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Friday, August 15, 2008

[ONA] Candy☆Boy EX Ep1

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Went to EKKA this morning/afternoon ... well it was fun, a good experience but not worth the AUD$16 lol. Blah, I'm just stingy XD. However, I took alot of photos of the farm animals there.

Candy☆Boy EX Ep1

Seducing their younger sister lol.
Nanda nya~o

Hmmm, it seems like Candy☆Boy has another theme song? Bring up ... LOVE by nayuta. Well all I can say this song will take a while to seep in ... lol.

Candy☆Boy EX Ep1

The Mandarin sub is not out yet ... I update a summary until then.

Meanwhile, watch the RAW, it's relatively easy to understand, basically it's a flashback episode where Kanade and Yukino first came to Tokyo. It seemed like Kanade wasn't happy with her dorm room lol and practically zoned out while Yukino unpacked their belongings. Yukino tried to cheer Kanade up by buying her ice-cream but Kanade's still gloomy about their room lol. In the end, Kanade was touched when Yukino told her that as long as she's with Kana-chan, she's fine with it. The episode ended with Yukino managing to get Kanade to agree to sleep together on the same bed lol.

Yukino: 'Ne, Kana-chan.'
Kanade: 'What?'
Yukino: 'Let's sleep together, Kana-chan, this way, it'll be alot warmer, surely.'
Kanade: 'Wha-? Uumm.'
Yukino: 'Ka-na-chan~.'
Kanade: 'Maa, mou, can't help it then.'
Yukino: 'Yay! Yatta!'
Yukino: 'Kana-chan, daisuki~! [I like you~!]'
Kanade: 'Yes, I know, I know.'
Yukino: 'Ehh? You don't feel that way too, Kana-chan?'
Kanade: 'Uh, su-ki desu [I like it].'


Random rants;

EKKA 2008.

I'm really really tired, walking for like 2-3 hours before having a vegetables-filled lunch I prepared last night lol. It's a great day to walk around, getting into the excitable spirit and the rides at the theme park section looks really scary and fun XD.

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  1. Yay for Candy☆Boy <3

    If I might ask, where can one locate the RAW^^?

  2. I've watched the ONA and 2 episodes of Candy☆Boy and it was soooo sweet that I almost became diabetic. Its a must catch for fans of shoujo-ai. (:

    andy, Veoh has the raws and english subs.

  3. Thank you for the tip^^; but, urm... I already have the first two and the ONA, I was just asking about the third one specifically (which isn't on Veoh, Youtube, or Yahoo videos)
    Sorry for not being clear :x

  4. Hey, andy, you can search it again on youtube as Candy Boy EX01 or so. I personaly got it from ISOhunt under the same name I mentioned earlier. Hope you find it. Cheers!

  5. Thank you muchly, Calina^_^ Cheers to you as well :3

    Can't wait for it to finish downloading >U<

  6. This is sooo wrong -_- they're sisters , gotta stop watching this people "me included" lol

  7. Please visit when leaving. ^^;

  8. Ehh didn't know that there was something like that out there -runs to grabb it- But still I'll say that pic was of a penguin instead! Hai that kitty, Kano here

  9. thx for the heads up! candy boy was one of the few anime series that ive watched a raw episode until the subbed version came out. buut ill probably hold off on this, my japanese hasnt been getting any better lately meh

  10. tweakanime got the subs out.

  11. Hey, Jo, thanks a lot! Cheers!