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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 5

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Whoa, long time no update le ... MIA for ... 4 days le haha. Was going to school from mon-wed for consolidation of our marketing plan ... 9-5 sia, almost died when i got home lol. Slept for 10hrs on thurs then went out with LC to search for a gift for WT who went to China on friday. Yeah. But didn't got anything lol. Ok continue it later, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep5 screenshots!

Fading~Sexy!~WHAT?! We Missed YanZi Live On TV?!
*Blush*Cool.Our Heads Are Almost The Same Size.

LoL, the ep started with Kanade whacking Sousuke's head cos he lol dismantled Kagurazaka-sensei's new car lol, cos he thought it looked suspicious ... and suspect to have bomb inside LOL. Then Sousuke got a call and said he had to leave and left with the car still dismantled LOL and Kagurazaka-sensei saw the car lol and was sobbing lol. Meanwhile at the special conference room ... they were talking about the traitor, Vincent Blueno [He was the one who was doing the communication stuff while the team was doing the rescue in the earlier eps ... yeah and he messed up the communications and almost had the team killed].

Then blah blah ... the people in the meeting were blaming here and stuff ... shessh, then talk about Chidori Kaname ... then said they're wasting resources to protect her and stuff ... Tessa broke in and said Kaname still needs protection. Then blah blah and ended. Then lol switch to this place, where the traitor Vincent Blueno was having a party and ... Mao was lol pretended to be one of the girls, hooked up to him, then stuck a gun in his mouth and gased him lol. The scene was funny. [Oh, Mao looks pretty hot with long hair anyways lol lol] Mao then looked at the fainted Vincent and wanted to pull the trigger at him.

But got stopped by Kurz, oh he looks hot in a tuxedo too LOL and tried to seduce Mao LOL, got rejected with a headbutt then they sneaked out of the place ... but got ... lol caught in the progress lol. Sousuke came as backup and they got into the car he was in. So they speeded off to the rendezvous point where a helicopter will pick them up. Baddies of course were chasing them lol then the baddie shot and stuff .. then cool scenes of them using the weapons at the back of the car [LOL Sousuke said that pretty much later lol] ... very cool lol. Ohh, then Blondie baddie [Oh his names is Mr. Gates LOL!] got some Savage AS to chase after them.

Back in the class 2-4 LOL, Kaname's pretty pissed cos Sousuke's not in school. Kyouko then asked if Kaname studied for her tests already lol then she said sort of then Kyouko talked about Sousuke not coming to school ... if asked if Kaname called him yet then she called him and gave the handphone to Kaname ... [LoL she was blushing when he got the phone from Kyouko] Then Kaname talked to Sousuke while he was driving lol then hahaha alot of funny stuff, Kaname was like it's test time and he haven't studied and stuff ... and Sousuke was like ... not really serious and pre-occupied with driving LOL and them cross-firing lol.

Kaname kept talking about lol Sousuke failing and stuff lol stuff ... lol Kaname then got pissed, said 'Baka' and hung up LOL. Ah then the Savage AS came and attacked him ... lol then the lousy car can't even go pass 90 km/h ... juz when the AS was about to shoot them, a mysterious black M9 came, saved them and left. Then lol a funny scene of the Blondie baddie abusing a guy while in the swimming pool LOL. Now, the three of them were safely in the helicopter ... and lol Sousuke still gotta study and stuff. Mao was worried Sousuke is having too much stuff to do and might get tired out. Mao then got angry that Sousuke thought nothing about his future but obey orders and stuff. Sousuke then began to think about his future too.

Hmm ok, on to wat happened lol, ok we went to send WT & S off at Changi Airport on friday, yeah we didn't cry ... 'Just 6 months what.' - WT said lol. 6 months in China ... i'll die! LoL. After sending them off and hugged and said our goodbyes, we went to Popeyes and had our dinner. LOL, it was fun lor, joked around and stuff. Hah. We gossiped around also muahahaha. LoL. But i'm not going to say wat here heh, anyways i already probably forgotten what we said le LOL.

Anyways, yeah then juz now for dinner we went to Ang Mo Kio's Seoul Garden to eat ... wah eat so much meat sia, can last for a month ba ahahhaa. Almost died there ... but only ate a cup of ice-cream ... cos gonna close le lol. But nevertheless, we ate alot alot alot ... 8 people go le ... then $190+ ... sia not i pay, my aunt did lol. Yeah that's probably all, didn't managed to watch animes these two days ... sigh.

Oh tomorrow going to meet JM from Yanziunlimited to pay for my pre-ordered 'A Perfect Day' Taiwan version YanZi album! Whee~ of course i'll purchase the Singapore version too! Haha, support both! Heh ... after that, i'll probably go Kino to drool at the mangas lol. Not sure la, or juz go home, i'm tired ... next next week got roadshow le ... damn. Simei ITE ... sigh ... uh but C forwarded an email saying NUS and an ITE can't let us have our booth there cos our dates are near their exams ... but dunno which ITE ... wah ... dunno la lol. Wait for them to contact us XP.

Ok, off to watch School Rumble Ep22, Pani Poni Dash! Ep4 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep7 ... right now i'm downloading TRC OST 2~ wheee, i like ~ hahaha cya

[Signing off @ 11:50 PM]

PS: Long time no see socky le ... i missed her alot, sockyyyy where are uuu?!!!!

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