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Friday, October 16, 2009

[Hakka-ya] Hisa x Mihoko Doujinshi Script - Will You Marry Me?

[Posted @ 9:22 PM]
It's been a while, I spent an hour or so last night translating this, I knew there will be a lot of mistakes so I didn't post it. Went over it just now and made some corrections but I wasn't sure in some of the parts. Sorry if some of the lines were awkward or engrish xD.

The images are over at yamibo as usual, click here to teleport yourself over there. You see that red characters on the cover? In a nice way, it says 'Only to be shared in yamibo, do not share it anywhere else.'

Don't wanna incur any yamibo member's fury so ...


Will you marry me?
Hisa & Mihoko

-Page 1-

Mihoko: I heard that iPS cells may enable couples of the same sex to have their own children.

Hisa: Eh?

Mihiko: Therefore, from today onwards, I will be Ueno-san’s bride.

Hisa: Eh?
--- Ehhh!?

*Will you marry me?*

Mihoko: Please excuse me if there’s anything that is not of your expectations.

Hisa: Ah, I’ll be counting on you then (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu) …
--- Wait a moment, there’s something wrong here?

-Page 2-

Author comments:
Basically he/said said hello everyone and that this is the third book on both of them (Buchou and Captain).
This is the first time he/she participated in the ONLY event and taking advantage of the momentum, he/she created this newly wed book.
He/she’s kind of sorry yet happy (If only the time will extend to another day, he/she will be happier …).
As expected, the two Buchou are the best!! The cuteness is threefold when they’re together.
If only there’s some sign of them going out, he/she will be even happier.
(akayuki: me too! xD)

Mihoko: Welcome back, Ueno-san.

-Page 3-

*Good Morning*


Mihoko: [So cute.]

Mihoko: [Ueno-san, Ueno-san,
--- I like you.]

Mihoko: [I like you so much.]

-Page 4-

Hisa: Eh … ah---?

Hisa: WAHH!
--- What happened---?

Hisa: Wha-
--- What happened?

Mihoko: … Like,
--- I like you,
--- I like you so much, Ueno-san.

Hisa: Ah--- …
--- Yes, yes.

Hisa: Good morning hm?

Mihoko: Good morning …

-Page 5-

*Already Married*


*Marr-iage *

Yuuki: Ah, it’s the Onee-san who gave me her bento.

-Deep bow

Mihoko: My name is Fukuji Mihoko, because of various reasons, I am now Ueno-san’s bride.

Mako: You did something unbelievable again huh?
--- Pretty capable eh?

Hisa: Ahahaha.
--- Not really.

-Page 6-

Nodoka: Excuse me!
--- Congratulations!
--- Right, Miyanaga-san?

Saki: Ah, congratulations …

Mihoko: Ohoho,
--- Thank you.

Nodoka: This is wonderful!
--- Right, Miyanaga-san!?

Saki: Ah, un …

Nodoka: To enable us, the kouhai (juniors) to learn from you, please come to tell us about it again!

Nodoka: Right, Miyanaga-san!?

Saki: Haramura-san is in an excited mood today.

-Page 7-

Mihoko: Ueno-san, here’s your bento.

Hisa: Eh,
--- Ah, thank you.

Mihoko: Well then, I’ll ---

Hisa: Eh, wait a moment.

Hisa: You’re going to Kazekoshi now?
--- Walking there?

Mihoko: ?
--- Yes.

Hisa: Wait a while,
--- I’ll send you.

Mihoko: Eh,
--- But, Ueno-san.

Hisa: It’s alright!
--- Yuuki, lend me your bicycle okay?

Yuuki: Sure---


Mako: … It seems like,
--- They have a pretty good relationship eh.

Nodoka: It’s wonderful!
--- Right, Miyanaga-san!?

Saki: Ah, un.
--- Haramura-san looks really happy, I wonder why …

Mako: Well then.

-Page 8-

Mako: This is the legendary loving wife bento eh …

Yuuki: I really want to see it!




Saki: I-it’s,
--- It’s awesome …

Nodoka: It’s really wonderful!

-Page 9-

Hisa: I’m back---

Mihoko: Would you like to take a bath first?
--- Or have dinner first?

-Page 10-

-Chu (Kiss)

-Page 11-

*Name Calling*

Hisa: I hope that you would use my first name instead of Ueno-san all the time.

Mihoko: Eh …
--- Um.
--- Hi---
--- Ueno-san.

Hisa: Ah--- Really---
--- If you don’t call me Hisa then I’ll just ignore you---

Mihoko: Ehhh?

Hisa: If not, call me Goshujin-sama (Master) ---

Mihoko: Ah,
--- Good morning, Goshujin-sama!

Hisa: Why is it more difficult to call by my name?

-Page 12-

*Lovey-Dovey 1*

Mihoko: Ouch!

Mihoko: Hurts …

Hisa: Did you cut your finger?

Mihoko: Yes …
--- But it’s just a small cut.

Hisa: Where?

Mihoko: [Like this~]

-Page 13-

-Chu (Kiss)

Mihoko: WHA-

Hisa: Ahaha,
--- Does it still hurt?

Mihoko: … …
--- This is different from that.

Hisa: Ahahaha---

-Page 14-

Hisa: Mi-hoko

*Lovey-Dovey 2*


Mihoko: … …?

Mihoko: !!!

Hisa: Ara~?
--- What did you think I was about to do~?

Mihoko: Uh---

-Grin grin grin

Hisa: Hm?
--- What do you want me to do?

Hisa: What is it hm ---
--- If you don’t say it out properly, I wouldn’t be able to give it to you hm?


-Page 15-

Hisa: Mihoko?

Mihoko: Uh,
--- If Ueno-san doesn’t do it, then I’ll do it.



-Page 16-

*Already Married*

Hisa: Hello there---

Mihoko: Ueno-san!?

Mihoko: What’s the matter?

Hisa: Um,
--- Somehow I felt that I should fetch you back after sending you to school earlier this morning.

-Page 17-

Mihoko: I-
--- I’m so happy …

Hisa: W-wait a moment,
--- You don’t have go so far as to cry over it …

Mihoko: It’s like a dream …
--- For Ueno-san to fetch me like this,
--- And to go back home together,
--- I’m so happy that it feels like a dream …


Mihoko: Ueno-san?

Hisa: No … how do I put it.
--- It’s like a ‘straight ball’ …

-Page 18-

Hisa: [If it continues to be like that, maybe it could become something unbelievable,
--- I’ve lost.

Mihoko: Ueno-san?

Hisa: Un,
--- Perhaps this isn’t so bad.

Mihoko: ?

Mihoko: Well then,
--- I’ll go return the keys first.

Hisa: Un, I’ll wait for you.

Kana: … Kiyosumi’s buchou.

Hisa: You are … …

-Page 19-

Hisa: You’re Ikeda right?

Kana: Kiyosumi’s buchou!
--- What do you like about Captain?

Hisa: Eh?

Kana: Al-
--- Although Captain is really pretty!
--- She’s also cute, gentle and kind!
--- It’s normal that you’ll like her!

Hisa: Hm--- you are right about that.
--- It’s more troublesome than I’ve expected.

Kana: Wha-

Kana: Wha-
--- Why you!

Hisa: Although she’s nimble at times,
--- There are also times where she will make small mistakes.
--- Nosy,
--- Unexpectedly willful,
--- Seems like a submissive individual yet stubborn.

-Page 20-

Hisa: Not used to acting like a spoiled child,
--- Is a cry baby,
--- With many many traits like this,
--- They are all cute.

Kana: [Cunning.]

Kana: [This person
--- is too cunning.]

Hisa: … and various stuff
--- like that.

-Page 21-

Hisa: Did the answer
--- meet the passing mark?

Kana: T-
--- There’s still a long way to go!
--- If it’s like this, even Kana will have a chance at it too,
--- But.

Kana: There might be a time when someone else will catch up, that’s why you have to listen up,
--- And that is to always, always,
--- Treat Captain’s everything as your most important thing!

Hisa: Ikeda-san is really cute huh.

-Page 22-

Hisa: Mihoko really dote on her hm.

Mihoko: Why did you suddenly say that?

Mihoko: But, you’re right,
--- She’s a good kid.

Mihoko: She’s really energetic,
--- Gentle,
--- Straight forward in achieving her goals,
--- And really hard working.

Hisa: ----
--- She likes Mihoko a lot as well?

-Page 23-

Hisa: --- …

Mihoko: Ueno-san?

Hisa: Ah hm,
--- I … am jealous right now?

Mihoko: Tell me about it …

-Page 24-

Hisa: After Mihoko, it’ll be dinner; I’ll be counting on you!


Mihoko: Ueno-san’s baka …

-Page 25-


Random rants;

Busy with assignments, I have like 5 more to go, 4 exams next month and I'll be FREE! \O/ Woots. Despite the pressure of assignments due end of this month, I'm dutifully watching anime each week lmao;

1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
2. Kampfer
3. Sasameki Koto of course
4. Shin Koihime Musou
5. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

I dropped Queen's Blade Season 2 cos I feel like a freaking pervert lol. Oh yeah I LOVE To Aru Kagaku no Railgun's OP, it's so awesome, I've been looping it since yesterday while I was brainstorming a conceptual framework for my paper lol. I can't wait for the full song to come out in November xD.

I like Kampfer a lot, I don't know why, I just like it, even though the fighting scenes were shitty lol. The OP and ED *drools* and the marimite parody at the end of Episode 2 was epic. I think I smiled so widely that I split my lips *ouch* ._.

Well I'm off to watch Episode 3, O/ cya if I'm not dead by end of this month, perhaps I'll get the script for Momoko and Yumi Saki Doujinshi by then xD.

[Signing off @ 9:51 PM]


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