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Monday, July 26, 2010

[Morinaga Miruku] Girlfriends Chapter 34

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GIRLFRIENDS Chapter 34 raw is out at yamibo, grab them now! They are kind enough to scan them, don't whine about anything, BUY THE COPY if you're not happy about it.

Thanks for the 1 million visits \O/ and Yamibo has the Mandarin version churn out in record time =o, so here's spoilers/summary for those who can't wait ... I guess. I don't think it'll be long before Ris/MakiMaki Scans get the English version out =3

Picking up from the previous chapter, with their bikini tops undone, our favourite heroines were passionately tangling their tongues together before slipping their bodies down to the floor [o.o Bed's more comfortable isn't it? But that's not the point]. Akko, goodness know what, stopped and stared at Mari who looked deliciously flustered. Akko apologized which momentarily stunned Mari who probably thought that Akko don't find her attractive enough to make love to her.

Akko wasn't worried about that, of course. Akko said that she's sorry that it's her first time. Mari went, 'Huh?'. Akko added that she's about to explode from what they were doing so far. Mari questioned about the time with whatever-kun [I don't remember his name ... oh that Ouji-sama of Akko's friend], which we all knew that nothing happened. Akko asked back about Mari and that time with her whatever-kun boyfriend and Mari said this was her first time \O/. Mari continued that she's very sure what she's going to do with Akko though ;D but wasn't that confident about it or that she's afraid that Akko will be disgusted with her. Mari went to the extent of saying that it's okay if they stopped or Akko laughing it off by saying it's a joke because they haven't taken off their bottoms yet ...

Akko assured Mari's feelings by covering them with the blanket [=A=! Whatever for!?] and taking off both their bikini bottoms. Now completely naked, they faced each other, Akko asked Mari what she wants to do and Mari replied that she wants to touch Akko. Akko gave the okay and they touched and groped each other ;D Akko slides her thigh in between Mari and she gasped. Akko said she's in the same situation as Mari too and guided her hand towards her wetness. Mari seemed relieved that Akko's the same too and cried. Akko gently caressed her face and kissed her forehead, murmuring that Mari's an idiot [probably for Mari's insecurity?].

A few hours later, both of them basking in the afterglow with Akko caressing the flustered Mari's hair and giggling. Akko suggested that Mari grow her hair out but Mari replied that Akko's the one who helped her snip her long hair off before. Akko replied that she's fine with Mari, short or long hair, both of them cute! Akko added that Mari will be even cuter if she has longer hair than she had before and they can probably style their hair together --- Akko's tummy growled. Seemed like both missed dinner [they were busy!] and it's after 12 midnight =o Akko remembered that she bought bread for breakfast and got them out. The shy Mari put on clothes first before joining Akko.

Mari commented that it's not healthy/nutritious for Akko to only eat bread. Akko replied that it's okay because she get to eat Mari's bento during afternoons~ Akko complimented Mari's cooking and stated that Mari will make an awesome bride! Mari got insecured again, thinking that they're going to be separated one day but Akko surprised her by adding that she's hers, meaning that Mari's is HER bride =D. Mari softly replied that she too decided to be Akko's bride xD, unfortunately Akko didn't hear it nor Mari repeated her statement. Instead Mari said that she's going to be a nutritionist to make sure Akko eats well and that she enjoys cooking and making bentos for her too so ...

Akko's so touched that she lunged for Mari, hugging her and exclaimed that she loves Mari and her bento. In Mari's mind, she was glad that her great feeding plan was a success. Akko started making plans, saying that Mari should make bento for their outing, to theme parks and camping. Akko lamented that they didn't really enjoy their first class outing together before so she wanted a time where they will enjoyed it together. Akko sleepily added that she want them to wear the bikinis they were wearing before to beaches or swimming ... Mari replied that they would have to wait until the next break to do that ... Mari turned and noticed that Akko dozed off [DEJA VU!?].

Mari recalled that it was Akko's room that she first kissed the sleeping Akko. Mari never thought that she would be in this situation again and remembered that during that time she had not realized her feelings for Akko yet. Caressing Akko's lips, Mari thought to herself that she wants them to be together ... no, they must be together. No matter what happens, she will never give up.

Fast forward to April, they are now in their 3th year, the girls greet their friends happily and discussed about their new seating arrangements. Mari told Akko that their seats were separated to which Akko whispered to Mari that if she continued to seat beside Mari, she might not to able to control her feelings to be lovey-dovey with her xD. Akko commented that they're finally in their 3th year and felt that their 2nd year was really long. Mari thought to herself that they only have 1 more year to go but 1 year is a long time for them. - END -


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