid-things-from-me. Nagi ended the conversation with a 'You better not betray me ...' Sergay accepted that with a defeated yes. -END-

- LOL I love the preview background voices~~~~~ Natsuki was grumbling abt the unfairness of Midori being able to call out Gakutenou. Midori replied with a what the and said Natsuki had one too. LOL then suddenly Shizuru's voice, 'Wan~' inserts in and continued with a 'I'm Duran desu~'. Then some chuckles and lick lick lick~ hahaha XD. Natsuki went like 'Hey where are you licking?! Ahhhh~!' LOLLL XD XD XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Interesting developements ...]
Characters: 7/10 [I love the Arika x Sergay scene]
Overall: 7/10

I need to go watch America's Next Top Model. So cya! Oh i juz read fanfics and slacked today so didn't do much to tok abt ha. Cya cya!

[Signing off 10:58 PM]

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