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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stefanie Sun's The Answer Is ... Singapore Concert 2009

[Posted @ 6:33 PM]
Last night ... was a phenomenal 3 hours! Time flies so fast when you're having fun :<

I've uploaded the nicest photos I could take from my seat lol, PA-1 Row 11, without zooming too much. If you're interested, go to my photobucket album =D. Somehow I'm not interested in taking photos, I just wanna enjoy YanZi's live voice and well sing along \O/ My eardrums are still blocked from last night's loud music lol.

There are a lot of props in this concert and YanZi looks really relaxed and open in the performance, making cute gestures and jokes along the way xD. I really like how she went '哈?你们还不要走啊?' [Har? You guys are still here?']

Thanks to the YanziUnlimited Fanclub, they got my ticket signed =D.

Taiwan Concert T-Shirt and the Concert Poster.

A freebie keychain, lanyard and a handphone strap made with Swarovski crystals.

PRAWN MEE!!! It's been more than a year :< The soup is heavenly, you can drink three bowls and won't feel thirsty at all =D

Right, time to play L4D with bros, cya!

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