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Friday, September 16, 2005

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 3

[Posted 10:05 PM]
Right now i'm in my study room lol, cos our room's air-con is FREAKING NUTS, we moved over to the study room for the night. Yeah so not going to blog much. Enjoy Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep3 screenshots!

Spiderman ...I Love Ladies In Suit XP ...Yanfan.

Started with some samurai show then a baddie was threatening a lady, spider ... detective? [The Amazing Spider Detective LOL as Kaname said] LOL to the rescue!!! LOL, it's quite funny then till the exciting part, the news flash cut in and Kaname was like 'What the hell! News can wait! Bring back the show!' LoL. Sousuke was like saying hm, the news [About some terrorist attacks in Northern China] is important, said he's going, told Kaname to go directly home then he left the room. Scene cue to China, the big baddie's running away on a jeep, GOD and the chinese police were there like telling the baddie to stop in this LOL i can't freaking understand at first Mandarin accent! LOL. The baddie also replied in some funny Mandarin accent lol hahaha ... yeah then he blasted his way through the police.

LoL, i still dunno the baddie's name lol. Scene back to submarine uh ... i dunno how to explain lol, how to type it out too? Hahaha, juz alot of information about the operation in ... China to freed the hostages taken by the baddie? Ha. I think so. Then Sousuke was worried about Kaname and stuff cos he can't be there to protect her yeah. Woo then the police in China were like retreat, leave it to da experts lol. Ha. Nice battle scenes. Then they were going through this Yang Tze tunnel and stuff ... hahaa.

Things were going very smoothly ... too smoothly that Tessa's worried. Oh Yufan's the older twin's name, Yulan's the younger twin's name. Yulan's currently now acting as one of the hostages. Then the teams went in and rescued the hostages ... with no enemies around. The rest were getting suspicious of everything going too smoothly. Mao's with the hostages ... then Yulan attacked her wooo, the scene's too violent for me!!! LOL But i like sia. Hahahahhaa. The communication lines were suddenly cut off and stuff.

They have fallen into a trap ... Oh the baddie's on a red AS ... then Sousuke muttered ... 'Venom.' Wooo nice ep! MaooooO~ LoL dun die on me!

Ook, did nothing much today ... quite a slacky and boring day but i like lol. Read fanfics all day and scanlations ... didn't managed to watch fmp- tsr eps last night lol, i went to bed early LOL, too tired ... dunno why. Then i slept till 1pm ... 1am-1pm lol ... i even dreamt of Kuon from Gokujou Seitokai!!!! Whoa, she looks even better in person ... as for details of the dream ... lol as if i'll type here LOL XP. And no you perverts, it's not a wet dream lol. Purely ... hmmm normal dream, just dreamt of Kuon and Nanaho ... hmmm and i forgot i guess lol.

Lol, juz now my brother did a damn 'Qian Bian' face lol. [Qian Bian kinda mean he made an expression that made me wanna wipe that smirk/smile off his bloody roti prata flat face lol]

Oh, as i was saying about my Kuon and Nanaho dream ... hmmm ook i juz dreamt of them talking and stuff ... yeah, that's all i guess till ... 3-4mins later things get alittle hot. LOL!!!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! .... yeah
-end- LOL! [Guess if i'm joking or not]

HEH HEH HEH, anyways, hmm ook OH YEAH, YanZi's new album is coming out soon! Whee 7 Oct 2005 ... and i already pre-order the taiwan version in yanziunlimited forum le hehehehe. Got some freebies and stuff yeah. Heh. $29 ... but worth every single cent. Heh.

Ok, gotta go get our freaking mattress ... cya

[Signing off @ 10:23 PM]

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