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Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Game] Fuguriya's Hanahira!

[Posted @ 1:54 AM]
Back from Malaysia \O/ and I'm too sleepy to listen to what the characters in Fuguriya/Huguriya's [ふぐり屋] new yuri game Hanahira! [はなひらっ!] were saying. Just rapidly clicking through it with a -_- expression lol.

Source at yamibo as usual and if you have problems playing the game, please see this guide on how to play hanabira and hopefully the solutions listed there can help you =D

Enjoy! I'll update the post later.

Updated @ 26/09/2010, 7:10 PM Click ShizNat to read more =3
I kinda like the Makoto and Koharu pairing more so than the main Amane and Kaori pairing probably because of image below;

Makoto has a wild imagination and I approve (Y)

Haha, there were a few of them, Makoto wondering what would it be like if Koharu welcomes her home from work in an apron and asking her if she would like to have dinner or take a bath first or eat her ... oi oi they're just kids. Ehem, anyways, it was a cute game but a little too long? I was just rapidly clicking away while playing FB app games =x and only stopped at some Makoharu scenes.

I loled at the scene where Makoto fainted when she saw Amane and Kaori in this suggestive position =o;

Hmmm, got distracted by F1 on tv. Ah, was on yamibo this afternoon and saw this thread introducing a yurilicious manga/webcomic? titled Momo to Botan to Yuri no Hana [桃と牡丹と百合の花] Lilies in Sasanqua. Despite the ridiculously long name, it was an interesting read, the art style's nice and the main character's hilarious with amusing expressions.

Sources from FlexComix Web ; Yahoo Japan.

There are currently 3 chapters but I think there will be an update every week on Tuesday? [28/09] Well, I hope that there will be a volume compilation cos I would definitely buy it =3 ... that is if the main character doesn't have other love interest all of a sudden.

A kind 4chan anonymous has posted English scripts of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Thanks anon!

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  1. Did you notice that the two lolis (I only played the first few minutes and I remember the names already OTL) Their hair color and eye color has something in common or the like? lol

  2. Eh? What do you mean? Their eye colours?