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Monday, October 9, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep1

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?*Ah*!That’s Me?!  ...

Episode 1 of Otome wa Boku ni Koitshiteru [Otoboku] started with, Miyanokouji Mizuho’s friend, Mikado Mariya applying makeup on him. [I’ll refer Mizuho as a male from now to prevent any confusion later] Oh did I mention the ero sounds Mizuho made when Mariya’s doing her job? LoL. Anyways, Mizuho’s really impressed when he saw himself in the mirror, reflecting a beautiful girl.

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 1.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 2.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 3.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 4.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 5.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru OP 6.

OP, ‘Love Power’ by Aice5 is pretty catchy, probably because I played it like 5 over times when I screenshot the trailer lol. Takako moe~

Bishoujo Alert.Oka-san ...Boku?! ...

In Seioujo Gakuen [Seiou Girls Academy], the girls were walking to school when suddenly they noticed a beautiful girl walking pass them, everyone stopped, turned and looked. That ‘girl’ was none other than Mizuho and following behind, his childhood friend, Mariya. In the principal’s office, the principal/sister welcomed Mizuho to the academy recognizing him as Mizuho’s grandfather’s grandson. Mizuho doesn’t seem happy that he’s cross dressing as a girl to attend the girls’ academy. -Flashback-, Mizuho received news that his grandfather had left a will for him to attend Seiou Girls Academy and Mariya’s supposed to help him accomplish that despite Mizuho’s protests. With a makeup kit, padded bras and Mizuho’s natural beauty, amazingly Mizuho managed to look like a real girl and a moeeeeeeee~~ um I mean beautiful girl I must say.

Kirei yo Mizuho-chan.Hm, KAWAII~!Gossip ...

-Back to present-, seems like Mizuho’s deceased mother used to enter the very same school too. After that, the principal asked Mizuho’s form teacher, Kajiura Hisako, who too knows Mizuho’s a guy to show him to class. [What’s up with the bouncing boobs Hisako-sensei? LoL] Walking to his class, 3-A, Mizuho kept worrying that his cover would be busted and was very uncomfortable under the girls’ glazes when he was introducing himself. However, in the end, his classmates were like going gaga over him lol. Anyways, Mizuho’s ‘majestic’ appearance caused a huge stirring among the students in the academy. Everyone’s talking about him being beautiful, perfect and all, with the ideal height, style and brains.

Takako~.I ... Can't ... Hold ... It!I ... Am ... A ... Girl ...

Scene changed to Sugawara Kimie [Black-haired glasses wearing girl] opening the door for the Student Council President, Itsukushima Takako to enter. [Takako-chan moe~] Takako commented that the cafeteria’s overflowing with chatters and Kimie agreed with that. Voices of some girls with Mariya walking by were heard, mentioning about Mizuho this and Mizuho that by Kimie and Takako. In 3-A, Mizuho’s surrounded and bombarded with questions from his classmates, like what’s his hobbies, what he likes to eat, blood type and where he lives lol. In his mind, Mizuho felt relieved that his cover wasn’t blown, suddenly he felt the urge to visit the toilet and excused himself in a lame manner lol. ‘I remembered that I have something important to do, we’ll talk later ohohoho~’ LOL and kinda brisk walked out of the class.

*GASP!*.DIE!Uuu, He Bullied Me ...

One of the girls sitting next to the door asked her friend wondering what happened to Mizuho. The girl’s friend merely replied, ‘Toilet.’, lol then doing a peace sign at the back when the other girl turned towards the door. [I don’t know their names at the moment, probably in the next episode] Mizuho found the toilet but didn’t dare to enter in lol because it’s a girls’ toilet after all! Mizuho tried to psycho himself that he’s a girl right now and started to walk in when another girl walked out of the door. At that moment, he froze, shaking with fear lol. In the end, he couldn’t find the courage to go in and told himself to control till school ends lol. [Kids, do not try this at home =)] In the Student Council room, Takako’s reading the files of Mizuho, seemingly taken an interest in him. After school, Mizuho rushed to the dorms lol, toilet toilet toilet!!

Hehehe, My Onee-sama.Mariya ... Your ...Show Time!

While running, he saw a girl, Jyuujyou Shion walking in the opposite distance towards him and he seem amazed by her. Rendering Mizuho speechless who stood rooted to the ground as Shion walked past him, muttering ‘Gokigenyou’ along the way. Finally, Mizuho managed to reach the dorms, before Mariya could introduced to him the surroundings of the dorm, Mizuho immediately asked where the toilet was and dashed straight there lol. After relieving himself, Mizuho was bashed up by Mariya because his actions of leaving the toilet seat up, throwing his bags and shoes on the floor might give him away. Mariya continues ‘abusing’ Mizuho till Kamioka Yukari, lowerclassmen entered the dorm. Yukari’s thrilled to meet Mizuho lol, praising Mizuho and all. Mariya then left Mizuho to walk up to his room as he had to unpack his luggage. Walking up the stairs, Mizuho noticed a petite girl having difficulties balancing a tray of tea cups and jugs up and helped out. That girl’s Suouin Kana who is also the lowerclassmen responsible for serving him. [Similar to Strawberry Panic!, the lowerclassmen here serves the upperclassmen] In Mizuho’s room, Kana poured the tea for Mizuho and he felt a little bad that Kana’s serving him. Kane replied that it’s alright as she had been looking forward to having her own Onee-sama [Elder sister]. Mariya explained to Mizuho about the lowerclassmen serving the upperclassmen thingy and said that Yukari helps her.

How Bold~.Kawaii~!What Will Happen From Now On?! ...

Mizuho seemed unsure of that idea, saying that it would be quite tough for Kana isn’t it? Kana replied that she envied Yukari because she has an Onee-sama to take care of, so the appearance of Mizuho made Kana very happy. Making a doggy face lol, Kana asked if Mizuho dislikes her? Mizuho smiled and said he’s okay with it, delighted, Kana leaped forward and hugged um Mizuho’s hips? Later, Mizuho’s relieved that the day’s gone without any hassle and wondered why his grandfather made such a weird request for him to enter the girls’ academy. Mariya entered the room, asking if Mizuho’s okay with the room, Mizuho replied that he’s a little uncomfortable lol. [A pink room … *shivers*] Mariya leaned closer to Mizuho commenting that he looks pretty much like a girl, just then, Mizuho noticed Mariya’s chest and blushed, looking away. Mariya realized what Mizuho saw, grinned slyly and pushed Mizuho down on bed. Mariya said that it can’t be help since she had to help Mizuho become more like a girl and proceed on to take off her shirt. Mizuho asked what Mariya was doing. Mariya chuckled and said … what she’s doing?

Well, of course to hold Mizuho’s first pajamas party~ lol and Mariya revealed sexy night lingerie underneath her clothes. From nowhere out popped, Kana and Yukari lol. The girls proceed on to flaunt their pajamas [Mariya didn’t even wear a bra!?] and when it comes to Mizuho’s turn, Mariya threw off Mizuho’s clothes and put on a normal wear of pajamas for him. Both Kana and Yukari were full of praise despite wearing just normal pajamas. Mariya then permit them to hug Mizuho lol, the young girls lunged towards Mizuho pinning him and nudging him on bed. Mariya stated that this way, everything will be fine as he get used to it =), lol Mizuho was like, ‘What will happen from now on?~~’ -End-

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ED 1.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ED 2.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ED 3.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ED 4.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ED 5.Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ED 6.

ED, ‘Beautiful Day’ by Sakakibara Yui, well the images were cute lol, SD and all, I don’t know whether to call it … ugly or adorable but … haha, it’s really funny. The ED’s catchy and stuff, light and happy I supposed.

Quite a pleasant first episode, not much characters introduction yet, I don’t know how the PC/PS game goes but I’m okay with the pace. The SD were hilarious lol, Shion won me over just with one line, ‘Gokigenyou’ LOL, how cool is that?! Takako’s pretty cute in the OP too XD. A number of fan service in this episode, but not too way off, I’m okay I guess.

Art: 8/10 [I like]
Story: 6.5/10 [Nothing much yet.]
Characters: 7/10 [Mizuho-chan~]
Overall: 7/10

It gives me a fuzzy feeling inside.

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  1. I loved this anime. It's hillarious XD. I agree with jeffng9, I need more Shion too. Just a gokigenyou isn't enough. I want her to pawn Mizuho like Mariya did XD

  2. Personally I hate Chibis. The word cute does not come across my mind at all. Also I suppose Shion is the main character right? Why isn't she in the episode? Ahh forget about the 30 seconds appearance. I'm totally mad. I want more Shion >.>

    Mizuho and Mariya scene is hot. I totally forgotten that she is a he for that very moment. Gawt mercy!

    I want to add my ratings too XD

    Art: 9/10 Totally beautiful
    Story: 2/10 I don't take craps
    Characters: 10/10 Mariya shipper
    Overall: 5/10 For this ep only perhaps later I'll change

  3. Does everyone even forget the Sensei jingle bells? I wonder why they jingles. I'm trying to put him as her in my mind. I just can't see he's a man. I heard somewhere and someone suggest that Shion will fell for Mizuho but later after she learns that he is a man, she dump him and she wants true love which is a girl. I'm sure that Mizuho will never change back to a man if he still in love with Shion.

  4. I think anonymous was just quoting a rumour and someone's suggestion ... don't think it's really true. It's probably way off Shion's character to be that way ...

  5. Honestly, I also wish that either Annoymous's sugestions are true or Mizuho were to permanently become a girl and Shion and "her" will be together happily ever after. Unfortunately, anonymous the main characters should be ending up together. Don't fret though! In the game itself, there is real yuri amongst some of the supporting cast and even an actual yuri sex scene though it remains to be seen whether they will include the shoujo-ai from the supporting cast as they are minor, not to mention not enough time with a 12 ep limit.

  6. 12 episode of this goodness actually sucks >.<

  7. The "Kei" above wasn't me! He/She was definitely making a practical joke. I was the first Kei who made the post. What questons do some of you have about the game?