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Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 2008 Purchases - Amazon.com

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Yeah, I still can make purchases even though I'm in Brisbane by using my trusty card here *pats* heh.

Anyways finally got me yummy books from Seven Sea's Strawberry Line along with a few others. As you can see, my family have kindly webcam-ed me the packages while I drooled and whined in front of lappy.

May 2008 Purchases - Amazon.com

They told me that it's really light, 9 books and it's around 2.2kg as stated in my invoice ... light!? Anyways here's what I got;

Family Complex #1 [Complete], Strawberry Panic! Manga #1, Strawberry Panic! Manga #2, Strawberry Panic! Light Novel #1, Voiceful #1, First Love Sisters aka Hatsu Koi Shimai #1, Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ #4, Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ #5 [End] and Venus Versus Virus #3. Yep.

I didn't want them to open the packages ... even though I had reluctantly uttered that they could lol ... I think they didn't. Oh to explain the two packages, Amazon had shipped the Strawberry Panic! Light Novel first before the other eight books in another shipment and I have totally no idea why they did that ... probably they thought they couldn't get the other titles.

I ordered them on 19th April and the packages came in I think 6th May, I'm not sure lol, I was too busy with my assignments and presentation to blog about it at that time. Until now, I'm still busy but ... I've just gotta share my goodies around!!! LOL. The total order's US$85.04, I'm forgot what the conversion rate was, well to play safe, I'll just assume it to be US1 = S$1.40.

So it's S$119.056 and the shipping charges was S$34.31 so the total amount's S$153.366. Basically on average each volume costed me, divided by 9 = S$17.04 ... Whoa that was slightly cheaper than I expected haha. I wonder how much Kinokuniya sells Strawberry Panic! in Singapore or did they even imported them in the first place!? LoL ... anyone knows? Hm, now I can use my nuffnang earnings to pay those mangas [Enough to only pay for the mangas lol] XD, I'm still eyeing for the Kannazuki no Miko Manga by TokyoPop. I know #1 was released but I'm thinking of purchasing #2 together and probably some other releases by Seven Seas in a few months time. Hopefully I get to earn more money in the next few months and buy more in the future ...

So ... get clicking on the ads around if you have not ... haha, help me earn the moolah!!! XD, sounds so ... despo here but ... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get her fix of manga lol.

Anyways, I'm really happy ... heh heh heh I can't wait to ... go home and read them!!! I'll probably just spend my summer holidays in Singapore, reading manga and being an useless unemployed slacker haha. I think I would had earned that right ... the courses I've signed up for the next semester is going to be hell, all Level 3 courses o_o.

Sigh, I've still got a research proposal and a group report to go ... then it's exams in June, o_o I'm kinda nervous because it's been a while since I sat for an exam lol. It's a pretty good semester, I've made some friends, broaden my horizons in a small way and the courses were fun ... even though some of them made me want to pull my hair out, bash the walls and scream ... I reckon what I've learnt will be useful to be in the future. Or else. Haha.

I would like to end this with a foody mood;


The pasta I made a while ago ... and the dinner I had tonight.

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  1. I always have some sort of trouble when placing order from amazon x_x, i got wrong books twice, and the other one didnt come till i made an enquiry 3 months later. So anyway still have to rely on the local borders though their books are really pricey >.<

  2. You'll enjoy the strawberry panic light novel. I finished reading it earlier this week and personally I enjoyed it better than the anime. It's relatively close to the manga but of course has it's differences, but I still like the light novel better, maybe because I can imagine it in my head lol.

    Enjoy reading all those! :D

  3. Lucky you being able to buy all of those books.
    Damn I wish I could have a credit card already but I have to wait for until I graduated hs
    ...just a little longer then ^_^

  4. to elevan, o_o thats ... the first time I've heard of such a case haha, where are you from? Probably not very amazon-friendly XD. Hope you get the right books in the end =).

    to dobby, I sure hope so, I had a look at the Japanese version but I dont understand most of the stuff so yeah. Now, I just have to wait till I get home to read those yummies ...

    to kagomeki, haha yeah I've been waitin for a long time for this haha ... it'll be soon, time flies =).

  5. Ooh, nice package :3. I planned to complain here about not-arriving SP! Light Novel but I found out yesterday it arrived ^^. Yay! I am quite curious. Now only thing which separates me and the light novel is my RightStuf buddy who has it (we buy together with a couple of others there). RS has hellish discount but the arrival time is horrible ;__;. I was waiting for SP! about 3 months? Well, now I ordered Ciel, BakuTen and a lot of other stuff with the high priority from Amazon, so my psyche will be fine :D

    I like Hatsu Koi Shimai quite a lot and I am looking forward to the next chapter. I know you translated it here (great job) but I start to be liveable and rather wait for printed version ^^.
    And since I found out Kashimashi ends with 5th volume, I did my order too :3 I hope they'll release volume 3 again because it's unprocurable. I know, I know, it's due to their old partner (provider?).

    I hope you'll share with us about Family Complex #1. I remember I read only 1th chapter (and I don't really remember it ^^), so I have no idea about its yuriness and stuff.

    Pardon me for such long replies, I wanted to reply for long time.

    Good luck with your blogging :).

  6. to rinu, it's cool you got someone to share costs/items with you, wish I had one too lol. Ah, I've yet to make purchases from RightStuf and yeah I've heard of the good prices there but I'm lazy to fax a copy of my credit card over and stuff, it's just a hassle in my opinion. And yes Bakuretsu Tenshi is worth getting XD.

    Yeah I like the physical, printed versions too, thats why I always make the effort to purchase if they're licensed or if I seriously can't wait and like the series, I will just buy the Mandarin/Japanese version.

    Regarding Family Complex #1, I do own the Mandarin way before I got the English version. Basically, in each chapter, the focus will be on each member of the Sakamoto family. Hence, there's only subtle playful yuri in a chapter between the Eldest Sister, Sakamoto Natsuru and her friend, Sachiko [I forgot the name already] haha.

    I'm a fan of Tsuda Mikiyo's art so even with or without yuri, I'll still buy it anyways =).

  7. Ah, troubles with a credit card... It was interesting since I have virtual credit card, not classic one ^^. But nevermind.

    Ah, so this is yuri of Family Complex. I see. Hm, let me see if there is some yaoi fan who bought Princess Princess and is willing to boy Family Comples... ^^

  8. Eep, gomen for typos. ...buy Family Complex, of course ^^;