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Monday, May 5, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep4

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LoL, no mouseover this time ... sorry for being late, I know I did say to post up on Saturday but I was busy researching on a project of mine sigh and I'm still researching for it now ... along with this proposal of mine lol.

I might resort to brief summaries in future episodes ... -.-

Last Friends Ep4

I really like Takeru, he's such a wonderful friend and no doubt make a good boyfriend ... uh before Michiru x Ruka fans start flaming me ... just watch Episode 4 and you will know why I felt this way lol.

Recapturing from the previous episode, Michiru seek refugee from DV Sousuke after a particular rough beating. After Takeru patched up Michiru's ... face, Ruka advised Michiru to break up with Sousuke as using violence on a love one is not love at all.

Last Friends Ep4

The group then thoughts of ways to prevent Sousuke from contacting Michiru, like quitting her job in the hair salon and not answer phone calls from him. The ever cautious Ruka called up her parents and told them not to answer any weird phone calls on her whereabouts. That day, Takeru took leave from his job to accompany Michiru who was still fearful and slightly panicked when someone rang the doorbell but it was just Ogura who forgot his wallet lol [Didn't expect him to be such a joker ... haha]. Sousuke went to the hair salon to look for Michiru but of course she wasn't there and he left a namecard but Michiru's bully senpai merely dunked the name card away [Way to go! lol].

Meanwhile, Ruka's doing well in her motorcross, when her coach invited her out for a drink, Ruka replied that she can't as she got someone waiting for her. The coach naturally assumed it's a guy and commented that it's good to be young lol. A little ticked off, Ruka told her coach to treat her as a motorcross racer and not label her as man or a woman. The coach said that it's impossible as it's like calling a pear, an apple [Good metaphor there lol] but later added that, Ruka's a brilliant female motorcross racer. [I think the coach doesn't really meant anything by statement, I'm thinking more that he actually admired that Ruka, being a female could have the ability to match a male racer despite the physical differences. However, that's what Ruka's mad about, she didn't want that, she wanted to be compared as equal not just because she's a female ... haha kinda complicated]

That night, while the gang were busy preparing ingredients for SUKIYAKI, [I WANNA EAT!] Michiru snucked out to listen to the many voicemails Sousuke left. Ruka grabbed the handphone away from Michiru's hand, told her to believe what he said and even guessed correctly what Sousuke would say to get Michiru back lol. While they were having sukiyaki, Ruka helped Michiru grabbed some food before the rest smooched them away lol. Eri commented that the way Ruka treat Michiru is like how a guy will treat a girl while Ruka shrugged it off saying that she's friendly to everyone lol. The situation became awkward when Eri and Ogura started badmouthing Sousuke, Michiru started defending Sousuke like she did against Ruka in Episode 3. Takeru saved the day by announcing that they should drink and eat well and get in good spirits! Haha, it's like nothing had happened.

While, Michiru later became Takeru's assistant and followed him to work the next day. The model who came up to Takeru in Episode 1 saw Michiru and assumed that she's his girlfriend which explained why Takeru wasn't seduced by her lol. She later commented that everyone thought Takeru's gay or something o_o. Following Takeru to his work place opened Michiru's eyes, realizing that hairstyling doesn't limit to merely cutting the hair of people but also coordinating the shots and working with photographers. Meanwhile, while shopping with Eri, Ogura saw his wife with another man and using his credit card to a necklace lol and didn't dare to say anything. Eri then realized that Ogura still loved his wife and consoled him.

Ruka saw Sousuke loitering her work place, called Takeru warn him and to take care of Michiru. Ruka later asked her coach for go for a drink later to prevent Sousuke from following her home. However, the coach probably had too much of a drink, hugged and kissed Ruka when he saved Ruka from falling down. Ruka quickly pushed her coach away and ran off, then trying to wash her lips and calm herself down before going to the bar to see Takeru. However, Ruka's still terrorized by the experience when her hand couldn't stop shaking as she held her glass. Ruka then told Takeru about what happened, then the ever nice Takeru went over to comfort Ruka even asking if she's alright with him placing her hand on her shoulder. Ruka replied that if it's Takeru, it's okay ... [Awww~] Takeru then told Ruka to cry her heart out as it's okay. Back home, Ruka seemed fine by then and started playing UNO with the gang. Takeru then thought to himself that if Ruka wanted to protect Michiru ... then he will protect Ruka in return. [Awwwwwwwwwwwww~ haha]

The next day, Ruka told her coach to treat the incident like nothing had happened and to continue being friends. Her coach apologized and laughed it off, agreeing that they will be friends. [Ruka's really generous in the sense that it takes real courage to go up to a friend who 'sexually assaulted' her, smile and to say that they continue being friends =)] As the gang were out busy in their jobs, Michiru received a call from her mum, asking her for some money and to collect a souvenir at her house. Luckily, Michiru's smart enough to call Ruka and she went to pick whatever Michiru's mum had lol. Fortunately Ruka sensed something was wrong and left quickly. When Ruka left, it was revealed that it was all a plot by Sousuke to get Michiru to come to her mother's home. In the end, Sousuke managed to follow Ruka home and arrived while Michiru's in the bathroom. Ruka confronted Sousuke and told him to get out which Sousuke did. [I would had despised him more if he had barged in lol but his job's on the line so I'm not surprised]

Anyways, it started raining and the gang acted like nothing had happened. When Takeru came home, he saw Sousuke who was still waiting in the rain outside and warned Ruka. Takeru offered to stay up in the night and had a chat with Michiru who couldn't sleep. It was known that Takeru has an elder sister [=O Are you thinking of what I'm thinking? LoL] and merely smiled when asked of their relationship. Michiru then admired Takeru for having a normal family as her own parents divorced when she was in Secondary school. So she's always alone when her mother worked, she went on to add that Sousuke too had a bad childhood as his mother left him when she got a lover. Michiru felt that they were the same, because they were always alone. Michiru added that she felt bad because everyone's nice to her, but Sousuke's alone.

Takeru beg to difer as he said that it's not true because everyone's alone. Michiru pointed out that Ruka has a warm family who supported her so ... she felt envious of her. Takeru smiled [Because he saw the weak and fragile side of Ruka the night before] and said that they can't judge a person's loneliness by appearance alone. I believe in a present emotion, Michiru then apologzied to Ruka in her thoughts that she hadn't thought of Ruka's feelings, only Sousuke. That morning, Michiru offered to take out the trash and saw the drenched Sousuke sitting near ... the rubbish corner lol. Michiru was touched and hugged Sousuke when he said that he will always wait for her o_o. Unknown to them, Ruka looked at the hugging pair from afar and thought to herself she's hurting from prying them from being together. - END of Episode 4 -

Last Friends Ep5 Preview

Preview of Episode 5 doesn't look good at all =O.

This is getting exciting as the relationships get more complicated lol.

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  1. it is getting lame...I can't go on the ride anymore :'(

  2. u know what I had a feeling saying that ruka won't get michiru's love.. straight gal can't fall for another girl. I better buy ruka x takeru...

  3. Man, I wanna hit Michiru in the head with a big mallet at the end there when she cave into Sosuke's arms like he had never hitted her. For God's shake, how blind can she get. If someone ever to lay a hand on me I'll call the cop and put him in jail before he can say he's sorry. The next eps look interesting enough. Michiru gets slap and, and you guessed it, rape by none other than crackhead with a capital S for Stalker. I don't really feel that sorry for her since she did choose him over Ruka the Awesome. Baka Michiru, you deserved it for being too straight!

  4. to anon1, lol o_o you're already halfway there, just continue? Maybe ... the ending will be good? Haha.

    to bunbungirl, o_o uh okay.

    to anon2, o_O haha, but most people are rooting for michiru x ruka ... well its shoujo-ai, thats why we're watching ... isnt it? Okay, that and besides Ueno Juri being a wonderful actress haha.

    to ri-chan, haha, I do too. Feel kinda pity for her somehow ... probably her upbringing, she just gets so emotionally attached to the first person who 'cares' about her. Not to mention completely ignoring Ruka who really cared about her.

  5. =3

    michiruka all the way!!

    they're just so cute together! and i love all the promotion stuff they're in, and they're always, like, promoting those two!

    like how in one of the vids, michiru and ruka are sitting together on one couch while all the other 3 are sitting in individual couches. and and, when they were doing a photo shoot or something, they were sitting on the couch together and (holding hands, i think) stuff.

    ^^ and Ruka is the coolest! Michiru is the cutest!