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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[Morinaga Miruku] Girlfriends Chapter 27

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*gasps* Girlfriends Chapter 27 raw is out at yamibo as usual. Go read them now!!

A kind member in yamibo provided a loose translation in Mandarin of the chapter, click read more if you want to be spoilt ;D

Recapturing from the previous chapter, Akko confessed to Mari, this time making sure that Mari knows that Akko is romantically interested in her. So Akko went 'Please go out with me!' but Mari went '!?!?!' and ran away =A=

I'm glad Akko chased after Mari if not I'll be very pissed :< Akko managed to catch up to Mari and she was going 'This seemed to happen before too ...' [Referring to Mari running away from Akko and leaving her behind alone] Mari replied that it's because Akko said something weird again. Akko's words after that were pretty strong, saying that is it strange that she likes Mari? Is it because they're both girls? Akko continued that even though she felt that it was strange in the first place as well but she can't help it because now her 'like' is similar to Mari's 'like'. Mari thought Akko was pitying her or trying to be a friend and told Akko to not to go through such great extents to pacify her or something. However, deep down, Mari's really happy that Akko said that to her.

Akko is slightly angry that Mari doesn't believe her. In Mari's mind, she doesn't believe that things will go so smoothly and that Akko will respond to her feelings. Mari stammered that because Akko doesn't know what 'going out' means or that it's possible ... Akko replied that they won't if it's possible or not if they don't try right? Besides, Akko added that she thought that they were already going out lol. Mari's reaction was huge cos she didn't realized it. Akko said that it's because that Mari told her she likes her and that they kissed ... Mari thought it was just a friendly kiss and Akko did that to her other friends too ... Akko replied that she won't do that with Sugi or Tamamin anymore.

Not deterred, Akko asked Mari if she would believe her if it's not a kiss between friends? Akko confessed that she wasn't sure she could be friends with Mari when she first spoke to her but they did. Akko declared once again that she likes Mari and wanted Mari to like her even if it's just a tiny little bit. She wants to be more than friends with Mari and she will be very happy if it really happens ... and thinks that she's being simple-minded. I guess Akko's passionate confession appeased Mari's fragile heart and she finally accepted Akko's confession \O/

Akko was so happy that she hugged Mari and Mari was embarrassed because there were people around them. Unconcerned, Akko leaned in, seemingly wanting to kiss Mari, Mari was going 'Now!? Here!? There are people around ...' :< and the phone rang damn. The others were looking for them so they went back. In Mari's mind, she realized that Akko's hand is not trembling anymore and that it might be because of her which she added that she's just dreaming about it.

On the last day of the school trip, Mari yawned and the rest teased Akko that it's because of her snoring lol and that Akko slept like the dead. Mari then recalled what happened last night ... Taguchi and Kuno went out leaving Akko and Mari alone in the room again ;D They started talking about packing the luggage and that many things happened that day. In Mari's mind, Akko's statement about a kiss not between friends popped out. Mari frantically thinks that what should she do? She's not ready for it yet! Then she turned around and saw Akko dead asleep lol. And that's why Mari didn't sleep a wink last night. Mari blushed and added that it's not because she's waiting for it or something and chastised herself for thinking too much weird stuff.

However, Mari added in her mind that it can't be help ... because she likes Akko. The girls then bought both matching omamori (Japanese for Amulet). Akko then lead them to a store selling hand phone straps/key chains whatever it is and they bought a similar match as well. However Akko was fidgeting or rather jealous that Mari still had that hand phone strap ... whatshisname yes Harada lol gave to her. At that moment, Mari then really realized that Akko seriously really likes her in romantic sense (GJ!).

Mari started crying and Akko thought that she's sad because of the hand phone strap and said that it's okay for her to keep it. In Mari's mind, she's happy that she fell in love (or likes whichever you prefer) with Akko. So the girls were on the plane back and Mari thought to herself that things will go back to normal and which includes the relationship between Akko and Mari. Although Mari doesn't know what will happen later but she will never forget what happened that day. She would definitely never forget about it, ever.

It was an awesome chapter, no drag, no filler, Mari not only accepted Akko's confession but also understood the depth of Akko's love for her ;D I like the last two pages with them taking a photo together and Akko leaning in to kiss her even though we don't really see it but I would imagine they did *squeal* I hope there's no more angst in the next chapter, demands lots of fluff ... and Mari to accept that she can too have this happiness.

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  1. Thanks for the spoiler *.*
    OMG, finally! Too bad that they didn't show the kiss in the end, but I am sure that in the next chapter will show some kiss ;) and even without the kiss, the last 2 pages are sooooo cute!
    I am looking forward to the next chapter, maybe we will have the scans in xtmas day hahaha

  2. I guess its the subtlety that makes Girlfriends so ... well interesting xD. Yeah hopefully a good progress in the next chapter =D

  3. Haha <3 I love it~

    Oh yes, mangafox.com has it out scanlated already!! <33