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Saturday, September 10, 2005

[Manga] Love Celeb

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Exams Timetable;
1. Sales Management - TB12 - 09/09/2005, Friday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 04-02 - Seat No 10
2. Marketing Communications - TB12 - 10/09/2005 - Saturday - 9am-11am - Blk 50 02-02 - Seat No 2
3. E-Marketing - TB12 - 15/09/2005 - Thursday - 9am-11am - Convention Centre Level 2 - Seat No 530

Two down, one more to go! LoL. Oh, because i'm lazy to watch animes tonight i'll do a manga review muahahaha.


Ah, i love this #1 cover of Gin~ so kawaii~ blushing and hugging the little bunny wanny LOL. The latest title by Shinjou Mayu~ Whee, actually it's out pretty long le, latest up to #5 le, i don't really like the cover for #4 though, looks a little weird to me. Heh. Ahhh but the latest #5 looks veryyyyyy nice! Kirara and Gin look like such a perfect couple in the cover lol. See cover i've taken from mayutan.com below!

~~~ SO Kawaii~!

Uh, is that Gin? Dunno, but he got black hair le ... ahhh i only read till #2 only lol how the heck do i know what happened in #5?! LoL. I think it's really him ba lol. Kirara looks really pretty ... lol really. Like a princess ... and a little like an idol heh. Ahhh Gin in grey or black hair also looks so cool~~~ LoL. But i prefer black though ... muahahaha. Looks so ... soft. Heh.

Uhhh, i forgot to do a review of Love Celeb LOL, i kept ... ogling ehem, staring at #1 and #5 cover XP. Haha, ok basically uh Nakazono Kirara is a [virgin] girl who dreams of being a top idol and she doesn't care about playing a minor or even an unpleasant role. [Yes, even acting as a high school girl who gets killed in the first 5 minutes of the show LoL] However, attempts have been unsuccessful so far. And so one fine day, she was told by her manager, Hanamaki to sleep with an important person to get a job. She was kicked into some 'weird' place where the dark reality of the celebrity world of money and sex.

Later, some guy comes around and tried to rape her but was saved by Fujiwara Ginzou who is a top celebrity + politician + the most powerful man in Japan?! However, he is also a ... perverted guy lol who think Kirara is one of the girls who think that they could get into the celebrity world by using their bodies.

'In this world, there is nothing that cannot be bought by money.'

Pissed, Kirara slapped him?! And kinda said that her heart could not be bought by money. [Ha. Chessy lol] Gin was like 'Heh, i can.' then he deep kissed Kirara and wrote his number with her lip stick on her neck. [Whoa] LoL. After that day, Kirara was surrounded by the press with many job offers by famous people in the media. LoL, Kirara was darn shocked and couldn't believe it was true and thought she's on candid camera. [LOL] Ah then Gin comes along and said that he had bought her by giving a hickey on her neck. [=O]

Ah eh, then alot of ecchi/smut stuff in later chapters and #2 lol. Basically Gin became interested in Kirara till the point he even imagined girls he had sex with as Kirara. LoL. Then he was like 'Damn that stupid virgin.' LoL. Kirara also fell in love with Gin ... but was insecured because she thinks that after Gin takes away her virginity, she would be discarded away like the girls Gin had in the past. But Gin won her over with his ... actions and words lol, ahhh so sweet haha. I think they did it on #4 lol. I saw the preview somewhere before ... ahhh but i lost the URL ... nooooooo! LoL.

Yeah, it's quite cool, the art's getting better no doubt, Gin's really cool~ handsome and sooo ... demanding lol. Hahaha, i love his chibi form, soooo cute!!!! The way he blushed and he likes strawberries and bunnies~ LoL. Oh by the way, Kirara cosplayed as a bunny girl in #1 i think lol, Gin got so hypered up that he was blushing the whole thing thinking how he's going to take her lol. I think Gin's the cutest of all Shinjou Mayu's male characters =D, hahaha cos he blushes ... haha. Well, try imagining Hakuron from Haou Airen blushing ... can you imagine? LoL. Ah, overall Love Celeb is a good read, funny and ... exciting at the same time. Heh, Gin-samaaaaaaaaaa~ LoL.
It's rather light so far ... so evil plots and twists so far ... lol unlike ... some titles. LoL.

Anyways, yeah i finally two papers WHEE!!! LoL hey, i still got 1 more to go lol, but who cares. Like JZ said, 'What is E-Marketing? Nothing!' LOL. Ah, i feel so sad for my SM paper ... i made alot of careless mistakes, no time to finish and of course no time to even check lol. Damn tutor was beside me and took the paper from me first ... and i can't even check or watz. Kaoz. For Marketing Communications paper this morning also ... took the paper away from me second. Sigh i can't finish sia ... i think 10 marks gone le. Sianz. I hate life. I rather i can't do than not finish. LoL, cos if i can't do, at least i won't feel so bad cos i can't do what, nothing i can do about it. But if i can't finish, I CAN DO but I have no time to write it down, so i feel MOREEEEEE BAD about it lol. Sigh such a pity, such a waste. I was still scribbling after the tutor said pens down LOL. As i said, 'Write 1 more line means 1 more hope.' LOL.

Sianz, i sat 171 home as usual and fell asleep ... then when i woke up i'm already at the North Point there le LOL, i was kinda stunned then i got down and went to have KFC to take away home muahahaha since i'm there anyways lol. Cheese fries~ Zinger burger and Pepsi~ LoL. After eating my lunch, i bathe and went to bed LOL at 2pm. I slept till 6.30pm ... woke up and feed my parrots ... watch tv for a while then go out for dinner~ ... then come home at around 9.45pm? Then yeah i'm in front of the lappy and blogging. Heh. Ook, off to read Love Monster V7 C43 i juz downloaded wheee LOL.

[Signing off @ 11:32 PM]

PS: ... read read read

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