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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 6

[Posted @ 10:08 PM]
... actually i wanted to blog last night lol, but i was kinda tired cos i updated both TCZomic and stefanie_yz ... and especially after scanning 45 covers, my fingers and right hand are damn tired ... lol. Oh, i'm blogging Pani Poni Dash! tomorrow, so stay tune! Lol, ok on with the screenshots of Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep6!

Tessa.LoL Lion King Sousuke!You Forgot To Zip Up.

Ep started with Kaname doing the test stuff ... yeah she got worried cos Sousuke's late but he came afterall. Scene changed to Sydney, a few guys are interrogating Vincent Blueno kinda forcing him to admit to his crimes ... and of course with some torture, he spoke lol, he said the person who gave him money was someone from Amalgam ... and blah. Then blah blah, then Tessa had a talk with some CEO [I really dunno his name!!! LOL] ... uh talk about Kaname ... saying the of the Whispereds, she is no longer important. [Meaning no need protection lorz] Tessa then brought up Sousuke's name then the guy said, he's a important officer ... for him to probably do 'big' stuff. Tessa got nothing to say to that and agreed.

While Sousuke, Kaname, Kyouko were walking home, Kyouko noticed that Sousuke's hair is getting long, so she suggested he going to the salon to get his hair cut lol and he actually agreed. [Probably cos of what Mao said to him in the earlier Ep ... about his future and stuff about him looking more like a high school student? Haha] Then when Sousuke sat on the salon seat ... he got worried and paranoid ... but he managed to keep in control until the barber used the scissors to cut his hair LOL. Then he went nutty again aha and was pointing his gun at everyone ... as usual Kaname whacked his head and they got kicked out of the salon lol. Back to Tessa and Mao, they were sitting this plane ... Mao said that it's a good change for him. [Sousuke]

Tessa was like, it's her fault and looked unhappy. Hahaha, while walking home with Sousuke, Kaname was like rambling about his bad habits haha. Sousuke was like, enemy is always here and attack Kaname and the most important thing is to protect Kaname. [Aww.. so sweet heh] But Sousuke can't help but agree that he can't seem to adapt anyways. Kaname then suggested Sousuke going to her place and she'll cut his hair. Then we got a 3-4mins of Kaname cutting Sousuke's hair and talking and stuff. [It's pretty nice, and sweet =)] Then got one scene, Kaname said that she only trust Sousuke ... yeah, so nice =) whee. LoL. Another scene when Sousuke fell asleep while Kaname was cutting his hair then Kaname was like looking at Sousuke's lips ... blushed ...

And she shook her head and dumped Sousuke's head down to wash LOL. HAHAHA that was funny lol. Next, we see the twins ... uh seducing the dumb ugly soldiers, killed them [YEAH! Cool scenes!] and left with a Codarl. LoL Blondie baddie's angry hahahaha that angry scene was LOL priceless hahaha he was naked and stuff hahaha. [See screenshot 5] Scene back to Kaname's place, Kaname made some dinner for Sousuke ... and Kaname asked if Sousuke had some safe weapons so that she could use it to probably protect herself. Then ... we got this nice scene where they said their goodbyes ... their relationship was kinda getting somewhere lol. Back in Sousuke's place, he opened his lappy and got this email ... ordering that he was to withdraw from his place.

Wraith will take over the guard of Chidori Kaname and any contact with Chidori Kaname is forbidden. Sousuke was so damn pissed [REALLY PISSED] that he smashed the lappy. [Ouch] ... Aw i feel kinda sad, just when their relationship before was getting so good and nice ... especially the hair cutting scene. Sigh. LoL.

Ook, i've been bottling this for two days lol, well almost, yeah this happened on Sunday, the day i where i went to Raffles City to meet up with JM from yanziunlimited for payment ... i sat da darn 171 there ... and guess what? The bus broke down!!! WHOA, SO COOL! LOL, the bus was jerking before the bus driver said, 'Alright little people, get off the freaking bus, it's down.' LOL. Ok, i made that line up. Any MORON will sense that the bus is nutty lol. It's really jerking pretty hard before it came to a complete stop lol. Well, it's not often i get such a situation lol, the last time was when i was in secondary 1/2? Not sure about that, but i knew i was sitting on 804 when it bammed to uh ... the side of the pavement? Duno how to describe it but u know when a car turns, the side of the pavement, if you're not careful, u'll bam to the sharp side yeah that's it lol.

Then i was standing at the alighting door there lol and saw the action first hand!! I jumped quite abit duh, then the side of the door dented in LOL, it was such a freaking cool accident! LoL, of course noone was hurt ... so the bus full of people got off the bus ... sigh and i was late that day lol. But it was fun LOL, i'm nuts aint i? Ha.

Ok, after meeting JM ... i sat 171 back home again, it was supposed to be happy trip but BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT! LoL, it took me 1hr and 45mins to get home! When it's supposed to take only 1hr and 15mins ... there was a traffic jam ... for 30mins ... i almost puked manz, lol it was really a horrible day ... bleh. Really. Although the breaking down of the bus was cool lol. Oh then i played chess on my cellphone lol. I lost duh. I'm never good at chess and it was set to easy mode somemore! LoL. Oooh yeah, i remember a Sec/JC girl who sat beside me, she looked like YanZi's sister sia LOL. Maybe cos i was dizzy from the bus ride or what i dunno wat ... but she looked like her. LOL. I dunno if she's sec/JC student or what ... YanZi's sister is like a University student le ... and she was reading Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events heh. Yeah that's all i guess then i went home slept like a log cos i was really feeling the dizziness ...

Ok, i gotta go watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep48 ... it's ending at Ep50 ... and Kids Central's airing it next sunday whee! LoL, heard that it's duel sound ... uh any subtitles? No? THEN WHAT THE HELL IS THE DUEL SOUND FOR?! LOL. I dunno la ... wait till then ba. Sigh 1.10GB left ... i still gotta go school tomorrow to rehearse for ... presentation ... LOL ... i kinda regret for doing such a good job on the EM part bleh. I should had acted stupid LOL. Ahhh, i sound so selfish here ... i hate to go to school and especially present again ... bleh *Slap own face* ... sigh

Ohh, long post. cya then. I dunno wat to expect. OH YES, i downloaded TRC OST2!!!!!! SO FREAKING GREAT!!! WHOA I LOVE KAJIURA YUKI!!! LOL! Must download! Or buy, watever.

[Signing off 10:39 PM]


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