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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[Hakka-ya] Hisa x Mihoko Doujinshi Script - Anata ga itemo, Inakutemo

[Posted @ 11:55 PM]
Tonight I bring you yet another Hisa x Mihoko doujinshi =D yayaya I did say I was going to translate that Yumi x Momoko doujinshi but ... I was lazy and I got more love for HxM than YxM =x

Images are over at yamibo, click here to fly there. There were a few lines I wasn't sure of and sorry if it doesn't make sense or something. If anyone could read moon, click here for the raws. However the quality of the scans is not good and some of the bubbles were either cut off or blurish.

And, this doujinshi is brought to you by Hakka-ya and his/her website is; http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~hakka-ya/

-Cover & Insert-
anata ga itemo, inakutemo (Whether you are here, or not)

-Author’s comments not translated.-

-Page 1-

Girl: Hey, the 1st year over there!

-Page 2-

Girl: Seriously… everyone’s at the gymnasium already.
--- Don’t you know your class?

Mihoko: Ah…

Mihoko: I’m sorry… I have not checked it yet.

Girl: Eh?
--- What were you doing a moment ago then?

[On the day of the entrance ceremony for Kazekoshi,]
[The first thing I did was to look for your name instead of my own.]
[Among the people who were there to look at the Announcement Board,]
[I kept looking out for any sights of Ueno-san.]

-Page 3-

[Always, always.]
[From that moment on, constantly.]

[I kept on searching for any sights of you.]

[I began to fantasise,]
[If only you could be by my side.]

-anata ga itemo, inakutemo-

-Page 4-

Kana: I’m sorry!
--- Captain…

Mihoko: It’s okay, Kana.
--- It can’t be help since you’re having your makeup exams.

Kana: Uuuh…
--- I’m sorry, I’m such an idiot…

*But! It’s just one subject, just one subject…*

*There, there.*

Kana: Ah!
--- I-if you can wait for me, then, then…

Mihoko: Then,
--- Try your best, Kana!


Kana: Okay…

-Page 5-

Mihoko: Come to think of it,
--- It’s been a while since I went home by myself.

[Maybe it’s because that recently I been hanging around with Kana,]
[That there’s hardly any moment of me being alone like this.]

[When I’m alone, I would unconsciously fantasise,]

[What if Ueno-san was in Kazekoshi,]
[Would we be like this together,]
[Chatting and walking home at the same time?]

[Would she… smile at me?]

-Page 6-

[Would she
--- hold
--- my hand?]

--- I’m by myself]

Mihoko: ……… Stupid!

-Shake shake

[… I really want to see you]

[Ueno-san, Ueno-san.]


-Page 7-


Hisa: Ara?

Mihoko: Eh?
--- Ueno-san…?

Hisa: Ah, you’re---
--- You’re Kazekoshi’s Captain right?

-Page 8-


Hisa: Come to think of it,
--- During that time, it seems like you already knew me.

Mihoko: Uh… erm, I’m Fukuji Mihoko.
--- Three years ago, at a competition …

Hisa: Aah, I see.
--- I’m sorry, I was a bit confused back then and didn’t really notice anything.

Hisa: Well then, let’s try this again,
--- Pleased to meet you! (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)

-Page 9-

Mihoko: P-pleased…
--- Pleased to meet you too. (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)

[It’s Ueno-san…]

Hisa: There’s a shop that sells great taiyaki (baked sea bream) nearby this area, a kouhai (junior) brought me here.

Hisa: She went back first because she was riding a bicycle.

Hisa: The taiyaki is really yummy,
--- If you don’t mind, let me offer you a piece.

Mihoko: Eh?

-Page 10-

Mihoko: Ah, but,
--- The school forbids us from eating and walking at the same time after school, so ……


Random Girls: Fukuji-san really is a serious person huh---
--- But isn’t that a bit too, you know---

[I’m being like this again.]

[What if Ueno-san feels that,
I’m being annoying…]

Hisa: Ooh… is that so.

Hisa: However!
--- Let’s say that Fukuji-san is really hungry right now and if she doesn’t eat anything, there’s a chance that she might faint.

Mihoko: Eh?

-Page 11-

Hisa: If that happens, it would be okay to break a school rule because it’s an emergency?

Mihoko: Pff. *chuckles*

Hisa: Ah, you laughed.

Hisa: The Fukuji-san from before is always smiling,
--- But today, you seemed like you’re feeling nervous or something.

Mihoko: Eh?

Hisa: Is it because I’m giving out repressing vibes?

Mihoko: N-n-no,
--- It’s nothing like that!

-Page 12-

Hisa: Ahaha, that’s good then.
--- Here.

Mihoko: O-okay,
--- Itadakimasu.


Mihoko: Ah…
--- It’s delicious.

Hisa: It’s honey flavoured.

Mihoko: Eh?

Hisa: Aha,
--- Nothing, nothing.

-Page 13-

Mihoko: Erm,
--- Ueno-san…

Hisa: Ah, it’s that, it’s that,
--- To be addressed as Ueno-san was something that happened a long time ago so it was surprising.

Mihoko: Ah,
--- Your surname is different now,
--- Do you dislike it?

Hisa: Hm---

Hisa: I don’t dislike it, it feels a bit strange, I guess.
--- It was a long time ago; it’s been three years since anyone addressed me by that surname.

-Page 14-

[Three years,]
[During those three years, I kept thinking about you.]

[I never wondered if it had been a long or short period.]

[Only like this,]

Hisa: How about another one?

Mihoko: Ah, okay,
--- Itadakimasu.

*Eat up, eat up.*

[Constantly thinking of you.]

-Page 15-

[I kept thinking if only you could be by my side,
--- But.]

Hisa: You have some of them on your cheek.

-Rub rub rub

Hisa: Ahaha, not there.
--- The opposite side.

Hisa: Here, here.

[Even if you’re not by my side all the time,
--- Even if it’s like this.]

Hisa: Got it off.

-Page 16-

[Even if it’s like this,
--- I’m still ---]

Hisa: … Well then,
--- I’m going this way.

-Page 17-

Mihoko: Ah…

Hisa: See you again,
--- If there’s a chance.

Mihoko: ………

[Please don’t go or something like that,]
[I can’t stay that out loud.]

Hisa: Hey, Fukuji-san.
--- Like what I’ve said before,
--- And the matter about feeling hungry.

Hisa: If you don’t say anything at all and leave it like that, you wouldn’t be able to gain anything from it.

-Page 18-

Hisa: If you want something,
--- And if you don’t say ‘I want it’.

[Something I want,]
[I want ---]

Mihoko: U…
--- U-ueno-san, erm!
--- Handphone’s email address,
--- Erm, that, please tell me …

-Page 19-


Hisa: With pleasure!

Hisa: Ahaha
--- I thought we’ll be parting just like that.

Mihoko: Uuuh,
--- You knew about it and you continued to act that way, you meanie!

[The real you is a bit of a meanie,
--- Of course, it’s not possible that it’s because of me, but …]

-Beep beep beep beep

-Page 20-

Mihoko: I’m done,
--- Send!


Kana: Captain!

Mihoko: Kana.

Kana: Sorry to keep you waiting,
--- Ah… are you sending a message?

Mihoko: Un, I do know how to send one occasionally,
--- But it’s really troublesome.

*Everyone else is so good at it.*

*Just have to ‘tatata’ and it’ll be done in a few moments…*

Kana: Ahaha.
--- That’s because Captain’s really hopeless in electronics…

Mihoko: But,
--- I’m kind of happy.

-Page 21-

Mihoko: Kana,
--- There’s a shop over there selling taiyaki,
--- Let’s detour over there for a while?

Kana: Eh?
--- I-is… is this alright? School rules ……
--- Captain’s really … towards this …

Mihoko: Haha,
--- It’s better than going hungry and fainting on the roadside right?

Kana: Ehhh..?
--- Are you really that hungry?

[To Ueno-san,]

[The taiyaki shop from before just released a new flavour.]

-Page 22-

[If you’re going to have it, next time please call me along too.]
[Fukuji Mihoko.]

Yuuki: Uh-huh,
--- Did you hook that with taiyaki?

*What, what~ Message?*

Hisa: Does it look cheap? Is that all you can think of?



-Zuuu Zuuu


Kana: Ca…Captain, calm down,
--- Is it because you just received a message?


-Page 23-

*Got it.
--- I’ll call you tonight. -END-*

[It seems like the distance between us is shorten.]

[As expected, I’m still constantly thinking of you.]

-Page 24-

--- Now.]

[In order to be closer to you,
--- I won’t just be waiting anymore.]

-Page 25-

*However on that night, Mihoko plainly just hanged up on all the incoming calls.*

Mihoko: Ahhh!
--- Why? Why is it like this!


-Urururu pi

-Du du du

Hisa: Ah---
--- It’s not difficult to imagine what happened---

-Page 26-

-End Cover-

Random rants;

Exams happening this week and next. Won't be updating till end of this month perhaps. Well, not surprising, I've only been posting a post or two for since the start of this year lol. Sigh.

Anyways! On happier notes, I've been watching anime =D

1. Kämpfer
2. Kiddy Girl End
3. Sasameki Koto
4. Shin Koihime Musou
5. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Episode 5 of Kämpfer makes me unhappy though :< I would prefer Natsuru to be in female form during that kiss *double pouts*

Kiddy Girl End was hilarious lol, Episode 2 was a blast, random and ... well just random, I really need some comedy in my anime xD.

Sasameki Koto ... was awkward, I dunno, somehow I was cringing whenever I hear Sumika's voice. It sounds so wrong. I wonder if it's the pacing of the words ... The OP was nice, slow but nice, I've looped it enough to like it lol.

Shin Koihime Musou ... well makes me feel like I'm watching a re-run of season 1 haha.

As for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, <3 the OP, I've only read 2 chapters of the manga so nothing to compare there. I'm quite happy to continue watching it, I like the art style and the animation so yep.

Off to bathe and continue studying tomorrow, cya!

[Signing off @ 12:43 AM]

PS: There's an upcoming HxM fanfic by Aesyl over at fanfiction.net, hop by to give him/her some support =D.


  1. I'll edit this one too if no one minds...

  2. Awwww...I love Hisa and Mihoko. My favs. Thank you so much for the posts.

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  4. Procrastination is a horrible, HORRIBLE thing.

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  5. Thank you very much for the cute doujin. =)
    I only just started watching Saki so I'm a bit late, but I saw this circle is going to be at C77 so hopefully we can see more Saki goodness from them.

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