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Sunday, January 18, 2009

[Doropanda Tours] Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside by Nanzaki Iku Script

[Posted @ 6:37 PM]
YEAH! The Mandarin version was out last night and I've been spending my sunday afternoon translating it lol. I was doing something amazing I guess XD.

[Doropanda Tours] Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside by Nanzaki Iku.

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: [HiME]南崎C75新刊(的草稿Copy本)

Pardon me if there're any mistakes or whatever XD.

'Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside' by Nanzaki Iku Script;


Akayuki’s notes:
Omote – Book Cover. As usual, a play of words here in “Omote” and “Otome”, the cover has ShizNat from Mai HiME but the story’s in the Mai Otome Universe setting.
‘A Chaotic Copy Book’ – I’m not sure about this sentence here.

*Shizu Natsu Only Book*

*Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside.*

[Arrow] *Title.*

Shizuru: Doropanda Tours.

Natsuki: Year 2008 . Winter!!

*A Chaotic Copy Book.*

- Page 3 -

Shizuru: Well then, Natsuki and Mai-san.
--- I’ll see you at noon break.

Mai: Yes, see you later, Shizuru-san!!

Natsuki: … Please excuse us, Onee-sama.

Mai: However … as I thought, Shizuru-san is a really charismatic woman huh.
--- @Let’s not talk about what her true character is (laughs).@


Natsuki: Aah …

Mai: A feminine appearance with a touch of elegance and that streamline and mature figure?
--- @How nice~@

Natsuki: But …looks can be deceiving.


Natsuki: Her abdominal muscles are reasonably well proportioned.
--- @And her gripping power is inexplicably strong ……@

*A vision that is saying ‘Oh~ you know quite a lot, don’t you?’ (star).*


Natsuki: Aah,
--- N-no …


Natsuki: Just that …
--- I saw it when I was w-washing her back …

*After all, you’re in charge of cleaning her room hm~ (heart).*

*An atmosphere that is saying ‘Stop trying to change the subject and tell me the truth (star)’.*

- Page 4 -

Akayuki’s notes:
Somersault Cloud – ’筋斗雲’ [Kintoun] is a skill which enables Sun Wukong in the novel ‘Journey to the West’ to travel vast distance in a single leap.


Shizuru: @What is this?@

Natsuki: @Can a person sit on it?@

Youko: I casually tried making a ‘Somersault Cloud’~ (heart).
--- @It’s a prototype.@

Shizuru: @To sit on it together with Natsuki …@
--- @Haa Haa@

Natsuki: @Ooh!@
--- @It’s amazing.@
--- @How exciting.@


Youko: Ah.
--- I’ve forgotten to mention something.

Youko: As a matter of fact,
--- Only those people who have ‘Unadulterated mindsets’ are able to sit on it, please be careful ……

Arika: Waa!!
--- What is this!!


*I like this kind of Purple person the most.*

- Page 5 -

Akayuki’s notes:
'ジパング', [Zipangu], Zipang, is actually a name of a country in the Mai Otome world and Tokiha Mai is from Zipang.

Natsuki: Excuse me, Shizuru---
--- Looks like there’s no more soap left.
--- Do we have any stock left?

-Drip drip


*Purple mind*

Shizuru: --- Eh?
--- @Ara, nice view (heart).@

Shizuru: I forgot to replenish, what should I do …

Shizuru: @Ah@
--- How about this, try this out then.


Natsuki: What is that?

Shizuru: Mai-san gave it to me just now.
--- She said it’s a souvenir from Zipang.
--- @Seems like it’s called a ‘Year-End Gift’.@
--- @Here.@

Natsuki: ?
--- From Mai?

- Page 6 -

Akayuki’s notes:
'ニオイスミレ', [匂い菫/Nioi Sumire], Viola Odorata is a species of the genus Viola and it is also commonly known as Sweet Violet.

Natsuki: … Somehow the colour of this soap looks amazing.
--- @Deep purple.@


Natsuki: It smells really good though.

Shizuru: The people there called it ‘Nioi Sumire’ in their dialect which means fragrant flower.

Natsuki: ‘Nioi Sumire’?

Shizuru: Yes.

Shizuru: The main point is that …
--- the flowering term is ---


Shizuru: ‘Viola’.
--- The meanings are the same for both names.


Shizuru: @It’s useless …@
--- @I can’t hold on any longer.@

Natsuki: @Ah …@


- Page 7 -

Akayuki’s notes:
Baka – Stupid/Idiot.
Chu – Kiss.
“Your (You) body and heart will be dyed in the smell and (colour) of Viola, Yo!!” – A play of words in the word ‘色’ (colour), it could mean ‘色’ as in colour or ‘色’ as in lust so Shizuru’s picking on Mai saying thumbs up on Natsuki been drenched in the smell and lust of Viola (Shizuru) LOL.

Natsuki: W-wait …
--- Baka …

-Nchu--- (heart)

Natsuki: Your clothes will get wet--- …

Shizuru: It doesn’t matter~

Shizuru: By the way,
--- on Mai-san’s card.

*Your (You) body and heart will be
--- dyed in the smell and (colour) of Viola, Yo!!*

Shizuru: That’s what she wrote (heart).

Natsuki: … Looks like I’ve got to have a little chat with her on where to draw the line.
--- @For the sake of my waist.@

Natsuki: But, to use this to wash my body,
--- feels like it will really dye me in purple colour.
--- @In any meanings of ‘colour’…@

Shizuru: That sounds good …

Shizuru: But, is it no good by adding me into the equation?


Natsuki: It’s not that … that it’s not good.
@It’s not good for you to wait for me in your drenched clothes, you will feel uncomfortable too, right.@

Shizuru: Well then, let me help you wash every single part of your body (heart).
@I will definitely dye you beautifully!!@

Natsuki: … I knew you would say that …

- Page 8 -
Akayuki’s notes:
Nekokami Yama – [Cat God Mountain] A location in Mai Otome Universe, used to be Black Valley but was renamed in Mai Otome Zwei.

Natsuki: Um …
--- I can help you wash your back too?

Natsuki: It’s been a while …

*Which reminds me*

Shizuru: @Fufu@
--- It feels like we’re back in our school days (heart).

Natsuki: …Your expression is slacking too much, Shizuru.

Shizuru: Ara, you’re not calling me ‘Onee-sama’?
--- Na-tsu-ki-sa-n.

Natsuki: Yes, yes.
--- Onee-sama, Onee-sama.

*It was said that the sense of smell
--- has a direct link with a person’s memory.*


-Splash …

*Everything flowed as per to Mai’s expectations.*

*Honestly speaking, it’s not amusing at all.*

Natsuki: Probably…from now onwards
--- whenever I catch a whiff of this fragrance.

Shizuru: @Natsuki and I smell so good--- (heart)@

Natsuki: I will remember all of …
--- this.
--- @Like this kind of situation or the other kind.@

@In high-spirits.@

*Meanwhile at Nekokami Yama*

Mai: … If I call this ‘Viola Soap’ I wonder if I can sell it to the fans of Shizuru-san.
--- @This.@

Mai: @Maybe I should try selling it in the black market first.@

*Such strong commercial spirit!@

- Page 9 -

Akayuki’s notes:
A brief yet not so brief summary of author’s notes.

*Frankly, I’m really sorry.*
--- By Doropanda Tours, Nanzaki Iku.

Contact Address: doropanda_t@yahoo.co.jp

I don’t know what possessed me, many things happened during December and I can’t seem to accomplish anything … I have no idea why it then became this kind of book, for that, I’m sorry. The copy for Summer Comi is also not the complete version … I will think of a solution in the next year (sweats). Can’t get myself to do up a book with solid contents, it is also due to me being in the slumps … (Cries). To all who have been patiently waiting (If there are any), I’m really sorry. (Panda Crying) Uwawa …again and again. Just to let you know, I still like ShizNatsu a lot … T-then why am I sketching Yomi!? This season, I was hooked by Ga-Rei -Zero- (Bitter Laughter) ... I-I will be better in the next year!!

I wish everyone a happy new year~~~

-END of Script-

Well, many things are on my mind right now ... but I've got to relax once in a while ... sometimes I wish I had returned back faster or in June, perhaps this matter could had been avoided or ... lessen. Oh well.

[Signing off @ 7:10 PM]


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    To many thanks for your work.^^

  2. I enjoyed reading the script, but I cant see the pic because its so hard to register for a msn account, geez..... I can't make my yamibo account now, so I can't see the whole pic, what a bummer.... T^T but thanks for the script akayuki! :D

  3. O.O ohhhhh This is amazing!!! XD I want one of those soaps!!!!
    Thanks so much for your translation, know that your effort has put at least one person happy for this awfull full day of school assignments and evaluations!

  4. to catco, well hopefully Doropanda Tours will continue to bring us more ShizNat XD and welcome.

    to Blue, no problems. Hm not sure if you got the zip file yet ... here's the download link for it if you want;

    To Demel, lol so do I ... Viola 'coloured' soap~~~ =w= Glad that the script made your day XD and good luck in your assignments.

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