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Saturday, December 20, 2008

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 12

[Posted @ 1:08 AM]
Goodies From Amazon Japan and US. I was really excited to receive them but some family matters unexpectedly happened ... so I'm not really in the mood to be happy about anything.

Goodies From Amazon Japan.

I've proved that you can import yuri books in Singapore ... XD LOL, well I've proved to myself I can import ... probably you already knew it but heck, I'm happy.

Goodies From Amazon US.

LoL, I bought Mai Otome Volume DVD just cos Shizuru's on the cover =P, oh yeah forgot to wish Shizuru-sama, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2 days ago ... =A=, I'm 2 days late.

Oh well, hope everyone good health and a wonderful, peaceful weekend.

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  1. YOU!!! I hate you!!! The Girl Friends! -points to them- Anyway all will be fine! Try not to worry to much ne? -Kano

  2. Oooh lots of stuff!!! I buy magazines and books from amazon. I recently just bought Vampire Knight 1-13 DVD!!! =D Anyways hopefully your feeling better.

  3. Ooh, a DVD with Shizuru. I realize my purchasing Mai-Hime DVD boxset means I won't get DVD with ShizNat. Ouch ;__;. I should make up for it and buy Otome's DVD at least =3.

    Nice collection, actually I am thinking about buying some Yuri Hime too. I am a sloppy language learner, so for now it would be just for the good feeling and a little support :).

  4. OOOHHH... Me want your collection XD XD XD

    Anyway, wish u a very happy and yuri Christmas. Always looking forward to your yuri news =]


  5. to Kitty, lol yeah thanks. I'm willing to post them to you if you tell me the secret XD lol.

    to Maura, Ohh XD cool. Oh VK, I love the manga and of course Kaname-sama =3

    to Rinu, ohh you bought Mai Hime DVD boxset, thats good lol.

    LoL, I can't really read for nuts too, and I'm just reading for my own guilty pleasure XD.

    to Elevan, haha thanks, you too, merry christmas XD.

  6. i want your collection! u bought a dvd because shizuru was on the cover, thats just awesome! i think the last yuri item i bought was a few volumes of the Aria manga, but the yuri level is basically just subtext, not so sure since im onl on vol 3. im hoping so,i watched the ova, and i totally saw that yuri in that with Alicia and Akari. i'd buy untranslated manga if i was 100% sure there would be furigana in it. ive only learned like a hundred kanji in high school, and i've forgotten most of em now -_-.

  7. huhuhuhu...You are way so lucky!!...I don't know if I could really buy those using credit card...oh men, my dad will be angry if I use it...so better not...Besides..I haven't try yet....buying items on the internet...

  8. Ah~ I envy how you can make purchases like that. If only the "adult" adults in my family won't sniff every package I receive. :s

    Hope you're doing well and best wishes to you this Christmas and coming New Year! Looking forward to more yuri news and reviews when you return! :)

  9. Ah, I was so attracted to the enclosed picture I didn't read the rest of article. Sorry to hear about your family matters, good luck and I wish only good stuff happens to you next year (whenever it starts, lol).

    Best wishes.