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Saturday, May 31, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep8

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Touched by Takeru's confession, Ruka accepted him.

Last Friends Ep8

The end.

LoL, nah, just joking. Btw, that's from Michiru's viewpoint at that point of time but talking back in present tense, she realised that she had misunderstood the scene.

Well, recapturing from the previous episode, Ruka overheard Michiru-Takeru confession and left soon after, meanwhile Sousuke managed to save the little boy duh but was ... well not so slightly yet not so badly injured? [lol] I have no idea what injuries a human could have except death in a train accident, but anyways he got some bandages around his head and a cast on his leg. Back to Ruka, she was out with a house agent and was looking around a house the agent had picked out for her. Ruka then revealed that she's only intending to say for half a year before going abroad [Oh nos!].

Last Friends Ep8

As for Michiru, she's making a bento for herself and Takeru and seemed like she's working as an assistant with Takeru again. Eri was mildly surprised and confused between the 'close' relationship between Michiru and Takeru [She's still hurt over the harsh rejection in Episode 5 lol and besides she had assumed that Takeru's gay]. During work, the atmosphere between Michiru and Takeru was ... awkward and to my surprise, Michiru told Takeru not to mind what she said about liking him, just that she felt like supporting him if he has any troubles. Takeru smiled and thanked Michiru after that.

The gang were having Okonomiyaki for dinner that night and were happy for Michiru who was suiting well in the job. Ruka commented that if Michiru has any troubles regardless in job or anything, she can always go to Takeru [Ruka's kinda putting ideas into Michiru to go to Takeru since she's planning to leave them soon]. Eri then mentioned about asking Ruka's coach to have dinner with them and stuff but got shrugged off by Ruka since they're not really going out or what haha. While they were chatting, someone rang the door and when Eri went to open the door, a kid sent by Sousuke was standing outside with a letter to Michiru. [o_o don't tell me Sousuke leads an army of kids at his every whim and demand!?? Feels like child labour to have a kid send letters in the evening!!! LoL]

Ruka came over and opened the letter when she found out that it's from Sousuke who wrote about him staying at a hospital and wanted to see her. Ruka told Eri not to let Michiru see the letter. The next day, Sousuke had a visitor in the hospital and to his surprise, it's not Michiru but Eri. At first Eri went in with the intention to be sarcastic but was mildly touched by Sousuke's declarations of 'love' for Michiru towards the end when Sousuke had wrote a pile of letters to Michiru. LoL, I like the scene where Sousuke said that Eri will help deliver the letters on his behalf because she's kind, Eri was kinda stunned for a moment lol. [Can't really blame Eri, since she's a romantic at heart ... haha]

Meanwhile, Ruka told her counselor that she's planning to move out of the sharehouse and live on her own before going abroad to probably have an operation *gasps*! The counselor advised her not to make rash decisions and questioned her. Ruka replied that she's ... in agony, that she wanted to scream out loud but if she cracks now, probably everything will be shattered. The counselor begged to difer and said that not everything will be shattered and probably there will be someone who understands her and then she won't be rushing to move out. In the end, Eri brought all the letters from Sousuke home and was readin them when Ogura came in her room asking if they should go on an Onsen trip. Eri then got Ogura jealous by saying that letters were love letters and told him that she saw him and his wife together and was fed up when Ogura made excuses.

The boy came to the hospital to rub salt in Sousuke's wounds again when he innocently mentioned that Sousuke looked lonely so he was staying with him LOL. As for Michiru, she was in the bookstore looking for some cooking books when she saw the senpai who bullied her while she's working in the hair salon scurring away after noticing her. Michiru then noticed that the senpai had been reading books regarding domestic violence [DV]! Eri and Ogura were planning about the Onsen trip and wanted to search for places via Ruka's laptop. Eri then saw the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery webpage Ruka was looking a while ago but quickly made an excuse of not knowing how to operate the laptop and accidentally knocked down a book. Later, Eri told Takeru what she saw, Takeru shrugged and said he doesn't think Ruka's the sort. Eri thought for a moment probably concluded that it's some mistake since Ruka's going out the her coach.

Eri then questioned Takeru's orientation and his feelings towards Michiru. Takeru insisted that they're friends. Eri then confessed that she was shocked as a woman when Takeru rejected her and was slightly relieved when Takeru said that it's not that. Anyways, in the end, the two of them managed to clear up any awkwardness. [This scene is quite interesting, usually we see Takeru with Ruka or Michiru and Eri with Ruka or Ogura, so this combi is rather refreshing. It's different to see friends interact as a group and then switch to only the two of them. But we can see that Takeru's rather consistent with all of them with his easy going smiles and nature to make the situation better again.] Meanwhile, Ruka returned to her room and realized that someone had entered her room and was very nervous and scared about someone finding what page she was surfing. Ogura revealed that Eri had used Ruka's laptop and apologized when he saw Ruka's stiff posture.

Eri and Takeru returned together and Ruka still looked nervous when Eri greeted her cheerfully and seemed ... normal. While checking the post, Takeru saw a letter for Ruka and questioned her about it. Ruka told Takeru that she's moving and said that the place she's moving's nearer to her workplace and she preferred to live alone as she don't have to attentive to people's feelings. Ruka added that it's too stiffing and she can't take it anymore leaving Takeru obviously hurt and confused. The next day at work, Takeru was spaced out and later told Michiru to go home early since there's nothing for her to do anyways. Michiru was hurt by Takeru's OOC attitude and asked what happened. Takeru then told Michiru that Ruka's moving out.

Eri then asked Ruka out to burn the letters Sousuke wrote to Michiru, apparently Eri was touched by Sousuke's letters and slightly believed that there's everlasting love. Ruka called Eri stupid lol and told her that just cos a person feeling misery and went around declaring his/her love for another, it's not love at all. Ruka continued that real love is when a person suppresses his/her own feelings and pays more attention to the other party and started burning the letters. [LOL, it's kinda of pay back for Sousuke burning Michiru's yearbook hahaha] Meanwhile Sousuke tried to leave the hospital but was stopped by the nurse saying he's still in no condition to leave as yet. As the burning 'ceremony' lol, Michiru rushed back and asked Ruka if she's really moving out. When Michiru questioned her, Ruka replied that she felt that living with people's troublesome. Michiru desperately confessed that if Ruka's not with her, she can't go on and no sense of stability [That's a great line!!!].

Ruka smiled and said that there's Takeru and Eri to help her. Michiru protested that it's not alright but was interrupted when Ruka yelled that she can't take care of Michiru forever and left, leaving Michiru constipating uh I mean hurt [Seriously, lol her expression's ... felt like so LOL]. That night, Michiru noticed Takeru still spaced out and they had a nightly chat again. By then Michiru realized that Takeru likes Ruka but Takeru replied that he don't have any feelings for Ruka and both of them were left puzzled by Ruka's actions. That morning, Ruka's packing her stuff while the gang were making puppy-faces about her leaving lol and they decided to have a goodbye party in the night. Later, Michiru left work early to prepare for the goodbye party while Takeru went to Ruka's workplace and was surprised that the coach don't know Ruka's moving.

Takeru got even more confused when the coach said that Ruka's not in a slump and was great in her timing. The coach then told Takeru that probably Ruka's still affected by the weird hurtful letter that was posted a few days ago. Takeru was puzzled when the coach went on to say that Ruka always kept her feelings to herself and sometime it hurt to see her like that. The coach was shrugging and avoiding a direct answer when Takeru questioned the coach's relationship with Ruka. Anyways, Takeru then saw the crumbled letter in the dustbin and was pissed off when he read what was in it. [Waaaait a min, I thought the letter should be ... in mushy condition already since Ruka took it to the showers!?] Ruka had lied when she mentioned she's leaving the day after but actually she's leaving today and was caught by Michiru who returned to see the movers.

Michiru and Ruka then went for a walk in the park, chatted about old times and had coffee. Meanwhile, Takeru returned to the sharehouse to see Ruka's cup gone and her room bare. Takeru then read the letter Ruka had left on the table, revealing her plan to go abroad, her secret and stuff all in the letter. Touched, Takeru rushed out to stop Ruka from leaving all together. Ruka thanked Takeru for liking her and mentioned it's the first time anyone said that to her and Takeru had opened her heart when she had been pretending to be someone else to others so she don't want to lie to him. Ruka said her goodbyes to Michiru and that ... Michiru actually wanted to just shake Ruka's hand!? [I THOUGHT SHE'S GOING TO HUG HER@!!! NO!] But it's good anyways, cos when Ruka accepted the handshake, Michiru was like trying to hold on to Ruka's hand by using both her hands ... [Aw].

Whoa, I was actually ... crying when I saw Ruka slipping her hand off the grasp. After a few awkward and forced smiles, Ruka left. But not before Takeru appeared and told Ruka not to leave. Takeru was between the verge of yelling and screaming that he had saw the letter, had understood Ruka's feelings and will continue to like Ruka and support her. He added that he don't care how Ruka will change to look like, he don't want to lose her and wanted to be beside her, with that, he brisked walked, closing the distance between them and hugged her [Aww~]. -Cue OP-, lol Ruka started sobbing really hard during the hug while Michiru misunderstood the situation thinking that it's a love confession lol. At the hospital the nurse found out Sousuke had sneaked out of the room *gasps*. - End of Episode 8 -

Last Friends Ep9 Preview.

OZMG, Ep9 ... DV Sousuke strikes again ... !!!

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  1. you don't know me...but I was just wanted to thank you for the Last Friends summaries. LOL, the subs take too long for me, even if they release them just two days after.

  2. ooohw.. now I understand that last part, I thought that Ruka changed her mind and accepted Takeru's confession (I was like 'ooh maybe she's not gay after all)... haha.. misunderstood cuz I didnt watch with subs T_T

    love your summaries btw, I'm always waiting for it to clear things up ^__^

  3. yo, ya that was weird Hen dasho? when the little boy delivered the letter was kinda off... lol "and i am really laughin" .
    yays for Takeru "KANPAI, he deserves a toast" he has proved him self as the best friend ever supportin Ruka and all, Michiru ...i am startin to hate her a bit T_T....lol

    this is the last thing that i came up with:
    1- Ruka is not goin to have the sugery but is still goin to go abroad .
    2- Michiru is goin to fight with Ruka sayin that she stabed her in da back when she stole Takeru from her .
    3- the letter that Michiru was writin from the earlier episodes were for Ruka who is livin abroad .

    4- and the one who is goin to die might be Takeru "God i hope not".

    but this is what i concluded and dont laugh, ok? Takeru was defendin Ruka from Souske who by the way is the father of Michiru's baby "he might've raped her dunno" and died . "i hope its Souske who dies, fingers crossed"

    sorry for da long comment ^_^()

  4. to anon1, no problems, o_o I think the soft sub's out.

    to anon2, haha, she's probably just relieved that she can finally pour out of deepest secrets to someone she can trust. And yep, I think soft sub's out.

    to lulu-chan, nah, I like long comments =). Yeah I was thinking that probably Sousuke's the commander of a group of kids lol.

    About your predictions, I pretty much agree with you of 1, 3, 4 and the baby in Michiru being Sousuke's. It was kinda implied that Sousuke raped Michiru in Ep5 isn't it? So I'm not surprised that the baby's Sousuke.

    I don't think Michiru cared of fighting against Ruka for Takeru lol, rather I think she will be happy for her? If not, I'll be majorly pissed lol. Besides things don't look good for Takeru from the preview of Ep8 ...uuuhh but I'm kinda sure he won't die lol, it'll be ... out of the norm. But then things seemed to be out of the norm in this series so I can't for sure bet anything on this.

  5. yo me again :)
    i am thinkin that maybe you're right no one is gonna die , or maybe its the coach thats gonna die defending Ruka from Sousoke, or it could be the guy that sells coffee near the park..lol , no seriously it might be just a" cover up death" for Michiru pretendin that she's dead to protect her from Sousoke .

  6. Just wanted to thank you for the super massive detailed Last Friends summary!

    I'm really interested in this show because of it's yuri themes, but it's too painful to watch because of all the terrible things and misunderstanding and hurtful actions that take place. But I really want to know what happens... So your summaries and screencaps are perfect :D

    I'm still not happy that Ruka is written as trans, since I think this show would be fine if she was simply gay. But heck beggars can't be choosers and it really is amazing to see such themes as homosexuality and gender identity on prime-time Japanese TV. Not counting Sailor Moon S ;)

  7. really really thanks for this. i'm scared to see souske beating up takeru, i really really hope that it's not takeru who's gonna die : (

  8. to lulu-chan, o_o lol poor innocent bystanders. I do have a strong feeling Sousuke's the one though since he's the villian.

    to nomake, no problems, glad you like it. I'll advise you to watch the episodes itself, there're softsubs floating around the net and I'm sure words can't describe the emotional scenes esp in Ep8 =).

    o_o uhh as I mentioned, probably Ruka wanted to change her gender, thinking that that will solve her 'problem' of being gay. I believe it's ... just a way for her to 'run' or 'avoid' a problem. However, I don't mean that all gays who want to change their sex to be running from their problems XD.

    Well, not all people are comfortable being different, so in order to 'fit in' or 'suit in' the society, probably this was the only way she could think of. PS: She hates her body too, so it's not surprising she wants a sex change, thinking that if she did, maybe she will like her body more.

    to leftleg, yeah, me too, ... I can't wait actually lol. Looks really exciting from the previews, die no, probably seriously injured and everyone goes loose from then and there, Climax!

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