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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blood+ Ep2

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... Sorry i promised to blog Blood+ Ep2 last night but it slipped my mind lol, i was happily reading fanfics ... sleeping at 9pm hahaha then woke up at exactly 11pm to watch Godannar ... haha. Here's Blood+ Ep2 screenshots!

Red Eyes!She's Not Dead Yet Right?Evillll.
I'm Not Putting Up With You Anymore.=OKai.

Ok, the evil in Saya awoke lol and fought the bat beast ... slicing it into half. [SO FREAKING COOL LOL The blood gushing out like water fountain. LOL Then the lifeless bat beast upper part twitching and stuff LOL So bloooody wicked!] After killing the bat beast, Saya fainted from shock. Hagi carried Saya, grabbed Kai and took off lol when the military people came. Hagi left them on the roof of some building and took off again lol by himself. Kai bought Saya to a hospital. Saya's dad, George came to visit. Kai tried to explain but George juz patted him on the head and asked him to go home and get some sleep. Kai's pissed cos he can't do anything to help. Back home, it's morning already, Kai switched on the TV and heard abt the news regarding his school. Then blah blah, the military's hiding the fact abt the beast and blaming on some guy killing the teacher.

Saya awoke and couldn't remember what happened. David appeared at the hospital and wanted to talk to George. Scene change to Kai and his girlfriend, Mao. Mao's trying to get Kai to go shopping and stuff with her. Mao got pissed when Kai refused and blah blah abt Kai not being the Kai she fell in love with lol. Kai got up and agreed, lol i think was enlighted, thanked Mao, rode his bike and went off. David told George about the monster and stuff, the posibility of Saya recovering her memories back and asked George to return Saya back to them in case she turn into some killing machine. Back in the hospital room, Saya had her fill, got up and changed into casual wear and was looking into the mirror when she was suddenly reminded of the scenes where she killed the bat beast and her hands stained with blood.

Saya walked down the stairs and out the room ... and overheard David and George talking. George said he wanted to bring Saya happiness and stuff and David juz said that Saya's the only weapon in the world designed to fight them ... and that's all. David continued to say Saya is meant for fighting and fighting and fighting ... George, leaving with no choice, agreed to discuss it with Saya. David saying that there's no time and left. George heard a noise ... ran to Saya's room and found her gone. Kai seemed to know where Saya will go ... Scene change to Saya sitting on the sand in the beach. Hagi appeared, playing his bass violin. Saya got up and asked Hagi if he knew who she really is. Hagi replied, only if she's prepared to go down that path once again. Kai arrived in his bike and called for Saya. Kai saw Hagi, got pissed and tried to punched him.

But failed. Hagi's pretty strong. Saya yelled for Hagi to stop. Hagi said ... if that's what you want ... and disappeared. LOL. Saya's confused and Kai told Saya that he will always be there for her, Riku and George will be there too, cos they're family. Saya and Kai returned home ... and a feast was waiting for them. Suddenly there was a call, George answered it ... and there's some barking sound + some growling beasty sounds in the background lol. Scene change to some guy in this public phone booth ... i think he's turning into a beast then a dog's barking at him ... scene ended with the guy reaching out for the dog and blood splatting the glasses of the public phone booth. [Poor dog got eaten.]

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Oohh More Monsters PLZ! LoL. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!]
Characters: 7/10 [Kai's a pretty good kid]
Overall: 7/10

Hm, a pretty short review, lol i already warned you hahaha, i wanna put more effort in Mai Otome! YAY LoL. Ahhh i downloaded Doremi's version ... i couldn't stand it hahaha ... so in my folders are Mai Otome Ep1/2/3/4/5 ... yeah i only reviewed Ep1 ... haven't start on Ep2 yet sigh ... not tonight, i juz typed out Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep11 and Ep12's summaries ... so feeling a little tired.

I'll probably start on Mai Otome Ep2 tomorrow ... or dunno if i can finish my tutorials ... sigh and probably Blood+ Ep3? ... Hmmm see ba, i might juz sleep through the afternoon and wake up at 4pm to watch D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload LOL. Ah i dunno, probably watch Pani Poni Dash! later ha depends anyways i'm tired i wanna go watch TV cya.

Song of the Day:
Do The A-Side - Yesterday & Today by Do As Infinity

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PS: Woot, long time no song of the day, so there it is.

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