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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai ep13

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Feeling EVILLLL! Here's my timetable to remind myself again;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

Gokujou Seitokai Ep13 screenshots coming up!

Sexy.Nanaho's Room LOL!'My Pirotto-Chan ...
Rein: 'I'm Not Sitting The RollarCoaster With You Anymore If You Don't Hug Me!'I Like This Cos Kuon Looks Cute Here LoL.Rino: 'You're Kanade-sama And Nanaho's Child?!' LOL.

Ok ... recapturing last ep's happenings, Kanade and Nanaho returned home and see Miyagami Gakuen in a mess, when they went in, they saw a rather blurish Rino and asked her what happened. LOL, Rino was like 'If i tell you what happened, it would take forever but not.' LOL!!! LoL!!! Pucc-chan then pointed at this girl in front of the staircase. So Rino flashbacked to what happened. ... Kanade and Nanaho went to the Jinguuji house. Kaori came over. Seina and Kuon went out on Cindy's car. Then left Sayuri, Rein, Rino, Mayura and Kaori playing games? LoL. And as usual lol Rino lost the game and had to go out and buy snacks for the rest i guess.

So while walking home, Rino saw ... the girl. While the three of them were talking, the girl disappeared from the top of the staircase. Then Kanade asked what happened and Rino continued her story ... LoL, the girl called out to Rino [Cos of the girl is at the bus stop] if the bus in the bus stop will get her to Miyagami Gakuen. Rino said yes then Pucc-chan said that the bus doesn't operate on Sundays, so you have to walk. LoL. The girl came over and said that Pucc-chan's a strange pet LOL. Then Rino said he's not a pet. And Pucc-chan introduced himself. LoL. The girl then asked Rino for her name lol. Then later asked Rino to give Pucc-chan to her.

Rino was like noo, then the girl was saying, we're friends, give it to me lol. Rino was like we have only just met. And they went on for two hours LOL. Nanaho commented that that's too long lol. LoL, so back, Rino and the girl were panting hard, lol then the girl said that Rino's the first person to ignore her selfish ways for this long and Rino replied that it's the first time she have rejected someone's pleas for this long LOLLLLLLL!!! And then they smiled at each other. Hence, they developed a FRIENDSHIP. LOL!!!!!!!!! Suddenly, the girl fainted. So Rino had no choice but to bring her back to Miyagami Gakuen's dorm. The rest were waiting for Rino ... lol.

While Rino creeped into her room quietly. [They were not supposed to bring any outsiders into the dorms] So Rino laid the girl on her bed, then Rino went to get the school's nurse, Hirata Wakana-sensei. LoL, at that moment, Wakana-sensei's drunk lol. [See screenshot 1 LoL sexy~] LoL, so Rino slammed back the door when Wakana-sensei got ... too drunk? LoL. Rino went back and found the girl gone lol. So she went in search of the girl and saw Nanaho's room's door open ... LOL. Nanaho was like '?!' 'Did you go in?!' 'You saw it?!' LoLLLLLLLLLL. Nanaho's room's so girlish~ Pinkish and full of soft toys LOL. Pucc-chan was like 'Yeah, we saw it so clearly.' LOLLLLLLLLL!!!

Yes, the girl was in Nanaho's room and she picked up this soft toy. LoL. Nanaho cut in and said that what kind of toy is that. Rino replied that it was a pinky teddy bear. [Awwwww~ LoL!] Nanaho was like '?! That's Pirotto-chan the teddy bear!' LOLLLL It even has a name!!! LOL So kawaii!!!! LoL. Then Nanaho paced up and down worrying about Pirotto-chan LOL then asked Rino what happened to Pirotto-chan?! [Flashback] The girl was playing it for a while then she got bored of it and threw it out of the window LOL! Thus, it's now in the rain LOL! Nanaho actually ... broke a world record by speeding out of the lobby lol. Hahahahahaa, so funny. LOL.

Then she shrieked ... 'NOooOoOoooo~ Pirotto-chan!!!~~~~~' LOL SO CUTE AHAHHAA, should download and listen to Nanaho scream shriek LOL. Nanaho then returned and was growling like a tiger that she will not forgive the girl and give her what she deserve!!! LOL. Then back to the story, the girl then ran away ... and Rino chased after her but later lost her and saw the rest. Then Rino told the rest what happened. The rest then splited and went up the levels to look for her. LoL. But how the girl could open the doors of the room? She broke into the landlady's room's safe and stole the cardkey that opens all the doors in the dorm lol. Later Rein and Sayuri found her.

The girl ran duh and they chased after her. Lol. Then the girl opened this door, Rein and Sayuri rushed in [Actually it's Sayuri who rushed in and bumped into Rein lol] and fell on the Emergency thingy that Rino used to sat on when she was late for school LOL! So the girl pressed on the red button and ... off they went LOLLLLLL! [see screenshot 4] Meanwhile, Mayura was searching high and low for the Seitokai's account book. Kaori then deduced that it must be the girl. Then Mayura was like saying it's terrible if the girl enters the secret room ... where the dorm's central control and self-destruct system are there LOL. Kaori was like '?!' LoL. So they went to find the girl.

Kaori and Mayura then found the girl, chased after her, lol got tricked again like Rein and Sayuri LOL. Later Rino and Pucc-chan went in search of the girl after telling the landlady to go to the school's building to call Seina. Then they found a secret door to the basement ... LoL the landlady called Seina LOL and kept saying 'EHE' LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Seina was like, 'I don't know what you meant if you just say 'ehe'' LOLLLLL!!! Rino and Pucc-chan opened the door ... and saw the girl there ... she's ... playing with the controls and stuff lol. Rino tried to stop her and got angry when the girl said something selfish. [Rino actually raised her hand to hit the girl] Lol.

Pucc-chan was like 'HIT! HIT! HIT!' LoL. Rino was like ... i can't do it ... i rather us to be friends. So Rino's hand hit the self-destruction button instead LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Then the girl was like 'Whoa cool! So fun!' LoL. And so ... the dorm went kaaaaaaboom. LoL. The landlady saw it 'LIVE' on TV and fainted lol. The rain stopped ... a rainbow came out ... and that's what happened said Rino, cos she pressed the self-destruction button LOL. Kanade then said that the girls looks familiar somehow ... Ah, Nanaho then found the girl ... went in through a door lol, got strapped to the Emergency thingy again lol and went off~ LoL. Kuon, Seina and Cindy returned and were shocked to see the school in such a state.

Rino went like 'If i tell you it would take forever but not ...' again LOL, Pucc-chan cut it short but saying that the girl is the cause and Minamo-chan appears! Seina was like 'Minamo-chan?' Minamo went like 'Onee-chan!' LoL, yes that girl is Seina's sister and she's transferring into Miyagami Gakuen and joining the Gokujou Seitokai. LoL. [See screenshot 6] for shocked faces lol.

Waaaaahhh this summary of this ep sure is long LOL. I'm in a typing mood i guess XP.

Ah i didn't study today LoL, no freaking mood sia, at least i TOUCHED my notes ok LOL. Wheee, i'm listening to Tsubasa Chronicle Movie's OP and ED right now. I like Yui Makino's voice, she's the seiyuu of Sakura in TRC ... then in the ED single, she sung the 'You are my love' track in japanese. It's not bad too. I like 'Amrita' alot too. Her voice is pretty calming ... sweet ... nice. Hehehe. Whoa she's same age as me ... older than me though. January Kid. LoL. Ah but in Japan, i'm older than her right? Cos school starts on April ... ah i'm not sure how there systems work also lol. Ah, i got 3 tracks in the single, the last being 'Jasmine' it's pretty nice too, upbeat and ... catchy.

Another nice song! Endless Story by Yuna Ito! Here's the lyrics;


If you haven't changed your mind
そばにいてほしいよ Tonight / soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight

強がることに疲れたの / tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
幼すぎたの Everytime I think about you baby / osanasugi ta no Everytime I think about you baby
今なら言える I miss you / ima nara ieru I miss you
It's so hard to say I'm sorry / It's so hard to say I'm sorry

たとえば 誰かのためじゃなく あなたのために / tatoeba dareka no tame janaku anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 続くこの輝きに / owaranai story tsuzuku kono kagayaki ni
Always 伝えたい ずっと永遠に / Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Memories of our time together
消さないで このまま don't go away / kesanai de kono mama don't go away

あたたかく溶けだして 確かめるの / atatakaku tokedashite tashikameru no
優しさのしずく この胸にひろがってく / yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
切ないほどに I'm missin' you / setsunai hodo ni I'm missin' you
重ねた手 離さないで / kasaneta te hanasanaide

たとえば 叶うなら もう一度あなたのために / tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 絶え間ない愛しさで / owaranai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why 教えてよ ずっと永遠に / tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

たとえば 誰かのためじゃなく あなたのために / tatoeba dareka no tame janaku anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 続くこの輝きに / owaranai story tsuzuku kono kagayaki ni
Always 伝えたい ずっと永遠に Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

たとえば 叶うなら もう一度あなたのために / tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を / utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story _ 愛しさで / owaranai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why 教えてよ ずっと永遠に / tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

Credits: http://pinkfloss.exblog.jp/ ; Hanako

Yep, it's really nice lol. Ok long post le gtg cya. Oh yes, wait my parents returned home le!!! YAY suddenly lost for words when i saw my mummy *sob sob sob* lol. They bought China chewy gums! I took picture of them, i'll upload them this weekend ba. I need to study my Sales Management and abit of Marketing Communication tomorrow ... which i doubt i will study anyways LOL.

[Signing off @ 9:56 PM]

PS: If you can't view the Japanese words, right click, encoding and select 'Japanese (Auto-Select)' yeah should be able to see them. If not, nvm, there's translated japanese to english words beside, you still can sing to the song LOL.

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