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Friday, October 13, 2006

Negima!? Ep2

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Negima!? OP 1.Negima!? OP 2.Negima!? OP 3.
Negima!? OP 4.Negima!? OP 5.Negima!? OP 6

Negima!? OP1, '1000% SPARKING!' by Satou Rina [Seiyuu of Negi], Kanda Akemi [Seiyuu of Asuna], Nonaka Ai [Seiyuu of Konoka] and Kobayashi Yu [Seiyuu of Setsuna]. It started as a dialogue between the four seiyuus and then halfway through it, the song slots in. The numbers on the students kinda reminded me of this arcade game I used to play whereby they had the number of kills each player had on the top of the heads lol.

Nodoka.?!Set-chan? ...
WHO DARE GAVE A HICKEY TO KONOKA OJOU-SAMA!?Love At First Sight.Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Pan Crashing On Head Style!
Ojou-sama, I'll Protect You.Kiss?... Dark ...
DIE!Nagi.I'm Kawaii Deshou?!
...Repair? ...Evangeline ...

- Picking up from episode 1, the face off between vampire, Eva and Negi. What is her motive?! Eva had captured Nodoka, Negi yelled to Eva to release Nodoka. Eva smirked and released Nodoka since she had already done the 'deed' [Sucking her blood duh]. The problem is, Eva's levitating in mid air. Negi immediately called out his magical spell to prevent Nodoka from slamming down the ground. Semi-conscious, Nodoka managed to glanced Negi before fainting again. Gaining blood from a maiden, Eva's powers were increased as she fired a blast towards Negi. Negi managed to repel the blast with his staff back to Eva. Eva was caught unaware but luckily a dark shadow blocked the blast for her. Eva's shocked that Negi's powers were already this great even though he's only ten. Knowing she's no match for him, Eva immediately retreated with the dark shadow. Meanwhile, Haruna, Ku Fei, Setsuna and Yue heard the noises and came running in.

- Setsuna went for Konoka and was hysterical when she saw the teeth marks on Konoka's neck lol. Negi went to Nodoka's side and saw the teeth marks on Nodoka's neck disappeared. Similarly, Konoka's teeth marks also disappeared, Setsuna wondered if it's an illusion. Later, we found out that Takamichi-sensei had broken the blood bond spell of Eva to the girls. A while later, Nodoka awoke, Negi noticed Nodoka looked cute without her fringe covered her eyes. As both of them stared at each other, Haruna and Yue gave each other evil smirks. As Negi sent the girls back to the dorms, he was confronted by Asuna who finally remembered that she saw Negi using his magic. Negi tried to erase Asuna's memories but failed twice lol [Maho? Pani Poni Dash! Himeko style! LoL Pans crashing on heads! Tsukuyomi Moon Phase style!]. Later, Negi told Asuna about his mission to enter Mahora Academy as a teacher. Camo added, to find a soulmate partner too so that Negi could be a Magister Magi and invoke the greatest skills.

- However, Negi's still young so he had to make do with Pactio, a temporary contract. Meanwhile, Setsuna's looking after the sleeping Konoka, swearing to not let the incident of that night happen again. Setsuna added that, continuing the Sakurazaki tradition, she, Setsuna would protect Konoka even if she had to break her bones. Camo proposed to Asuna if she wanted to make a pactio with Negi lol. Curious, Asuna asked how to go about doing it, Negi blushed and stammered. Camo took the lead and replied, 'Kiss~ Ane-san Kiss~' lol. Asuna might pretend to be calm but in actuality she was pretty embarrassed. Asuna declared that she would never do the pactio with Negi lol. Camo then told them to get along with each other since they're living together from now on. 'What the hell?!!!', Asuna screamed into the night lol. Takamichi-sensei paid a visit to Eva's house and warned her to not make the students into her servants. Later we learn of Eva's past and hatred to Thousand Master [Nagi, Negi's father] as he had sealed Eva in a child form and banished her to studying in Mahora Academy.

- In Konoka and Asuna's room, Asuna woke up only to find Negi sleeping beside her. About to punish Negi for sneaking in her bed, Negi muttered, 'Onee-chan' and Asuna stopped her movements, realizing that Negi's a ten year old after all, away from his family and stuff. In 2-A, the girls were discussing about the vampire incident again, this time, there were three victims, Makie told them that her teeth marks were gone too. Ayaka shrugged the vampire thingy as a dream and said there's no such thing. Nodoka, Konoka and Makie couldn't make out the face of the vampire as it was dark and stuff. Just then, Negi walked in with a bump on his head, a result of Asuna's fury lol. Eva and Chachamaru didn't attend class again. After class, Negi met Satomi who was pushing a damaged Chachamaru who was in this .. tub with Eva beside her. Negi introduced himself as the form teacher of 2-A to Chachamaru and Eva [He didn't know the vampire was Eva at first]. Negi learnt that Chachamaru's a robot and a student in his class and was a little surprised. Just then, Chachamaru did a mini explosion, Satomi rushed off to fix Chachamaru. Negi placed Chachamaru's damages and Eva's slight resemblance to the vampire into one and wondered if it's true. Takamichi-sensei then confirmed Negi's guess.

- Takamichi-sensei then explained Eva's past and stuff to Negi. About Thousand Master's sealing of Eva in Mahora Academy, never to step out of the school as a punishment. Takamichi-sensei told Negi that Eva's target was him because she needs his blood to release the spell Thousand Master had on her. Takamichi-sensei then told Negi not to let Eva succeed that desire. Meanwhile, Eva's back in her adult form again. - END -

Eva Strikes Back.Negima!? ED 1.Negima!? ED 2.
Baka Rangers Strikes Back!Makie Didn't Finish Her Line In Ep1!!Once Again, Baka Rangers!

Negima!? ED 1, 'Hoshizora Letter' by Kanda Akemi [Seiyuu of Asuna] is a slow song ... makes me kinda sleepy lol but soothing nevertheless after the 'angst' and actions in the episode. A special Baka Rangers slot at the end, Makie complained that she's the only one who didn't managed to finish her line in Episode 1 and whined that she wanted to finish it. So Baka Rangers introduced themselves again ... Makie once again didn't managed to finish her line LOL.

Focusing even more on Eva in this episode as Takahata-sensei revealed Eva's past to Negi. [They really fast-forwarded alot, in the manga, Eva didn't tell Negi about her past, rather she told Asuna and Setsuna only and kicked Negi out lol.] The relationship between Eva and Nagi was pretty serious too, unlike in the manga, Nagi's a really playful guy haha. There's no hint that Eva had a crush on Nagi in the anime, unlike in the manga. Oh, I forgot to mention this in Episode 1, the relationship between Konoka and Setsuna was fast forwarded too, Setsuna was not so chummy with Konoka till the Kyoto manga chapter. However the protectiveness was still there.

Art: 7.5/10 [... Constant]
Story: 7/10 [Fast Forward Development.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Eva~]
Overall: 7.5/10

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  1. Wait a minute, Setsuna and Konoka got something between them?! There're both girls, no? Or you mistype their names?

  2. Runte said...

    Yup. Set-chan and Kono-chan are in "love" even though they don't yet realize it themselves :P
    I guess it's tha famous "Childhood_friends_fall_in_love" Trick =D

    Aww Man.. My computer can't read chinese or japanese letters, so I can't DL it from Yamibo.. I have to wait 'till Mahora subs it, 'coz can't even find RAW anywhere <.<
    But thx for the pics Yuki-chin :P

  3. I think it's more to the 'Knight and Princess' relationship. If you read the manga, Setsuna swore to protect Konoka because she failed to save Konoka when she fell in the river in their childhood days. The shoujo-ai's pretty subtle here ... little hints and there haha but it seemed full blown in the 1st season of the Negima anime with the kiss and stuff.

  4. Ohh I see. Thank you for depth explanation. I thought you made a mistake in their names.

  5. I'm so waiting for Asuna and Negi get it on...they're funny together!! Oh oh BAKA rangers...XD XD XD XD