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Friday, November 20, 2009

Gokujou Drops Volume 3 Chapter 18 Preview

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\O/ I've finished my exams! :< not very happy with my last paper argh, that ... that bleaccccccchhhh, hate her. Anyways, hopefully I can graduate this semester, I do not want to sit for ANY supplementary papers lol. Ah yes, I'm not sure why I'm still up at this ungodly hour but I'm here to bring you maor news =D about the 5 ecchi titles Ichijinsha released on November 18th 2009 ; 極上ドロップス [Gokujou Drops] by Mikuni Hazime, 湯けむりサンクチュアリ by 天野しゅにんた [Amano Shuninta], 空色ガールフレンド by リカチ [Rikachi], ハニー★カルテット by 所ケメコ [Tokoro Kemeko] and 乙女戦士ラブリー5! by 城之内寧々 [Jounouchi Nene].

I've mentioned about them in my previous Candy Boy post and do you know that you can browse Chapter 1 [20+ pages!] of each title for FREE like NAO? Go ahead and squeal I know you are doing it now lol ; I'm not sure when this free previewing ends but just hurry I guess. Firstly, click this Ichijinsha link. Secondly, click continue to read more below to well ... READ MORE lol.

I've screenshot the steps if you guys can't read moon, well I can't as well but then it's better to save you guys the trouble of going ... HOW DO I GO TO THAT PAGE? -inserts raging anon- Even though it's quite easy to do it. I can't link that page directly, it doesn't load when I click on the link from yuri amagasa. Oh yeah, enable your pop-up cos yeah it's opens another window when you click on it.

Step 1;

Step 2;

Step 3;

Yeah I know the pictures looks blurish and I'm lazy to open PS to resize it so I used paint. By here I don't think anyone will be reading this anymore and I don't blame you xD. Run along, go read all the Chapters and come back to me ;D

Anyways if you're still reading ... SPOILERS ALERT!!!!! SQUEALS lol Gokujou Drops~~~ I'm sure I'll grin wolfishly whenever I see someone squirt mayonnaise on something or someone lol. Guess this volume finally touches on the childhood flashback of Komari eh? Some reckon it's Yukio's sickish brother ... and she sure does look angsty at that last page when she saw that necklace =O Omg, I want to buy it now but ... I want to wait for Yurihime Wildrose Volume 4 coming out on December 18th \O/

湯けむりサンクチュア looks interesting ... heh it's only Chapter 1 and someone got some already xD. I might add this in my shopping cart. Hmmm, 空色ガールフレンド looks interesting as well, a love triangle, nuthing much in C1 except some cute 'No! She's mine!' grabbing and passing of notes. Next, ハニー★カルテット, ohh it's weird, felt like deja vu lol, art looks very similar to 空色ガールフレンド anyways but better since it has a finger cut licking scene lol. But this is short, just 18 pages. Lastly, 乙女戦士ラブリー5, omg, this HAS to be read last lol, S&M, cosplay, lacy costumes ... right in the first few pages xD. I see a few recurring characters, that oneshot S&M teacher etc from Yurihime Wildrose hmm.

That's all for this post! Enjoy =D

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PS: Just realised that it's Chapter 18 for Gokujou Drops ... oh well but it's 'Chapter 1' in Volume 3 lol.


  1. Thank u for the instruction! xD
    The new chapter is pretty cool, hahaha, the girls are always molesting Komari =P
    I hope someone translate it soon.

  2. thanks for uploading the screenshots of how to view the scans... i can't read them also :P

  3. oh....my...gogg O_O,
    will it be too much to say-
    ---I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    I've been looking all over for these raws-!!! seriously, mikuni made me a freakin addict lol