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Monday, May 19, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep6

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Holy crap! O_O!

Episode 6's left us hanging off a cliff lol, I wonder how Ruka will reply to Takeru's confession. I mean she's been wanting to reveal to him that she's ... gay and here he comes with this bombshell. Now poor Ruka have noone to reveal her secret, she might go crazy after this o_o and will this be the end of the friendship between Ruka and Takeru?

Recapturing from the previous episode, Sousuke lured Michiru back to his apartment with his suicide call, effectively straining the relationship between Ruka and Michiru. After Michiru ran off, Ruka seemingly gave up on 'holding' on to Michiru and told the others that it can't be help since Michiru willingly went back to DV guy. Michiru rushed back to Sousuke's apartment, only to see him alive and well, apparently he had 'lied' to her to yep, bait her back and she fell for it. Sousuke calmly welcomed Michiru back, threw her handphone away and burnt Michiru's high school yearbook. During the burning ritual, Sousuke declared Michiru to be his and noone will be able to break them up. Michiru went along stupidly with his declarations with no hints of ... protest.

[Probably she can't be bothered anymore lol since she went into the tiger's den voluntarily hence she have to suffer the consequences. Oh yes, it's interesting between the scenes of the jealous Sousuke confiscating Michiru's handphone with Ruka's childish moment of jealousy to throw the handphone away. In a sense, the poor handphone seemed to be the catalyst of both Sousuke and Ruka's dislike/hatred for each other lol]

Last Friends Ep6

Meanwhile, the happy-drunk Ruka was carried home by Eri and Takeru, when they entered the living room, Ogura awkwardly welcomed them back. Looks like Ogura's here to stay as his on-off divorce with his wife was still not confirmed yet ... Ruka bluntly told Ogura off for taking advantage of Eri. Eri shocked everyone when she replied that she don't really mind, if Ogura wants to stay he can since she's fine with them continuing as friends. After the tense situation, Ruka then shrugged off any discussion regarding Michiru while the rest were worried.

Ruka started to reflect that if she didn't meet Michiru on that day, she will be leaving in a world without her then she won't have to suffer the pain of Michiru's love problems with Sousuke. It's fine if she can return back to her normal life, even if it meant that she'll be alone, it's easy for her since she had been living her life that way. During a card game, Eri asked if Ruka called Michiru, she replied no, but Takeru said he did but it seemed that the number wasn't in use anymore. Ruka steered the subject away and they continued playing. However, Takeru was puzzled by Ruka's actions, thinking to himself that he thought he had understood Ruka's feelings.

Takeru went to the hair salon Michiru used to work only to be told by the lady boss that she had quit. Takeru then went to Sousuke's apartment and was surprised to find the door unlocked [o_o how the hell can you do that!?] and Michiru with an eyepatch on. Takeru managed to have a talk with Michiru at a cafe and found out that Sousuke had gotten a new handphone for her and she's been 'locked' in the apartment doing household chores like a trapped pet hamster. When Takeru had a look at Michiru's bruised eye hidden by the eyepatch, he was extremely disgusted by Sousuke's actions and tried to convince Michiru to leave him. Michiru monotonously replied that this was the best way as she won't give anyone any problems.

Takeru once again convinced Michiru to leave Sousuke, that everything's Sousuke's fault and Michiru had done nothing wrong. He managed to get Michiru to return back to the Sharehouse with him and was almost caught by Sousuke who spotted them running away lol. Michiru then requested Takeru not to tell about the eye incident to Ruka as she don't want her to worry. Meanwhile, Ruka's at a counseling with the doctor where he suggested Ruka to tell/share her problems with a person she trust. As for Takeru, his 'stalkish' nee-san managed to get the number of the sharehouse, scaring Takeru out of his wits lol. For the next couple of days, Takeru kept the secret of keeping Michiru at his workplace until Michiru's bruised eye was healed.

Sousuke visited the Sharehouse and demanded the whereabouts of Michiru from Takeru. Takeru stood up to Sousuke and scared him off by threatening to sue and call the police. When Michiru's bruised eye was healed, Takeru brought Michiru back to the Sharehouse where the rest welcomed her back happily, except Ruka who was quiet throughout when the rest were talking how to protect Michiru from Sousuke. In the end, Ruka faked a smile and reply of being fine. As the gang were about to celebrate with wine, Ruka excused herself to her room, much to Michiru's apparent disappointment? The next morning, Ruka skipped breakfast and left, very obviously trying to avoid any contact with Michiru. Eri then offered to walk with Ruka to the station, at the same time questioned if Ruka's angry. Ruka denied being angry. Eri added that she understood about Michiru's situation as there's no pure black and white situations in life and disturbingly added that bad boys have cute sides too LOL.

Ruka replied that she's puzzled over Eri's relationship with Ogura, knowing that there's no ending to it and in the end the one getting hurt will be herself ... Eri answered that that's cos she doesn't care about him lol [She's lying~]. Eri then commented innocently no wonder Ruka can't 'forgive' Michiru is because Ruka really likes Michiru. Meanwhile, Sousuke's with the kid he's supposed to 'investigate' and he showed a side which none of us expected ... he was actually caring to him o_o. [I'll talk more about that later.] On the other hand, Takeru got Ruka to come to the park with the excuse of fixing his bicycle but his true motive was to get Michiru and Ruka to talk again. LoL, in the end, the three of them then went cycling together and were having fun [You just gotta watch the scene, lol it's really funny]. While they were having a break, Michiru apologized to Ruka for worrying her by being indecisive. Ruka replied that it's not true and things seemed well after that.

Ruka thought to herself that the reason she's distancing herself is so that she can always look at Michiru and that she can't be kind to her is because she's afraid of losing her. The situation became tense when Ruka asked if Michiru broke up with Sousuke. Michiru replied that ... when she's with Sousuke, she kinda 'lost' herself and only cared about Sousuke's needs and wants ... and that she's used to it already. Michiru earned some brownie points from me when she added that ... but the one thing she dislike was that Sousuke had badmouthed Ruka, calling her not a woman. After that ... was a pregnant pause as all three of them seriously had nothing to say until Takeru purposely chuckled, saying it can't be help and made light of the sitaution and statement. [Takeru's a TRUE SAVIOR!] As for Sousuke, he managed to find Ruka's house and mailed a disturbing [Of Ruka being gay] letter to her parents. It kinda create a stressed and edgy presence when Ruka came to wish her mother happy mother's day but Ruka managed to smooth the waves by saying it's probably some jealous hate letter from someone.

Her parents looked relatively relieved after the explantion and Ruka lightly make fun of her parents for taking the letter to be true. [However, this kind of underline her parents' degree of tolerance if she really revealed her orientation.] Ruka went back with a heavy heart and rejected Michiru's suggestion to watch DVD together. When Takeru returned and saw the crying Michiru who was sadden by Ruka's rejection. When Takeru asked what happened, Michiru replied that she don't know, only that she felt ... lonely and insecure for living in the Sharehouse because it seemed like Ruka won't forgive her. Takeru protested, saying that if Michiru leaves, Ruka will be extremely sad. Michiru added that sometimes she don't understand Ruka it's like there's a wall between them, a wall she can't climb over. [Very nice line here.] Unknown to Michiru, the conversation was overheard by Ruka who left saying she's going for a walk when Takeru asked if she heard them.

Takeru followed Ruka to the playground, sat beside her on the swing and playing on it making Ruka smiled before Ruka said that what Michiru said was true, that she have a no-entry wall around her and was afraid of being hated if people knew the truth. When Ruka asked if Takeru would listen to her secret, Takeru replied that before Ruka say anything, he had something to tell her ... Takeru then confessed that he likes Ruka, leaving Ruka stunned lol. - END of Episode 6 -

OZMG lol. A shocker. Never thought Takeru will reveal his feelings to Ruka, I've always thought Takeru will quietly protect Ruka from afar like a silent knight haha, guess I was wrong. There's two ways this scene can go, one is a real confession by Takeru, as in 'I like you' in romantic sense or 'I like you' as a friend so that whatever Ruka's going to tell him, ensuring he will still take and like Ruka as a friend ... But then, the second option seemed a little farfetched lol.

A little about Sousuke, I think I'm starting to understand how he thinks, how can he treat a kid so nicely yet be a DV? His anger was directed at his mother perhaps. He's taking Michiru as his mother who abandoned him, that's why he's so aggressive and possessive of her. He's afraid that she will leave him like what his mother did ... hell I won't be surprised if Michiru looks alot like his mother lol, mother complex!

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