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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep12

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Dun wanna tok more, on with Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep12 screenshots.

Yufan.=O~Kawaii Chibi Sousuke.
Tessa.Chidori's Dead?!Gaulun's Dead Expression.

Continued from Ep11 ... Sousuke saw the message on the newspaper, 'To the child of Bdakshon's tiger, meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui.' Obviously the message is for Sousuke. Then blah blah, the situation between North and South China gets bad to worse and if it's not settled by 6am, Hong Kong will get it lol. Scene change to Gates lol doing a drama casting himself as Yulan in a call to Yufan. LoL Gates's never never fails to amuse me lol. Scene to the office of the Hunter guy from before, talking to himself before someone knocked the door and said someone wanted to see Hunter. Then we hear Kaname's voice saying she wanna see Hunter. Sousuke went to the place as stated in the message, got a scolding from the old man there and took a map from him.

The map leaded him to this park, Sousuke sat one the benches. Suddenly there was this vibrating sound ... coming from the dustbin beside him. Sousuke retreived a handphone from there and answered it. The voice of Yufan telling Sousuke to get on a taxi she had prepared for him. In the taxi, Sousuke tried to get the driver to say something but failed lol. When Sousuke got off the taxi, Yufan was there hiding in a dark corner telling Sousuke to go to the second floor of the building in front of him as 'He' was waiting for him. Sousuke got out his gun, went into the room and saw Gaulun alive and kicking on a bed LOL. [SHOCKU!] Sousuke couldn't believe it ... he thought he had killed him. LoL. Gaulun began to taunt Souske with his nutty words lol.

Then blah blah, Gaulun's the one who pasted the message around the papers ... and then Gaulun told Sousuke the organization he was working for, Amalgam. Their objective is to research and develop new military technologies and test them in combat and they will go as far as to causing wars just to test it. Sousuke asked Gaulun if the happenings in Hong Kong is Amalgam's doing too? Gaulun said it's his and Amalgam's looking high and low for them. Suddenly Yufan arrived outside the building in Venom, called Gaulun ... Sensei, said Goodbye and left. Gaulun then said he raised the twins, Yufan and Yulan and the destruction around here was caused by them on Gaulun's acting orders ...

Gaulun added that Yufan will probably died under the hands of either Mithril or Amalgam's Execution Squad. Amalgam's Execution Squad's strong and even Sousuke's comrades might not win against them said Gaulun. Scene change to Yufan in vemon attacking the Mithril people and stuff. Then at the same time, Amalgam people [Gates's the leader of the Amalgam Execution Squad] were also hunting her down. Sousuke began booming Gaulun with questions regarding 'Whispered's and said that if Amalgam had already got a 'Whispered' why would they attack Kaname?! Scene in the background, Leonard as the Amalgam's 'Whispered'. [Ohh so both Tessa and Leon are 'Whispered' ... runs in the family huh]

Gaulun simply replied that cos Leonard's not complete, different 'Whispered's got different knowledge/abilities. Sousuke got agitated and demanded Gaulun to tell him Amalgam's base and stuff. Gaulun was like i'm bored of this subject. Sousuke ... left with no choice, begged Gaulun to tell him. Gaulun's disappointed at Sousuke and wondered if this is the Kashim he knew ... and flashed back to five years ago where he first saw Sousuke and complimented Sousuke's 'pure, innocent, beautiful, saintly' eyes, that gives out no weaknesses and stuff. Gaulun then turned the subject around and said but now, what the hell happened to your face. LOL. [Gaulun's expression's so priceless when he mocked Sousuke LOL!]

Scene change to TDD HQ, Tessa ordered the use of Arbalest as a decoy to ensure the safety of everyone and besides Sousuke hasn't come back yet ... Vice-captain, Richard Mardukas ain't happy about Tessa worrying for Sousuke who had abandoned his mission and they had a little quarrel lol. [You go girl~] Tessa won the quarrel lol, that scene was really cool, Tessa's all grown up now ... [Sniffs] LOL. Tessa even admitted her love for Sousuke in front of everyone! LOL! Meanwhile Kurz was commenting whether if the communication line was opened on purpose so that everyone could hear it or what? LoL. Everyone really pumped up of not disappointing their 'hime-sama' [Princess] and on with their mission.

Scene change to Gaulun taunting and insulting Sousuke and his comrades ... and how Sousuke's becoming a 'human'. Sousuke fired a shot at the pillow Gaulun's lying on. Gaulun added that he's dying and he wants to drag people with him ... So he ordered Yufan to send Hong Kong into a Sea of Fire and Yulan to kill Kaname. Sousuke got so pissed off that he shot Gaulun. [The tension of Gaulun taunting Souske with Kaname's death is pretty cool!!!] Then a ticking sound was heard, i supposed a bomb was set if Sousuke should kill Gaulun. LoL, that's so Gaulun-like. Sousuke jumped out of the window in the nick of time when the bomb exploded. -End-

Art: 8/10 [The same as always]
Story: 8/10 [Really great Ep! I like this Ep best aha LoL I really like how Gaulun taunted Sousuke and the story began to unfold! Whee!]
Characters: 8/10 [All hail to Tessa!]
Overall: 8/10

I'm busy reading Bleach lol, no time, so i'm making this a fast post. Heh. I'm finishing FMP - TSR tomorrow, yeah posting last Ep tomorrow yep. So cya.

[Signing off @ 11:12 PM]

PS: Bleach Bleach Bleach~ Ichigo's so damn cool~ LoL.

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