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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep2

[Posted @ 10:45 PM]
Ok, a fast 15mins post tonight lol, i finally finished my exams WHEE! I'm so happy lol. Anyways, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep2 screenshots!

Tessa Nibbling Her Fingers ... *Hot* LoL.Onee-Chan ...Thou Shall Not See Scary Faces.
Ugly.Yes Chidori Kanade Fans! This Is Not Tempered In Anyway! It's The Truth!Get Me A Hotel Room And Fast, My Imouto Can't Wait. LOL!

In Kaname's room ... the chicken alarm clock rings ... Kaname awakes and stuff and kinda saw someone looking at her through the window ... then scene switch to a rather serious conversation about the Lambda driver stuff and Sousuke being the only one knowing how to use it and stuff. Then switch over to Tessa thinking about Kaname and herself as Whispereds and if they don't have da powers, they could had been normal schoolgirls ... LoL, back in school, Sousuke's up to his weird stuff again and got whacked by Kaname as usual lol. Later, Kazuma showed Sousuke a web with quite a lot of Kaname's pictures [It's some BBS website of Hot Female High School Girls lol] and stuff so we know someone's stalking Kaname and Sousuke was like ... this is not good, it's like revealing to the enemy! LoL. Whoa, now to the best part!

LOL LOL LOL LOL!! In Hong Kong, the twin sisters are having a bath and cleaning each other and stuff, talking about this sensei guy ... yeah and got this eh job, wore their clothes and left the room. Meanwhile back in school, Sousuke was like being panicky again LOL [Cos of the stalker and BBS stuff] hahaha then a guy gave Kaname's a CD, Sousuke smacked the CD off his hands [The CD broke] and was inspecting the CD when Kaname kicked his head LOL, great kick there hahaha. Next, a teacher came along and asked Kaname about this report thingy then Sousuke lol tackled him and pinned him on the ground haha then Kaname kicked him again lol. Later, they were in front of the girls' toilet lol, Kaname was like, you are going to follow me everywhere huh, then Sousuke was like cannot ah? Hahahah.

Then added that if not, he will check the toilet first and after she used it LOL, Kaname was like you ... hentai! Hahaha and slamed the door against his face and stomped on his head repeatedly. LOL so funny. Lastly, Kaname and company were walking in the female changing room then Sousuke was inside inspecting lol with this round bubble blowing ring radar thing hahah then he kinda used his knife and stabbed the light bulb stuff on the ceiling and triggered the fire alarm + sprinkler [I dunno wat you call that lol] It's funny anyways lol. Hmm, a group of baddies were analyzing the battle place where Sousuke and company fought in Ep1 and stuff. Back in school, Kaname was questioning about Sousuke's actions lol and Kazuma kinda told her about it instead.

Hm, back to the Ep1's baddie lol, he got killed by the this Ep's baddie. WHOA NICE BATTLE SCENES! Lots of stabbing! Killing! Blood! Whoa, one of the twin sisters [The short hair one] was so cool! LoL. Back to school, Kaname was like WHAT THE! about the BBS website. LoL. Then Sousuke kinda had a clue on catching the culprit and then started on the tracing and got this guy at the next class lol. Back to the cool battle scene lol haha that blonde baddie is sooo ... evil LOL and so freaky and so ... hahaha funny. [See screenshot 4] Then one of the twin sisters called that blondie baddie baka ... switch scene to Kaname and Sousuke chasing after the stalker guy lol, then stalker guy was like, don't come any closer! If not i'll reveal the picture of Kaname digging her nose picture to everyone!! LOLLLLL!!!!

Hahhaha, quite funny. Then Sousuke activated his big radar thingy again ahaha and 'destoryed' all eh computer-related stuff? That includes handphones too yeah hahaha, then back to the twins, the blonde baddie was like twisting and turned his gun at the short-haired twin's mouth till it bled ... then he got bored and left cos her face never changed at all like she wasn't afraid at all. Later her handphone rang and her Onee-chan answered the phone ... and talked to this guy lol, whom i know from spoilers is Tessa's brother =) hahahaha. Then back to the stalker guy, Sousuke was torturing the stalker guy hahaha then Kaname was asking if he was watching her at room earlier too? Then the guy was like no, Sousuke was like don't lie and wanted to ... till Kaname kicked Sousuke then stalker guy ran off lol.

So ended with Kaname wondering who is the person who was watching her in her apartment ...

Oook, only 6mins left lol, okok! What i wanna say tonight is i finally finished my exams! WHEE i can go play hard lol, but still gotta go back to school to ... consolidate our marketing proposal as a class ... sigh ...

Oh yes, i had cheese sandwiches this morning and 4 Shio Mais WHOA! So yummy!!! LoL, [Shio Mai aka 烧卖 is a kinda lump of meat? LoL I dunno if it has an english name ... bleh] I was studying the websites and eating the cheese sandwich with gusto sia lol, then i was looking at the mangas ... section and got carried away lol. I wasn't surposed to be window shopping!!!! lol. Anyways, it's a nice day. Cya 3mins more lol.

Oh yes, i downloaded Pani Poni Dash Ep2/3 today, so i'm probably going to watch it tomorrow whee then tonight i'll watch FMP - TSR Ep5 and Ep6 ... so that i can download Gundam Seed Destiny Ep47 and Naruto Ep151 ... whee.

Oh yes, i'm going to blog Pani Poni Dash! So yeah, wait for it! AHHH 1min more! CYA.

[Signing off @ 10:59 PM]

PS: Whee.

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