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Monday, May 12, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep5

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Got lazy ... lol. Anyways good news, the presentation I was whining about last week wasn't that bad after all lol. Worried so much for nothing =).

Last Friends Ep5

Episode 5 was interesting, I really like this screenshot of Ueno Juri's back, looks peaceful yet lonely. Haha, kinda reflects my feelings now.

Anyways, the relationship between Eri and Ogura's more clear in this episode now. Apparently, Eri really likes Ogura despite her constant support for Ogura and rebukes. However, their relationship's terribly overwhelmed by the love-square of Ruka, Michiru, Sousuke and Takeru lol.

Well, recapturing from the previous episode, Michiru went back to Sousuke's apartment so as to take care of him as he was sick from waiting the whole night in the rain. We also saw Ruka who was standing afar looking at the hugging figures has now returned back to the Sharehouse, speechless when Takeru asked where Michiru was. But then, Michiru called back and told her that she's going back to her old workplace [hair salon] with no mention of Sousuke.

Last Friends Ep5

I can't say Michiru lied to Ruka because she really went back to the hair salon and got her job back after much persuasive words she will concentrate on her work. I like the scene where Michiru refused to stay with Sousuke and told him that she's not going back to if he bothers/beats/stalks her again. Meanwhile, Ruka's really bothered by Michiru going back to Sousuke and lost concentration during practice.

The gang were pretty supportive when Michiru told them she had decided to continue working at the hair salon and looked quite determined not to let Sousuke 'pull' her down again. It's interesting how Takeru changed the minds of the guarded gang unconsciously as he was the first person to give supporting words before the others started to look positively. At work, Michiru kept looking around if Sousuke was listening to her words and kept away. Ruka still concerned, asked Takeru to pick Michiru up and invited them to her house for a dinner party.

During dinner, her mother saw Takeru and was like ... Michiru's boyfriend? ... When Takeru denied, she shiningly glanced at Ruka, probably hoping for some miracle lol. Ruka's brother, Shougo even cornered Takeru, revealing that it's the first time Ruka brought a guy home LOL, the interaction between them was really funny haha. Shougo even told Takeru to give way to Ruka's difficult ways LOL, like he's starting to matchmake the both of them. After dinner, Ruka's mum asked Michiru to stay for the night, Ruka casually asked Takeru to stay too. Takeru was like ... looks around uncomfortably and replied he better go home lol. [This kinda shows that Ruka doesn't really look at Takeru in terms of a male or a female friend, she merely looks at him as a good friend and doesn't really care about the gender because everyone's equal. Probably this is why she got really pissed when her coach called her a female motorcross racer.]

Meanwhile, Eri accompanied Ogura on taxi to his house to bring the divorce papers to his wife but Ogura called and told her to go back home because he's staying for the night as it's not something he can settle in a night. Takeru returned back to the Sharehouse and saw the near-drunk Eri pissed that Ogura's staying with his wife lol. Seeking comfort, Eri came on to Takeru when he was treating her so gently and kissed him. Takeru pushed Eri away when she started unbuttoning his shirt and rushed off, terrified, to the bathroom to wash his face.

It kinda looked like Takeru's the girl here when he looked like he's been violated or something o_o, while Eri's looking all guilty and all for being too 'quick' and forward haha. When Takeru returned to apologize, Eri too apologized and assumed that Takeru's gay ... and surprisingly, Takeru nodded! Eri kinda forced herself to act natural, added that they can still be friends and invited Takeru to drink with her. [This scene is really interesting, first, Takeru's affirmation to Eri's statement that he's gay, however, I beg to difer, I reckon he wanted to make things simpler just by saying he's gay rather than he has a phobia for intimacy.]

Meanwhile, Michiru and Ruka were having a one-to-one conversation in Ruka's bedroom. Michiru's envious of Ruka's happy family and wished that she could have one with herself soon. Ruka added that it wouldn't be with Sousuke though as he wouldn't be able to bring Michiru happiness and suggested Takeru LOL. Michiru then asked if Ruka has someone she likes? [Holds breath.] Ruka confessed she does. For a long time. A few years. Michiru went on to ask if Ruka had conveyed her feelings to the person and then encouraged her to do it when Ruka replied it's useless even when she confessed. Ruka then interrupted Michiru rather forcefully that it doesn't really matter whether she confessed or not. [Of course Michiru didn't noticed she's talking about HER. The agony!]. Anyways, Ruka added that as long as Michiru's healthy, she's happy and that ended the conversation.

The next day, Michiru checked her handphone to find no calls from Sousuke and called his office. When the lady said that he's been taking leave, Michiru visited him in his appartment and found him to be still in bed and lost some weight. Michiru then made some porridge and hand-fed him while Sousuke was still convincing Michiru to stay. When Michiru wanted to leave, Sousuke hugged Michiru and forcefully held her down while she struggled to get way. Michiru managed to get away [the first time] but then went on a yelling contest with Sousuke when he insulted Ruka again lol. [I love the way Sousuke threw the bowl against the wall, such style!!! LOL] The then not so sickly Sousuke got up in anger, pushed Michiru onto the bed and apparently had his way with her.

As for the rest, they were having a whale of their time digging into the Seafood Paella Takeru made lol. Ruka, still pissed with Michiru, didn't greet Michiru when she came back ... [The cam kept still on the internally-pouting eating Ruka] When Takeru gave Michiru's utensils to her, he noticed the bruises on her upper wrist. Michiru kept quiet and went back to the living room. Not before long when Michiru's handphone rang, which kept Ruka on her toes, demanding childishly that Michiru throw the handphone away because the ringtone remembered her of the actions of Sousuke lol. When Michiru agreed and stood up to throw it away, Ruka then regretted saying those words as it's like she's no different from Sousuke. Angry with herself, Ruka ran out on her bicycle to calm herself down.

After that, Michiru and Takeru had a chat, Takeru didn't really encourage or disencourage on the fact Michiru 'went' back to Sousuke, merely consoling her that it's up to others to decide whether Michiru wanted or not. Michiru added that Ruka has someone she liked for a long time ... but never conveyed her feelings to that person. Takeru placed the pieces together and probably realized that Ruka's feelings for Michiru ran deeper than merely friends that evening. The next scene's ... really important because Ruka went for her first session of counselling on her confusion regarding her gender and sexuality. This kinda cleared up most of her actions in the previous episodes except for the Urology part [Seriously, you guys might be right after all o_o].

After her session, Ruka called Takeru out for a walk [Seemed like Ruka's really dependent on Takeru, even saying that she wanted to see Takeru and somehow she felt at peace when with him, aww]. Ruka revealed her plan to becom one of Japan's representative motorcross racer and it will be that time when she probably confess in front of the person she likes. In Takeru's mind, he promised to support Ruka no matter who she likes, as long he gets to see and protect Ruka's smile. This time, Ruka won the race and was seen as a racer rather than a female in the eyes of her coach which kinda brought her closer to her goal.

As Ruka's in the race, Michiru's been bombarded with the rings of Sousuke's call. In the end, Michiru answered the call and Sousuke demanded Michiru to return. Michiru refused to answer to Sousuke's whims while Sousuke warned that she will regret her actions. As they celebrated at the bar Takeru's working, Michiru received a suicide call from Sousuke and she ran out to stop him. When Michiru tried to lie to Ruka, Ruka said that she knew Michiru's been going to him behind her back and told Michiru to be stronger. Michiru replied that unlike Ruka who's talented, strong with a warm family, she's weak ... and so is Sousuke. She added that now she wants to be by Sousuke's side and left, apologizing.

Takeru tried to put a comforting arm on Ruka's shoulder but was shocked to see Ruka slapping his arm away, lashing him not to touch her twice. [O_O kinda different from the scene where he was allowed to comfort Ruka when the coach kissed her ... Ruka did say that Takeru's okay ... but this time, probably the hurt's too strong for her to accept anyone]

Last Friends Ep6 Preview

Ohh, next episode looks interesting ... once again, it's Takeru who's out to bring the girls back again ... sigh. I think Michiru got bashed on the eye and she's running away from someone with Takeru ... in the preview ... she's with the eye patch isn't it? Not to forget Sousuke's chilling statement that Michiru's his LOL.

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