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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep4

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My poor poor Setsuna ... *sob* *sob* ...

Kurausoras VS Badoras.Kyoushiro's Hurt.Help ... Please Help ...
Setsuna Still Fighting Tarurotte.... He's Having A Nightmare?Nii-san ...
I'm Here.Still Fighting.KYAAAHHHH ...
Time For Cosplay!?Manz.HOT! ...
=).Sorry!You're Not Weird ...
=).Keh.Keep It A Secret Ok? ...
Go.Wth.Still Fighting ...
AAs Are Such Poor Things.How About That AA, Setsuna?I'll Kill Them!
I'll Kill Them All With My Hands!Yes, Kyoushiro!Ahhh ...
You're An AA, Setsuna, DEFEAT THEM!Kuu Hugs Kyoushiro.I Don't Like The Kyoushiro Now ...
Eheh.Newly Brainwashed Kaon.She's Beautiful And Better Now Isn't It, Himiko? ...
Stand Up, My Sword.Emotionless Expression.Kaon-chan ...

Recapturing from the previous episode, Kuu and Kyoushiro were happily on their way to Kyoushiro's school when they were suddenly attacked by an angry Tarurotte and plunged down a deep hole leading to an abandoned old school at the bottom. As Tarurotte was about to finish them, Setsuna arrived and they fought. When Kuu awoke, she realized she was cushioned by Kyoushiro from the fall and thus he suffered some injuries and was unconscious. Leaving Kuu with no choice but to drag him to some place where she could call for help, however, there's noone in that abandoned school ... Kuu was so helpless that she started crying and called for Setsuna to help her. However, Setsuna was busy fighting Tarurotte and seemed distracted by the fact that her mind was on Kyoushiro. Kuu, realizing that noone's gonna help her, bucked up and brought Kyoushiro to the school infirmary. Lying Kyoushiro on the bed, Kuu noticed his right arm was injured and began to fumble around for bandages. Like a true blue Shounen anime, Kuu couldn't find any [First Aid Kit was infested with cockroaches XD] and had to tear off some length off her skirt to bandage Kyoushiro's hurt arm [Now Kuu's skirt was even shorter lol].

Kuu felt useless as Kyoushiro got hurt because of her and all the while she's happy before being with Kyoushiro. As for Setsuna, Kuu felt she can't be compared [you are darn right you ain't!] to her in terms of fighting and protecting. While Kuu's moping around in her thoughts, Kyoushiro was having a bad dream about his brother and called, 'Nii-san, and I'll protect you.' Kyoushiro then reached out for Kuu's hands, feeling Kyoushiro needs her now, Kuu covered Kyoushiro's hand and brought it to her chest saying, 'It's alright now, I'm here.' Kyoushiro started to quiet down. A while later, Kuu couldn't find any water from the water taps but luckily she could heard water leaking from somewhere and got her bottle filled from a stream. Just then, Soujirou was coming down through the deep hole where Kuu and Kyoushiro had fallen. He heard a horse neighing for help, yeah it's that white horse of Kyoushiro which was LUCKILY entangled by ropes. No doubt, Soujirou helped the white horse down lol. Kuu returned to the school infirmary and Kyoushiro had awaken in this sexy pose which made Kuu [and me] blushed lol. Kyoushiro asked if Kuu's injured and whether if she had bandaged his injured arm for him. Kuu replied postive for both and added she's stupid ... Kyoushiro cut in and said no and thanks.

Kuu's ego apparently leaped to millions at Kyoushiro's praise and smile. While Kyoushiro's drinking the water Kuu had for them, they began chatting. When Kuu said it's her fault for bringing troubles to Kyoushiro, he said that it's his uselessness that lead them to this ... as his Nii-san would never encounter this kind of problem, definitely. Kuu started think-talking to her Prince, about her not knowing anything about Kyoushiro except he had a brother ... Kuu unconsciously muttered, 'I wanna know.' Kyoushiro heard that and asked what Kuu wanted to know. Kuu asked what kind of brother was Kyoushiro's and started rambling about, surely he's the kind who's striking, strong, but gentle, a great smile and able to solve anything which comes in his way, that kind of strong Prince. Kuu realized she blurted out her characteristics of her dream Prince and felt stupid over it. However, Kyoushiro didn't feel that way but confirmed Kuu's descriptions of her Prince in his brother. Kyoushiro felt weird as he had never mention this subject to anyone before ... Kuu said it's not weird and confessed that she too had someone in her heart, not like a brother nor a lover. More like an inspiration, her goal and her dream ... a person more important than anyone else in her life, that's why it's not weird, definitely.

Kyoushiro smiled and no wonder he would tell his brother to her, probably it's because they saw the same things. Kuu think-talked again when she saw Kyoushiro's smile, she felt happy and it felt like it's a secret between Kyoushiro and her. Kuu then asked to meet Kyoushiro's Nii-san. Kyoushiro made a grave expression, saying his Nii-san's dead [LOL the drama was so funny, even though I knew Kazuya's dead]. Kyoushiro said Nii-san died in this catastrophe called the July Melting Snow which Kuu said she learnt that in school. Kyoushiro explained that ten years ago, they were experimenting on the creation of super humans, 'Zettai Tenshi' aka Absolute Angels. Leaded by Kyoushiro's grandfather and in the team consist of some other people and his genius Nii-san, Ayanokouji Kazuya. Kyoushiro related that once he visited the lab, he saw his crying Nii-san standing in from of an Absolute Angel's glow. Kazuya told him that the AA's not something anyone can touch, that time, Kyoushiro doesn't understand. Then, the experiment went out of control, Kazuya pushed Kyoushiro in this protective space shuttle like thingy, told him to go while he stood against the raging glows and stuff for the sake of saving Kyoushiro, the city, the world. The experiment went even out of control as an atomic bomb like blasted away things within its diameter. The only miracle from it was the creation of Maboroshi no Jyou Tou Gakuen [Illusory Castle Academy] and the birth of Academia.

Kyoushiro believed that his Nii-san saved the world, on his own, that's why he too must never stop, no matter what and fight with the life Nii-san saved and continue his will. Kuu feeling the tension, left to get more water. Kuu think-talked again, saying Kyoushiro's not only cool but he also had a reason for fighting, a strong will to fight. Compared to him, Kuu felt inferior with no confidence but ... even all that, Kyoushiro had told her ... that he needs her in episode 2. Kuu felt a shadow over her and saw Soujirou standing behind her. Kuu screamed and fall, Soujirou merely extended his hand to help her but Kuu thought he's gonna attack her or something lol. Just then, Kyoushiro arrived with a sword in hand and called Soujirou, Nii-san to move away. Soujirou moved away mutely. Kyoushiro shifted over to Kuu's side and explained to Kuu that Ayanokouji Soujirou's his other brother, the evil traitor who took Badoras. Kyoushiro's angry that Soujirou took an Absolute Angel, a thing that could destroy the world out to roam freely. Soujirou admitted that he did wrongly but ... Tarurotte's so pityful. Soujirou added, not only her, but all the Absolute Angels, they were all tragic and delicate. Kyoushiro defended his stand by saying who killed so many people in that catastrophe ten years ago, noone must touch an AA and they mustn't even exist.

Soujirou retorted back, how about Setsuna, who fought by your side, is also an AA isn't it? Moving forward, Soujirou asked if Kyoushiro really felt that way. Kyoushiro yelled out that he definitely had to destroy ALL the four AAs, even Setsuna, not one must be left in the world! He would destroy them with his bare hands and that's his Nii-san, Kazuya's will! Soujirou smirked at the mention of Kazuya's name ... the striking, strong, but gentle, a great smile and able to solve anything which comes in his way ... and also, foolish [Seemed like Soujirou knew something about Kazuya that Kyoushiro doesn't]. Soujirou advised Kyoushiro not to follow Kazuya's blindly as he had disappeared, not here anymore [Notice Soujirou didn't said he's DEAD lol, does this imply something?]. Kazuya got agitated and said that Kazuya Nii-san's will is in his heart and would never disappear. Standing behind Kyoushiro, Kuu could feel his anger and wondered why AAs were pityful and tragic and remembered Kyoushiro's vows of destroying the AAs. However, the Kyoushiro for the sake of his brother to protect everyone and the world is right too ... however. Suddenly, Setsuna and Tarurotte arrived in the scene. Setsuna seemed very concerned and worried about Kyoushiro. Kyoushiro then ordered Setsuna to destroy Tarurotte and Setsuna happily obliged his orders. Tarurotte too wanted to kill them, Soujirou picked Tarurotte up, trying to stop her but Tarurotte just summoned her Badoras out and attacked Setsuna.

Using her Karausoras' Arm to protect, Setsuna endured many hits from Tarurotte till the extend of breaking the surface of her arm. Kyoushiro merely told her to hold on which Setsuna did. Tarurotte delivered an extra hard kick to Setsuna's arm making her cry out in pain and Kyoushiro's name. Kyoushiro again yelled that Setsuna that she's a fighting sword, an Absolute Angel, even if your body's about to break, you must never fall in the opponent's hand! Kuu felt sorry for Setsuna the whole time and couldn't hold on any longer to Kyoushiro's cruel words and hugged him from behind. Kuu cried, telling Kyoushiro not to say such sad words ... Kuu confessed that in her heart, the Kyoushiro she knew is like a Prince, outstanding and gentle ... that's why such sad things ... Kyoushiro seemed to feel comfort at those words. It was like a big hit to Setsuna ... as a glow burst out from Kuu's form. When Kuu awoke, they were safe for the time being ... and Kyoushiro kindly told Kuu that it's great that she's alright. Kuu blushingly smiled and cuddled closer to Kyoushiro.

Meanwhile, at Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy], the fallen Kaon was lying face down in front of Mika-sama. Mika-sama asked how's the new Kaon. Himiko replied that the now Kaon had no weakness, even stronger, even more beautiful with the glow like the golden moon in the sky. Himiko added that there's noone else more worthy than Mika-sama to have Murakumo, Kaon. Taking her sword, Mika-sama took away the probably AA marking on Kaon left arm and sealed it with her own marking. [Probably the contract we had heard of in the manga] Smirking, Mika-sama commanded Kaon to get up, which Kaon wordlessly got up, with an emotionless expression and Himiko's sorrow face reflected in Kaon's eyes. - END -

Kyoushiro And Kuu Out On A Shopping Date!?Himiko Was Pushed Down By ...Kaon! ...

Manz, the preview of Ep5 seemed so sad for Kaon x Himiko ... I can almost see the reacting of KnM Ep10 where Chikane pushed Himeko away and slotted that letter in between her boobs and said, 'Gokigenyou, Himeko.' LOL.

Seemed like Kyoushiro had another brother and that guy's Soujirou, what's up with the numbers in the brothers' names? Kazuya had a 'One' in Kanji, Soujirou had a 'Two' in Kanji while Kyoushiro had a 'Four' in Kanji ... is there one more brother with a 'Three' in his name!? LoL. Anyways, I really felt nothing but pity for Setsuna, who wholeheartedly submits to Kyoushiro but he treated her nothing but a sword to make use of and disposed of when he's done with killing the other three Absolute Angels.

I bet the angst really kicked in when he realized that Kuu, the one he loves is also an AA lol. That's also when Setsuna breaked out saying, 'Wtf, I'm an AA too how come our treatment's different!?' In other words, Kyoushiro's a complete jerk towards Setsuna and I dislike that bit of him ... grr.

Damn, Mika-sama's evil to 'brainwash' Kaon into submitting to her every wimpy commands. Now Kaon's eyes were like the emotionless ones we saw in the video clip she played for Kuu in Episode 2 ...

Art: 8/10 [Constant.]
Story: 8/10 [ANGST for both KaonxHimeko and Setsuna]
Characters: 7.5/10 [This is for Kyoushiro XD]
Overall: 8/10 [I enjoyed this episode.]

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  1. hmm you know that's interesting what you said about the numbers..if that's so, isn't 'Mi'ka the "three"? and instead of brothers, maybe the numbers mearly represent the..ahh..how should I put it? the 'sword bearers'? Then that means that Kazuya is/was? Waruteshia's...person? heheh, rambling, sorry that just made me think. ^^

  2. to ceres, Really, Mika is 3? Mi can be 'Beautiful' and 'Three' in Kanji huh ... I never thought abt her but when you said seemed true ... and yeahhhh! Waruteshia in the manga IS Kazuya's sword.

    whoa, it all makes sense now lol.

  3. Himiko has a Mi in her name, too!


    She should be Kaon's "wielder" - in "many" ways.


  4. I can't wait for the summary as you see I watched the episode without understanding it at all. I can't comment yet :(

    Ho ho... Very, very sharp observation there, akayuki.

    I was thinking along those lines as well and when I got to that part in the Manga, it was really W-T-F zOMG it's actually true!!

    Haha, anyway... If you pay close attention to the characters' appearance as well, you can easily get a heavy hint about who's really who.

    Arere~ Guess I said too much. ^^;;;

    On to another topic, if Mika did engrave her own marking to establish a contract with Kaon, lets just hope it's reversable since she was able to get rid of Kaon's previous marking. Furthermore, Kaon's been brainwashed (This is different from the Manga in which she may have willingly entered into a contract with Mika, hence not being in a brainwashed state). I have a feeling Himiko will play a central role in bringing Kaon back. What am I saying? She HAS to! And I blardy hope they get a happy ending.

    As always, keep up with your excellent reviews. Really had fun reading them. :)