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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Honey Crush Chapter 3

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o_o, Chapter 3 of Honey Crush has been sitting in my folder since ... February lol.

Yuri Hime S Volume 3 Cover.


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Honey Crush C3 1. Honey Crush C3 2.

Continuing from the previous chapter, Madoka had 'rejected' Kyouko, leaving her 'heart-broken'. However, it doesn't stop Mitsu from continuing to pursue Madoka and think of plans to break Madoka and her boyfriend up [Serious I forgot her boyfriend's name already lol, is it Yamada-kun? LOL]. Anyways, Kyouko advised Mitsu to give it up while Mitsu protested, saying the reason Kyouko stated that was because Madoka dumped her lol. Kyouko replied that the percentage of a relationship between Madoka and Mitsu was even slimmer than hers lol.

Kyouko then asked why Mitsu fell in love with Madoka. Mitsu answered that it's because they were matchmade by a stinkbug lol. Mitsu recalled that a stinkbug fell on her shoulder one fine day and she can't get it off her clothing. While Mitsu was pleading for help, the people around her were like going 'Ewww, a stinkbug!! Too smelly for me!' lol.

Honey Crush C3 3. Honey Crush C3 4.

Along came Madoka who picked up the stinkbug off Mitsu's shirt and said that she got the scarab beetle off instead of calling it a stinkbug. Mitsu was mesmerised by Madoka's smile and cuteness thus fell in love with her. Mitsu added that by Madoka's mistake of a stinkbug for scarab beetle left a deep impression in her mind and increase her cuteness lol.

Kyouko then had a flashback of her and Madoka when they were younger. When Madoka pointed at the stinkbug and asked her what it was, Kyouko had replied that it's a scarab beetle LOL. Come to think of it, Kyouko was the one who said and told Madoka that a stinkbug's a scarab beetle ... o_o. - END of Chapter 3 -

A really fast chapter, mere four pages, wth. Anyways, all I can say that it seems to be moving to Mitsu x Kyouko ... XD.

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... reading IMC textbook ... sleepy. I'm actually studying ... o_o

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  1. u should join a scanslation team or something. dynasty-scans is lookin for translators, and like 70% of their projects yuri-goodness

  2. to tsuyo_puyo, haha ... o_o