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Friday, July 23, 2010

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 19

Scroll down to read more! A kind Anon has provided a summary of C34 from Yuri na Hibi in the comments section. Boy, am I glad I checked out yamibo one more time before going to bed lol.

[Posted @ 5:45 PM]

Wowie, quite a number of GL books released this July. There are some back orders from May/June I have yet to order orz, although they are already in my shopping cart. Well, *stares at her shopping cart* ... *ADDS MORE* Haha xD

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

So getting them;
- Candy boy #1 by 峠比呂
- 少女ホリック [Shoujo Holic] by 青井はな
- キミ恋リミット [Kimi Koi Limit] by 百乃モト
- GIRL FRIENDS #4 by 森永みるく
- スリーピングビューティーの見た夢 [Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume] by 四ツ原フリコ
- オレンジイエロー [Orange Yellow] by 乙ひより

Hmm, I've around 15 items in my cart, Shitsurakuen #2 and #3, Octave #4, Yurihime Wildrose #5, Love Flag Girls!!, GIRLFRIENDS #4, Shoujo Holic, Kimi Koi Limit, Candy Boy #1, Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume, Orange Yellow, [Newly releases] sweet guilty love bites, Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange, [Yet to be released] Yurihime Wildrose #6, Ebisu-san to Hotei-san. I might add more, idk.

Newly released;
- フィダンツァートのためいき [?? no Tameiki] by 田中琳
- Raubritter* by 再田ニカ
- sweet guilty love bites by 天野しゅにんた
- さくら文通 [Sakura Correspondence] by ヒマワリソウヤ
- くちびるに透けたオレンジ [Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange] by ロクロイチ
- ナイフエッジガール [A Knife Edge Girl] by 古街キッカ
- HONEY CRUSH #2 by 椿あす
- flower*flower #2 by 石見翔子
- 死神アリス [Shinigami Alice] #1 by いづみやおとは
- 百合姫 Collection [Yurihime Collection] Vol.1
- 百合姫カラーアートワークスCHRONICLE [Yurihime Colour Artworks Chronicle]

フィダンツァートのためいき looks interesting and I like the art style ... hmm but Amazon JP seem be to out of stock, *waits*. Raubritter hmmm, don't like the art =x. sweet guilty love bites, YES PLEASE. Sakura Correspondence and ROSE MEETS ROSE maybe, maybe not. Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange, yep, I love the two stories from YH Wildrose #2 and #5. The two characters from A Knife Edge Girl reminds me of Mai and Reo from Hanabira xD, the short blonde Ai has the same tsundere attitude [calls her stupid and go die haha] towards the tall short-hair brunette, can't find her name. It's rather cute. Not getting HONEY CRUSH although it ended a while ago at Chapter 13 [Yurihime S #13] with a bittersweet ending *pouts* Not getting flower*flower, Shinigami Alice, Yurihime Collection and the artwork book as well.

Coming soon;
- エビスさんとホテイさん [Ebisu-san to Hotei-san] by きづきあきら+サトウナンキ
- しまいずむ [Shimaizumu aka Sisterism] by 吉富昭仁
- 星川銀座四丁目 [Hoshikawa Ginza District 4] by 玄鉄絢
- その花びらにくちづけを 「あなたと恋人つなぎ」 [Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 3 - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi] by Fuguriya
- くっつきぼし [Kuttsukiboshi] by Primastea
- 百合姫 Wildrose [Yurihime Wildrose] #6
- オクターヴ [Octave] #5 by 秋山はる
- ときめき☆もののけ女学園 [Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy] #2 by 南国ばなな

Getting Ebisu-san to Hotei-san because I liked it. Not getting Sisterism [Misleading cover lmao] and Hoshikawa Ginza District 4. Can't get Hanbira 3 OVA and not getting Kuttsukiboshi cos they're both expensive as hell *hugs her Candy Boy DVDs* Yes to Yurihime Wildrose #6, Octave #5 and no to ... Mononoke Girls' Academy, long name. Oh, Primastea just updated a DVD cover for Kuttsukiboshi, check it out here.

Ichijinsha ; Yuri Amagasa

Oh yeah, spoilers of GIRLFRIENDS C34 for those who speak moonspeak; Yuri Amagasa, a summary anyone?

All I could make out from happygoluckygoogletranslator is that they kissed with tongue [熱く舌を絡めあう2人 WHOA!], both of them realizing that it is going to be both of their first times and it had been one big misunderstanding with xx-kun and xx-kun who can't get it up lol.

"「まりは……どうしたいの?」と聞くあっこに「さ……さわりたい……あっこに」と恥かしがりながら答えるまりは、望みどおりあっこの裸の胸などを触っていきますが、そうしている間、ふと触れたあっこのひざがまりのアソコに当たってビクンとした際、あっこはまりがすっかり濡れてしまっていることに気付きます。" Sounds damn hot lol, shyness, touching each other, glances, naked, boobs, more touches, akko, mari, wet haha, cool.

"恥かしがっているそんなまりを見て、あっこも「私もだよ?…ね?」とまりの手を導き、自分のものも濡れていることを確かめさせてあげます。" Hmmm looking shy then Akko going, me too ... I'm wet too!? =O

OMFFG, I have high hopes for this chapter after that summary \O/ I can't wait for Monday when AE gets her copy and scans it wheee!

*goes off to watch tv*

[Signing off @ 7:05 PM]

A poster in yamibo [You need to log in before you can view the thread] grabbed these two scans of GFC34 from 2chan. Before you click the links below, it's NSFW, YES INDEED. NOT SAFE FOR WORK ;D


Haha, now I'm too excited to sleep orz.


  1. I won't be able to sleep either ^^
    That is.... *drooling*
    Ahem, I'm looking forward to GFC34

    I really envy your collection!

    Good night Akayuki-san-mama ^^

  2. Someone who had nothing to do this afternoon.Saturday, July 24, 2010 2:32:00 PM

    It's so awesome that I had to do a crappy translation of that GF summary immediately. LOL!

    (Part 1)
    Here it goes:

    In [Girlfriends] previously, after enjoying the fashion show Mari and Akko had in the room, with Akko undoing the bikini following with a kiss exchanged between the both of them. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, this month's issue arrived!!

    Seriously, I thought that the above scene was going to end in sorta an early morning scene kinda thing (where the both of them wakes up after a hot night of...), it was far from what I had expected. Instead, it was a development that far exceeded it.

    Up till now, many people who will wait patiently for the tankoubon (bound volumes) to be published are probably all rushing to the book stores just to buy this issue. (Laughs)

    - [GIRL FRIENDS] (Morinaga Milk) Yuri scale ★★★★★ Chapter 34.

    And so after the kissing, Mari and Akko still with their tongues merged together. "Haa-- Haa-- " short gasps of hot breath engulfed both girls.

    Akkko: "I'm sorry.. As I thought..."
    Facing each other from the front, naked and the feelings of doing ecchi things. As one would expect, is not an easy feat for two girls. Under the impression that anytime, it can change into an uneasy feeling for Mari. But then again, this is also the first experience for Akko, with her head bursting of thoughts like what to do, how to carry on and such.

    Akko then confessed to Mari that in actual fact, regardless of a guy or a gal, it was her first time doing ecchi things. Mari responded that it was the same for her too. And as such, the misunderstanding on this issue was cleared.

    Even though it's the first time, Mari already has in mind what Akko is going to do next, but is that really okay.... ? With the situation now, she can still pass it off as a joke.... with their underwear still on... Just to make sure to stop it from going too far. But Akko was already rummaging around in the blanket. Following, she took off the remaining of her underwear as well as Mari's. As a girl/woman, she did ecchi things with Mari with no hint of hesitation.

    And as for Mari (who knows what Akko is going to do), was invited by Akko to do whatever she likes.
    Akko: "Mari... What would you like to do?"
    "I.. I want to be touched.. by Akko..", Mari answered embarrassingly.
    As she desired, she proceeded to caress Akko's bare breasts and body. And while doing that, Akko's knee accidentally brushed up against Mari in between her legs (アソコ= that place) and felt a slight intoxication. It was then that Akko realized that Mari was completely wet.

    At this point in time, Mari probably hasn't been caressed by Akko yet. In other words, she didn't get wet by Akko touching her, but by the situation of the kiss and herself caressing Akko. (Laughs)

    While looking at the shying and blushing Mari, Akko thought, 'Me too... Ne..?'. Following that she guided Mari's hand towards her own wet spot to ascertain it.
    After confirming it, "....... I'm so happy... that Akko is the same...". And being overjoyed by this, Mari started to tear.. Akko then reciprocated by planting a kiss on her tears...

    After that, the scene changed completely but.. [fufu~], grinning and still naked in the futon, Akko lovingly stroked Mari's hair over and over again. Up till what happened previously, it was a different kind of close relationship that bound them together. This scene was super cute!

    Following the short depiction, and looking at the clock, it was already past 12 at night. Hence, it is rather clear that they spent a fair amount of time loving each other.
    The both of them even forgot their dinner, as they were indulging and obsessed with what had just occurred.

    (continued in part 2)

  3. Someone who had nothing to do this afternoon.Saturday, July 24, 2010 2:33:00 PM

    (part 2)

    With her stomach growling, Akko forced herself out of the bed and still naked, headed over to the pile of bread they had bought earlier, and started eating. In this fantastic atmosphere, more than the typical early morning scene, is unusually lively and (moe).

    Morinaga sensei's art in Yuri manga is fairly realistic but when drawn by her, somehow it becomes a moe moe situation. It is around this area that her talent and ability is expressed.

    Looking at the greedy Akko devouring her sweetened bread, Mari was worrying that it lacked nourishment. And of course, making bentos for her daily, deciding to take the home economics course for her higher education, all of that just to create delicious and nourishing balanced meals for Akko. In Mari's case it's more like [The Great Feeding Plan].
    Mari: " Akko's going to be a great brideー♪ Mine of course~ (hearts)

    Tired.(←From what?) please don't ask (laughs). Following the peaceful inhaling and exhaling of the figure next to her, Akko gently planted a kiss on Mari.
    There was a similar situation at the end of volume 1 but when kissing at that time, there were many affirmations and confirmations that weren't made. But as compared to now, where there isn't much of any worries and that they both understand each other's feelings, it's rather different.

    "Let's be together. No matter what happens."
    Akko experienced a welling up of feelings and sensations upon hearing that vow.

    And thus, 2 months have passed since. And Mari and Akko are both third years.
    Well, due to the fact that both of them had decided to go to technical schools, they were placed in the same class yet again.

    I wonder what will happen in this year.

    The next issue will be the final chapter!

    Will she draw their life after their third years, or continuing about life during their third years and ending there, or a sequel, and if there is a sequel what would it be like, anyways I'm still very interested in the last chapter.

    I thought I was gonna die from the heat in these couple of days but I was defeated by the awesomeness of [GIRL FRIENDS].

    I'm gonna die of moe~ first before getting done in by the heat. (laughs)
    And this concludes the crappy translation of the post. awww the way it was portrayed was awesome~~~ i can't wait for the raws to come rolling out~ hohoho

    anyways, hope you guys enjoyed it.
    (my brain hurts. it took me an hour to do it T.T)


    "Mari: " Akko's going to be a great brideー♪ Mine of course~ (hearts)"

    Is soooooo cute xDDD

  5. Someone who had nothing to do this afternoon.Sunday, July 25, 2010 1:03:00 PM

    lol, now i re read again and i think that sentence was by akko. well anyways, haha. =X