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Friday, July 31, 2009

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 15

[Posted @ 6:49 PM]
So, I prepared the info for this post yesterday cos I was bored. Ever since I came back, I've been doing nothing but eating, sleeping and reading lol. Occasionally doing some exercises ... but note, occasionally ;D.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Anyways, let's check out the Autumn/Winter 2009 Anime list!

Oh before that, let me say something about Summer 2009 Anime list. Hmm I've been watching/downloaded;
1. Aoi Hana
3. Kanamemo
4. Taishou Yakyou Musume
5. Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~

I've only watched Aoi Hana and Kanamemo though lol, I'm really lazy to sit down and watch the others ugh. Ah, I really like Aoi Hana's OP hehe. It's been a while since I had so many titles to watch cos usually it's just 1 or 2. Including titles from Spring 2009, Saki and Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood, I have 7 titles to catch up *_*

Bad news for my limited bandwidth :< at least I don't have to dl FMA. Oh well, I might have to drop titles as this is my last semester, I have to get at least a 7 this sem >:| or else ... I see no future for me any longer. Ughh, I'm going off-topic.

So. What to look out this fall?

Sasameki Koto.

1. Sasameki Koto [ささめきこと]

I've been waiting for this!! The official website has been updated with the seiyuu cast names and I can't wait for it xD. The art style looks pretty much similar to the manga, if not prettier lol. Speaking of the manga, C29's out and feels like yet another filter chapter ... :< not like I understood what they were saying but yeah.

Mahou Sensei Negima.

2. Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ [魔法先生ネギま!~もうひとつの世界~]

\O/ I'm hyped about Negima again ever since the awesome KonoSetsu Pactio in C252 xD but then there is no development after that except a rather dashing picture of Setsuna in a bodyguard suit in C258 =D.

Oh, take note of the placement of Konoka's hand in the DVD box picture above ;D That big bubble thing needs to go away :< lol


Shin Koihime†Musou.

3. Shin Koihime†Musou: Otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi [真・恋姫†無双 ~乙女繚乱☆三国志演義~]

=O a Season 2! With a new character, if I'm not wrong, she's Ryuubi or something. Can't wait for more Kannu hair jokes lol.

Queen's Blade.

4. Queen's Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono [クイーンズブレイド 玉座を継ぐ者]

Double =O lol, my darkest fears have come true! I remembered saying, 'Hopefully there's no Season 2 or something' but ... after watching the finale, obviously there IS gonna be a Season 2, I was like =A=! But the finale ain't that bad, so I'll continue watching this hehe.


5. Kämpfer [けんぷファー]

Kämpfer = Fighter in German, so basically, the protagonist is a guy who magically transforms into a girl and fights with other girls I guess. I'm only up to C5, so I'm particularly interested in only this;


Haha yeah, one of the girls in the manga confessed to the protagonist in female form ;D and she has no idea the protagonist is actually a guy. Anyways, let's see how it goes, besides the art style looks pretty.

Seikon no Qwaser.

6. Seikon no Qwaser [聖痕のクェイサー]

Eh, breasts sucking. Enough said. lol. Art style looks familiar? Yep, it's the same guy that brought us the infamous Mai HiME manga. Well, I'm a sucker for nice art styles so ...

Manga to look out for;

Both Morishima Akiko [森島 明子]'s works, Hanjuku Joshi [半熟女子] Volume 2 and the second compilation of her works in Yuri Hime, Ruri Iro no Yume [瑠璃色の夢] 'Azure Dream', the first being Rakuen no Jouken [楽園の条件] will be out on 8/18 \O/. Well, I could order it but ... I won't be able to touch or read it lol. Seems like these will be the tentative covers for the titles I've mentioned above.

Oh, I Fell in Love For the First Time [初めて恋をした] by Asagi Ryu [あさぎ龍] was given a 4 outta 5 stars rating in 百合な日々, reckon it must have some straight hentai going on :< judging from the cover as well -.-||| Anyways, it seems like Lililicious is planning to continue with C2, C3 and probably the side-story in the volume after scanlating C1. So, wait for it \O/

Hmm what else ... oh yeah Octave Volume 3 will be out soon as well \O/ 8/21! TS has just released Chapter 15 and I love the sneak peak of C16 by our editor, kite lol. I had a great laugh and we demanded it be posted on our site ;D and /u/ to spite the ever PMS-ing Anonymous whoever you are.

Credits to 百合な日々 for the information above =D.

Btw, I was browsing around gel/danbooru for SAKI pictures and I stumbled upon this;

SAKI - Hisa x Mihoko Fanbook!?

OZMG, anyone knows the author of this fanbook!? Better yet, SCANS!? ANYONE!?

Well I picked up a two page sample, from the same author in /u/ and that's all.

That's all for tonight, I'm tired. I foresee an even more tiring week ahead. Good luck to me, LAST SEMESTER DASH! \O/

Oh, happy birthday guro-hime lol.

[Signing off @ 8:22 PM]

PS: I got a new phone lol, I saw this is my 'Blog' folder and realized I forgot to upload it hm. Oh well, here goes;

Touch screen <3


  1. lol sangokushi engi not much interesting this fall apparently... except white album -waits for single- =3 thogh everything in this post the only thing that interested me was Koihime btw you should get a move on in your anime since Canaan is pretty awesome

  2. Very nice and informative post here akayuki!

    I wanna say that I wasn't able to watch the most anticipated yuri animes this season since I was confused which group to depend on fansubs from each anime respectively. I know where to get Kanamemo but for others... I just don't know. All I am following now is Saki and would really love to watch those 5 new yuri animes.

    I can't really believe that yuri this year has been a lot! I can't help but feel so joyful about it!

    Speaking of Negima, I have yet to watch the first one for that. I just don't have a fast speed to quickly download them. I also have read the manga (up to chapter 18 for now) but I held it for a while since I was kinda busy for something else. It's a really long road to catch up to the latest and only that famous pactio kiss pushed me to read it right away. LOL! Also, I felt tingly so much when I saw Konoka and Setsuna in a sweet position in that mentioned DVD box. =3 Agreed with you there! I wish that bubble could be gone away from it. And wow! Setsuna in that suit is cool! They're like a married couple there. XDD

    Also, I haven't watched both Koihime Musou and Queen's Blade's first season. I really wish I could watch it even though like Queen's Blade has mostly bad reviews. I'm open so I could just get anything!

    About Kämpfer, well I have read the manga only up to chapter 1 or 2 I think. I got lazy around after having to download almost all new releases. Also I wish the guy is naturally-born female. In no time that would be like Mara+Holic. T_T I'd still watch to see what happens though.

    And Seikon no Qwaser IS GETTING AN ANIME ADAPTATION!!!??? Whoa! I have always thought that it wasn't yuri since maybe that kendo main girl will be paired to that guy who resembles Homura Nagi a lot. XDD I forgot their names since it's really been a loooooong time that I haven't continued reading the manga. I don't know if it was continued scanlated and I have yet to know that. I wonder which studio will produce this... Sunrise? Nah... Maybe not.

    Man! That's some awesome yuri line-up I'm excited to watch and look forward to it!

    About that Saki Fanbook... I wish it could be scanned, found and translated completely already. I really can't wait to read everything there. Plus the artwork is really neat and the artist managed to almost imitate the original art. Maybe we could find that on Japanese P2P programs or something.

    So I wonder where I could find the Saki volume 6 scans? Just can't find it anywhere no matter what. I wanna take a quick peek on all the chapters. I swear Saki would win as there was a parody doujin comic where Saki entered their school's room in the tournament then Yuuki hugged her to congratulate and then Nodoka pulled them away from each other. (I think due to jealousy XD)

    Nice phone you have there! I've always wanted to have that kind of phone. Money is a big hindrance so not for now. XDD

    So you're already gonna graduate for college? Or still an undergraduate but finishing your last semester for this year? Anyways, good luck with everything akayuki!

    I really need to see Hisa x Mihoko reunion right NAO! MAI! MIKOTO! NATSUKI! SHIZURU! >_<

  3. Yay, I hope now I can comment, last post I tried many times, but everytime I don't know why I could not comment...
    Well, about ur anime list, I am watching the Aoi Hana, CANAAN and Kanamemo, about AH I think that will have a second season, is more like: must have a second season! XD
    CANAAN is awesome! I am in love with this anime, one of the best animes ever, every episode makes me wish for more, so I spend the whole week thinking about the next episode lol
    Kanamemo is pretty good, Hakura makes me laugh a lot XD
    I wanna watch Taishou Yakyou Musume too, but I think that I will wait to the end of season...I am watching so many animes so I don't wanna have to wait for a new episode of another one...
    About the new ones, of course that I am going to watch Sasameki Koto ^_^
    Also: Shin Koihime†Musou, and I will download the new Queen's Blade season, and then watch both together in december XD
    Kämpfer seems to be cool, but personally I don't like of animes were boys turn girls, it's funny, but as a yuri fan I don't like that lol
    I saw that Hisa x Mihoko pic on danbooru too, i hope someone get the scans soon *.*

  4. to Kano, hai, hai lol.

    to L4000M, well I dropped Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~, cos it's BORING ozmg, I almost slept through ep2. Anyways, eh I'm not sure which English subs to dl hmm since I dl Chinese subs =P You should really grab CANAAN and Taishou Yakyou Musume, they're awesome. I've watched them to the latest episode xD. Sakamoto Maaya is voicing Alphard and she is drop-dead awesome lol. Tanaka Rie's voicing the psychopathic sadist kinda 'Onee-sama-I-lurve-you-you-are-my-life!' character, named Liang Qi. Which kinda reminds me of Tomoe from Mai Otome lol with her obsession in Shizuru.

    As for Taishou Yakyou Musume, it's really funny, somehow the reactions of the characters tickled my almost non-existing tickle-bones hmm, hope it makes sense, anyways it's good =D.

    Haha, yeah I guess many fans (including me) went back and re-read Negima again after that KonoSetsu pactio xD It's sad that the publisher in my country is even slower than the U.S version =A= Yep Secchan's getting cooler and cooler lol, I think she's the 3 times champion in the voting competition or something but I just know she won more than twice.

    Queen's Blade, ah, lol I swore off watching it after Season 1 but ... the last episode kind hooked me, let's see how Season 2 goes lol. Well I guess the bad reviews comes from the HAH-HERE-ARE-BOOBS-IN-YOUR-FACE scenes I guess? lol

    Kämpfer, yeah I'm still wondering about it but it had nice art style and I've bought extra bandwidth quota from school, so \O/

    Seikon no Qwaser, haha I think there's only subtext yuri ... and S&M scenes between the Loli Queen and the Slave ... forgot her name ... anyways you can grab scans from /u/ =D

    Saki Fanbook OTL, someone needs to scan/find it nao! Ah I've no idea where to find the full volumes but I've seen the latest C52 on yamibo, hmmm yes YAMIBO IS UP AND RUNNING \O/ FINALLY. If you've watched SAKI Ep19, the results are the same as in the manga, it's totally near-impossible in real life ... -.-||| but I like it anyways lol. It's sad that Hisa and Mihoko had another BRIEF 'hi bye' scene in Ep19 again :< Perhaps in future episodes.

    Anddd ... <3 my handphone lol.

    I'm an undergraduate and yeah it's my last semester ... I'm doubtful that I can continue with Honours ... ugh or should I go for Masters or go to work? Decisions, decisions hm. Thanks xD

    LoL, yeah I wonder what's the website of that author, we need at least the name :<

    to Yuri Downloads, oh =\, maybe it's my html coding problem, I found out a few days ago that the hosting site for borders/search icon was down. Anyways, you can post now so all's good xD

    Yeah, CANAAN's pretty awesome xD I guess the stage is set for the face-off between Alphard and Canaan.

    Kanameno ... makes me feel like I'm watching an anime musical lol it's amusing but not HAHA-funny yet =\

    Taishou Yakyou Musume is funny =D as mentioned, somehow I like the reactions of the characters. There is particular scene in Ep4 that's pretty similar to SAKI (Momoko and Yumi), Yumi was like 'I need you!' haha, the situation's different but nevertheless it's funny =D

    Haha, sounds like an awesome anime watching season for you =D, enjoy.

    Yes, SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIND SAUCE for that Saki doujinshi :<