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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 14 Teaser

[Posted @ 8:41 PM]
Oh. My. God. It's been a while since Chapter 13.

Brace yourselves ...


Got your tissue ready?


995 on your speed dial?


Kiddin, seriously, it's hot.

Strawberry Panic Chapter 14 Teaser.

LoL, wasted alot of space ... XD. To see the full chapter, go to yamibo.com right now ... The summary will be up after I get the Mandarin version heh.

Brief pointers in Chapter 14,
- Makoto went on full steam to get the attention of the students in St Spica. The fan girls were head over heels, especially when Makoto gave more 'fanservice' than Amane did lol.
- Meanwhile Shizuma gave Nagisa [and us] some eye candy as she teased Nagisa while being pissed that she wouldn't be able to see Nagisa for two weeks because of the Second Round of the Etoile Battle, 'Faceless Devil'
- Trouble brews between the St Spica couple, Amane and Hikari, will they be able to stand two weeks apart from each other!? Yaya confessed to Hikari that she likes her, Hikari smiled and replied that she likes Yaya too ... Yaya couldn't control her feelings and embraced Hikari but is Hikari's 'like' the same as Yaya's 'like'!?

Stay tune lol.

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  1. WOHOO akayuki-san...you're fast with this update :D It's indeed super hot..I can't wait for more. I love service from NagisaxShizuma

  2. to anonymous, haha yeah, this chapter really rock, really missed the fanservice hahaha. The story's slowly falling into place, I'm gald, it's not really mindless fanservice plot anymore. With the Etoile Battle going, the relationships of the respective girls were been tested.

    Oh no, we're going to witness Hikari x Yaya angst all over again haha. Getting all doki doki ... XD

  3. Wow. What a surprise, Yaya's like is different from Hikari's like? Isn't that...CCS all over again? XD

  4. omg! service service service!!! lolz hotzz... luv shizu x]

  5. hahahahahaa loved the service.

  6. great..i cant find chapter 13 anywhere. think you can place the link here?


    wow looks.. hot T_T

  7. to hent, yeahhh~

    to anonymous, well it's like the angst anime Yaya all over again ... I'm feeling sorry for her again ... argh.

    to wenq, yeah Shizuma-sama's hot.

    to anonymous, I do too lol.

    to anonymous, alright, link from yamibo, http://www.yamibo.com/thread-36801-1-2.html =)

    to jeff, also from yamibo, http://www.yamibo.com/thread-41949-1-1.html =) dl link is not up yet ... well u can save the scans

  8. Really, since when is giving people presents and giving someone a kiss on the cheek 'fanservice'? People who are romantically involved *do* make out, you know.

    I forgot, you're born in singapore,akayuki. As far as I know, people there are so conservative, they don't believe in even touching before marriage.

  9. to sally fierca, what's it got to do with romantically involved couples? I mean Makoto just went around giving presents, giving kisses to people she never knew on the cheek, you call that romantically involved or whatever? Besides, I think you missed my point here, I was trying to express Makoto's interaction with fangirls which was more than what Amane gave to them. Makoto's main purpose is to kinda bring the fangirls over to her side so it doesn't hurt to give a little harmless and pointless 'fanservice' to get their attention?

    Yeah we are so conservative that it was not long ago that bartop dancing was legalized. What, do we have to announce to the world what're doing behind the room? Shessh, whatever.

    Thinking of it, what's it got to do with Strawberry Panic? Just spoils my mood.

  10. I'm a singaporean and yet I don't find the people here conservative. I had fun exchanging info with friends in school about SP. Noone shout.."EWW"

  11. i'm from singapore too and i even have friends with children at 19. Is that conservative? -____-

  12. omg in yamibo the picture cant appear....
    do u know another solution please 0.0??

    or maybe ur album in photobucket??
    please....i want to see it too T~T

  13. do you know where to get the manga in eng version? yamibo.com doesn't seem to have
    please tell me, via email