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Monday, November 28, 2005

[Manga] The Celestial Zone II #35

[Posted @ 9:48 PM]
[Stares at IB Tutorial 7 & 8 for tomorrow ...] Why is this sem's modules so full of readings? I mean for the past sems, i never had read my notes till study week and exam weeks lol. God, i have to read LAM notes during LAM tutorials, but the good old me read before tutorials lol [I'm a good girl sometimes] so LAM tutorial at 9am is like silent reading for primary school kids lol. I like reading but this is getting wayyyy too ridiculous lol. Ok back to IB, i'm lazy to read but i'll read it anyways, it juz depends wat time i will touch it lol. I printed it today and got a shock, 6 freaking pages! Two sided! LoL, i mean tutorials are never this long for me. Hey, this opening is getting a little long, let's jump into today's main dish, The Celestial Zone II #35 cos i'm lazy to do others.

The Celestial Zone II #35.

Basically, cos the TCZ forum is hot on the topic of 'Cos Ziyan sacrificed her looks to save Wang Chan so she deserved Wang Chan more than Chi Xue or Xing Ling and blah' I juz wanna tok more here. [I mean, noone will read here, i'm such a lonely person. LoL] Ahh, finally TCZ II got some relationship thingy going on lol, i like the action but i like the romance too heh. Let's see, we have love vibes coming from Xue Wu and Red Phoenix, yay i'm kinda happy for them ha.

I'm truly shock when i got hints from pg16-19 in TCZ II #35 that Chi Xue might be in love with Wang Chan and vice versa. I mean, am i so dense?! LOL. I never got that 'feeling' when i read 'Adventures of Chi Xue' god, i even read that 3 times but i never got the hint? AHHHH. I must be getting old!!! LoL. TCZ II #35 also ended at a cliffhanger. Wang Chan vs Dancing Butterfly and Tian Mo vs Bai Bing. [I prefer Bai Bing than using White Frost] 5 more volumes to go, who will Wang Chan choose? Or will he choose noone and be a monk instead?! [LOL i posted tat on the TCZ forum XP] Stay tune for more next time ha. Or juz go to TCZ forum and debate with us about the zy X cx X xl X wc thingy lol. It's getting fun =D.

Going back to IB, i'm lazy. Tomorrow still need to present IB Culture tutorial ... sianz. I hope everything turns out well. Yeah, i guess. [Gets out IB tutorial again] AHHHHHHHH. [Throws on the ground]

[Signing off @ 10:20 PM]

PS: Off to do BB peer assessment lol. Sianz.

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