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Friday, September 2, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep10

[Posted 10:31 PM]
LoL, sorry i didn't post anything last night ... i was still tired ... no mood sia, so i kicked my butt just now and watched Gokujou Seitokai Ep10 ... lol it's a nice ep =) whee, here's the screenshots!

Heh Heh Heh.So Sexy~*Sput Blood*
I'll Never Wear It! Over My Dead Body!LoL. Sexy.... Kanade, Your Taste In Swimsuit Sucks.

Swimsuit EP! LoL. It's the summer season ... aka pool season lol, so Nanaho was worried about guys + girls in school making trouble ... cos of Kanade haha, and Nanaho's worried of guys staring at the girls in swimsuits. Then Kuon was like 'I Don't Mind.' And then said that if Nanaho had any problem seen in a swimsuit? Hahaha, then Nanaho smacked Kuon's head. Muahaha. Cute. So Nanaho did some countermeasures to prevent the same thing that happened last year.

Then because there's too many people to protect, so they limit their targets to protecting the most popular girls in school according to a poll conducted by the Convert and so Seina was announcing the top girls ... 1st being Kanade [Duh], 2nd Kuon, 3rd Sayuri~ [=O, unexpected! lol cos she's gotta nice bodyyy 'Boin Boin~' LoL as Pucc-chan said.] LoL. 4th and 5th are teachers then 6th Seina ... then 7th and 8th i dunno who ... then 9th's Kaori LOL, then she was like 'YOSHA!' LOLLLLL.

Then Rein was like 'Where am i???!!!' LoL, out of ranking ... even the landlady's 12th lol, Nanaho and Rino tied at 18th. LoL. Later Kaori volunteered to be a decoy lol, then Seina handed her a skimmy Bikini LOL, then she's like it's too much for a pure and innocent maiden like me~ LoL Pucc-chan was like 'Yeah, right.' So Kuon suggested using a non-human decoy lol, a life-size figure of Kanade in a kinky bikini!!!!! LoL [See screenshot 3] It even talks! LOL. But the figure's in a mess lol.

The parts were falling apart, so it failed. So Kaori was saying like why don't you just cancel it ... Kanade was like ... No, she want to do it because it will be fun for everyone LOL. Later she said that she ordered a swimsuit for Rino LOL. [See screenshot 4] LOL SO .... LOL LOL. Kuon barged in and said that people are camping outside the school gate then Nanaho asked Sayuri to chase them away but the guys were like 'Wah Sayuri! So Cute!' LoL and asked Sayuri to pose and she posed LOL. [See screenshot 5]

Next day, a notice was put out, the pool practice was 'cancelled', actually it's still going on de, juz wanna bluff the outsiders lol. LOL Kaori ... was wearing the ... swimsuit on screenshot 4 LOL. Later the pool practice was held on a luxury liner LOL. Wah, then shots of the everyone in swimsuits~ LoL. [Especially Sayuri ... with big bust line LOL] LOL Lastly with Kanade in a swimsuit like Kaori's! Except it's green! LOL [See screenshot 6] LoL, nice ep, Kuon looks especially nice in the ep. =)

Hmm, ook, i need to go watch Tsubasa Chronicle Ep17 and Ep18, Naruto Ep149 and Ep150 ... although it's still downloading ... 90+% and 80+% le! Whee. Next to download is Gundam Seed Destiny Ep45~ Heh. Then download Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep6 after i have blogged Gokujou Seitokai up to Ep14. Hmm, which i will later start blogging FMP - TSR Ep2 and Ep3 ... watch Ep4 and Ep5 ... LoL. It's like i'm having holiday!!! I'm so on a 'Watching Animes' spree~ LoL. It's been a while since i watched animes le.

I bought quite a bit of mangas too! I only read finished one, which is Mythical Detective Loki #4 ... then just starting on Astro Boy #3 [END] ... I bought Zettai Kareshi #6 [END] and Love For Venus #12 [END] this afternoon and i opened it and flipped through it le ... lol ZK's ending's lame really. LoL. No feelings sia. LFV's end's ... typical, happy ending i guess. Yeah. Oh i also bought Fruits Basket #12, Ouran High Host Club #1 [NEW TITLE!] and Slam Dunk #28 on Sunday when i went to school for Integrated Presentation stuffy.

Sigh, woo i downloaded this uh, MV titled 'Endless Story' of Yuna Ito, the lady playing as Reira of NANA in NANA The Movie ... I like her voice~ Woooo, so nice, i kept replaying it in my Winamp LOL. She's quite pretty too. NANA's played by Mika Nakashima, the one who sung Gundam Seed's last ending 'Find The Way' and Hachi's played by a kawaii girl called Aoi Miyazaki ... man ... she's juz older than me than a year ... why is the difference so huge?! LOL LIFE IS SO FREAKING UNFAIRR! LOL. Well, she really can act out Hachi's 'Act Cute' character lol, i saw the trailer of NANA then saw this scene of Hachi and Nana first meeting on the train lol boy, she really brings out Hachi ... lol.

Mika's not bad also la, she looks pretty cool in that dark black heavy make up ... rocker punk image ... lol i'll look like a laughing stock lol. Whoa, it's 11pm soon, oh yea, i missed Scrapped Princess Ep1 + Peacemaker Kurogane Ep4 on Wednesday~~~ NOOO, cos i fell asleep while waiting!!! Damnz ... Sigh. Anyways yeah cya...

Song of Da Day:
NANA The Movie - Endless Story by Yuna Ito

[Signing off @ 10:57 PM]

PS: Animes~ Animes~

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