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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep11

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Hm to blog or not to blog. Muahaha. We had prawn mee for lunch and dinner today~ But it's not prepared by mummy so it doesn't taste that good but ... acceptable ba ... LOL!!!!!!!! [Aunt's gonna kill me if she sees this LOL] Aiya, it's nice la lol XP.
Anyways here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep11 screenshots~

Fufufu ...Fufufufu ...~We're Outcasts.
Nippon!Pole Dance??!

The Seitokai got news that the school's entire futsal team is down with a cold. [Futsal is actually a spanish word, fut=football sal=sala=indoor, overall the meaning's indoor football. Then the team's supposed to be having a match the next day with their rival, Kenran High School. LoL as they were talking about them, the student council president barged in the meeting room and talked alot of crap la. LoL. That is till Kanade came in and ... kinda chased them away with her 'silent glare' LOL. Kanade was actually a little pissed, i saw her eyebrow twitch sia lol.

Uh, correct that, Kanade is not only a little pissed but VERY PISSED LOL! Cos the Kenren people said that if they lost the match, Kanade will become an arrogant and snobbish woman LOL!!! She was like sniggering like a evil witch LOL the whole time while Nanaho was saying that they must win the match! LoL. Hahaha, so they started practicing. LOLLL!!! Damn funny. They can't play football for nuts except for Kaori, the rest are hopeless LOL. Then they wanted to use their school's sports player instead but then Kanade got a call from the Convert ... and said that the Kenren High is sending out their council members too.

LOL then they were laughing and mocking very loudly through the phone LOL, Kanade's expression was priceless!!! LOL No change at all ... LoL Nanaho was like sweat drop then the rest of the Seitokai got fired up and tried a little harder LOL till they got tired. Then they were saying that they need a coach~ LoL, then a super sensei, Itami Yukimi came to the rescue. LoL. [I think the producers of Gokujou Seitokai watched too much Shaolin Soccer LOL, the appearance of Yukimi-sensei's so freaking familiar LOL] So the match finally started ... lol. After 12hrs of training. LoL. LOL to my surprise, Yukimi-sensei's really not a former national memeber of women's soccer LOL.

Hmm, i think the 'referee' had a pact with the Kenran High and kinda ... bribed the guy la ... haha so Nanaho was sent out [Red card!] LoL. Then Kaori ... cos he doesn't like her smart ass face LOLLLLL! Then Sayuri cos he doesn't like glasses girl LOLLLL. Nanaho was like don't worry, they can put players back lol, but the referee said no, and why? Cos he feels like it LOL. Then they were left with 2 players ... Rein and Cindy LoL. Then second half, changed to Rino and Mayura lol. LOL Then the Kenran High changed to some super power ... woman who doesn't look human lol. Whoa, one kick from her and Mayura's injured sia. Poor thing.

Then left with Rino. Whoa then the landlady went in and play LOL! Some kiddy song was played as the background music LoL. WHOA SHE'S ACTUALLY A POWER KICKER!!! LOL. A Japan player also lol. 100-26 somemore. LoL but actually she's one of the Convert people ... Kutsugi Kotoha, disguised as the landlady. =) LoL. LoL later the ep ended with another team, the lacrosse club people coming down with summer cold LoL, so ... the opponent's Kenran High school again LOL. Then they were like ... NoooOoOoooOoo Help us Japan!!!! LOL.

Ahhhh, i watch 3 animes this afternoon, Gokujou Seitokai Ep12, Naruto Ep150 and Tsubasa Chronicle Ep17. Heh. I pretty full now, lazy to type actually lol. I'm reading some scans online also ... whee ... this shoujo-ai title, Cotton? It's so cute lol, abt this 23yr old lady and 16yr old high school girl. Ha. Also ... i read Mai-Otome Chapter 4 scans LOL!!!! GOD, why the hell is there a BOOB attack?! LoL. God it's soooo unoriginal LOL. Hahahahaa i was laughing like hell sia. lol.

Oh by the way, i'm drinking Coca Cola Light right now LOLLLLL!!! Muahahahaha. Oh yes, i downloaded some yaoi scans a week ago ... i think i mentioned it b4 LOL, it's called Flower Virgin Soil, wah i see the title, i was thinking, must be damn kinky lol the art also not bad, compared to some other yaoi titles, i find this is probably the best, closest to my taste ba. Oh yes, i read Deep Love also ... Chapter 8 [END] over the net, manz, as expected ... a sad ending. Sigh. So touching, i cried when i was reading the scans ... when Ayu died. Sigh, so .... touching and her dog also i think died along with her ... cos it had no value in life le ... so touching sob sob.

Hmmmmm, oh there's this shounen-ai title, the art also quite nice, titled Imitation Lovers ... yeah it's quite sweet and nice =) The art's not bad also. Quite pleasant to my eyes. Wah i really did nothing much today. OH YEAH! I did some IQ Quiz LOL, my aunt, my bro and i were comparing our IQs lol. We did some IQ quiz over at emode.com yeah then i got 103 then another 111 for the classic IQ quiz. Wah i'm pretty stupid huh. LoL.

Oh i'm over at animewaves' website ... they just released Mai Hime Chapter 6 scans lol then i see Natsuki on #2 cover wahhhh ... the more i see the more ... appealing LOL. That pose is so seducing. XP. I'm acting so Shizuru-like ... [Moi Idol!] LoL. Wooohooo ChuangYi got a new english title again! 'Vampire Knights' WAHHHHHH VAMPIRES~~~ WOOO LOL, I wanna blood sucking!!! I like vampires sucking blood from the neck, i find it pretty sexy. I think i'm a little sick on the head lol. Oh right now i'm finding info of the mangaka ... Matsuri Hino, the art seems pretty cool and nice. HEHEHE. LoL. That look so evil lol. Oh she did around 3-4 titles ba ... the probably most popular's MeruPuri? LoL. Never heard of it. Ah, i still gotta LONG way to go. *Sparking* *Scene zooms out in the deep blue sea* ?! LoL.

I think i'm going nuts. Oh yeah i finished reading Love For Venus #12 [END] ... Whee? LoL. I'm starting on Ouran High Host Club #1 LOL, it's pretty funny lol Tamaki especially, his expressions are so ... funny lol. Ah i was just browsing through Amazon and realized that there're so many english titles ... sigh i wish i got a million bucks! I could BUY THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLL! ROAR! LoL. Now i remembered why i find ROAR so familiar when socky kept typing it weeks ago. Cos i was scanning through Gokujou Seitokai Ep13 LOL, Nanaho was making this 'Roar' tiger roar voice when she's angry hahahaa. So i find it so amusing. AHHH, it's 9:53 PM! Time for The Apprentice at 10 PM!!! CYA!

[Signing off @ 9:55 PM]

PS: LALALALALALALALALALALALALA I'm NUTS~ Oh yeah i wanna add on LOL whenever i listen to Tsubasa Chronicle, Kajiura Yuki's 'Guess How Much I Love You' track, the starting i will wait for 2-3 seconds before i go 'HI ALL Have You Ever Wonder What Is The Fastest And Easist Way To Pay Your Bills? Love Online Shopping ... and blah' LOL!!!! COS I LISTENING TO THE FREAKING SONG so many times till i could memorize SIA!!!! LoL!!!!! Actually that track was used as the background music of our Integrated Presentation's Marketing Communication Strategy, Radio Advertisement on campus. LoL. So funny, ahhhh .... *Still giggling*

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