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Monday, May 26, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep7

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Angst. I like. XD.

Last Friends Ep7

OZMG. The series's going on full steam now, seems like I've overestimated Takeru lol, it's clear in this episode that he doesn't know Ruka likes Michiru romantically.

Well, recapturing from the previous episode, Takeru confessed to Ruka that he likes her but Ruka rejected him and thanked him for his feelings anyways. When Takeru asked Ruka to continue what she was trying to tell him, Ruka tried to cover the awkward situation up by saying it's about Michiru. Ruka told Takeru that she's been impatient with Michiru lately and requested him to treat Michiru gently. Ruka then added that he should go and like Michiru lol, Takeru was like stuttering, 'But, I like her ...', Ruka demanded that Takeru like Michiru even more because she gets ... lonely easily and needs a person's support. Takeru's expression to me was kinda a mixture of reluctance and whiny sort lol. 'The person I like is you, why the hell must I like your friend?', kinda look lol. But I believed that his love for Ruka overcame that and he couldn't bare to refuse a request from the girl he loves.

Very very nice scene, especially with the darn background music, it's just so sad that Ruka entrusted that 'protect' responsibility to Takeru instead of taking in herself. Probably she thought that only a man can protect and make Michiru happy and Ruka would rather it be Takeru than any other man since she trusts him. Awww, manz, somehow, I think Ruka's selfish to push everything to Takeru o_o haha, afterall, he didn't really had an obligation heh.

Last Friends Ep7

Before the pair returned to the sharehouse, Ruka appealed to Takeru that the both of them to remain friends [LoL, Ruka has broken two hearts, first the coach, now Takeru, she's kinda popular ... o_o]. When they entered the living room, the guys were playing ... I think a racing game on Wii? Anyways, Eri announced that she won 6 tickets to the Amusement Park and it was decided that the 5 of them will go together. But there's 1 more ticket [I was thinking, don't tell me Ruka's going to ask the Coach along!?] and I was freaking right LOL. Apparently, Takeru's still not over Ruka's rejection and took it to heart, very bad and he didn't want to burden Ruka by showing his 'sad' expression to her. Meanwhile, Sousuke continued to stalk the gang with his binoculars LOL [That was random].

Anyways, Michiru [That moron] then assumed that the coach's the person Ruka had been in love with and the rest were like teasing and Ruka was making a good show of being embarrassed except for Takeru who was ... very very jealous haha. At the destination, the gang were very excited, discussing which rides to take, except for Takeru again but was lagging behind, looking rather heavy. It must be freaking small world because he met his ... elder sister with her husband and son there. After making some sorrow-looking and agonizing expressions lol, Takeru turned and walked off silently. Supporting against a tree trunk, Takeru had a brief flashback of him and his Onee-chan [Oooooh~]. Takeru's departure was only noticed by Michiru who followed him and was surprised at Takeru's stiffness when she tried to lead him to a place for him to sit. As for the rest who then realized the two were missing, Ruka kinda implied that Michiru and Takeru are 'together' and leaded their attention to the rides.

While Eri and Ogura were queuing for their rides, we realized that Ruka had asked the Coach to pretend to be her boyfriend for the day. Meanwhile, Michiru and Takeru had returned to the sharehouse and Michiru told Takeru that he could share his troubles with her if he wants to since he's the one who 'saved' her so she wanted to do something in return too. Takeru merely smiled and made excuses lol. Just then, the rest came back and had bought a cake to 'offically' welcome Michiru again ha along with Ruka's coach who bought dinner. LoL, Takeru's face 'fell' when he saw the coach and when Ruka went in the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee for the coach, guess who's cup she used ... lol Takeru's!!!! [OZMG, how ... 'inconsiderate' of Ruka!! o_o how can she do that!!??] Takeru was totally glaring daggers at the coach lol, it's the first time we saw Takeru really pissed. After that, Takeru shut himself from the world by listening to music with his headphones on.

As for Ruka, she's ... surfing the net on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ... okay I admit you guys were right lol and was interrupted by Michiru's knock. Apparently, Michiru made up her mind to break up with Sousuke and assured Ruka she's fine with going to tell Sousuke personally alone. The next day, Michiru stood out on Sousuke's apartment and called him. Through the phone, Michiru broke up with Sousuke to his surprise, Sousuke warned her that the 'outsiders' will abandon Michiru sooner or later but he will die before he does that. Michiru said that she lost sense of her being when she's with Sousuke, giving her all only for him but now she wants her own life, not for anyone's sake. When Michiru questioned the reason Sousuke's beatings, Sousuke merely kept quiet, Michiru continued, saying that ... Sousuke had placed himself before others. Sousuke denied that accusation, stating he wants to become one with Michiru [LoL ... random!]. Michiru replied she doesn't understand, apologized, said good bye and hung up LOL.

As for Ruka, seemed liks Sousuke had pasted those letters at Ruka's workplace and caused Ruka's coach to raise questions and explanations. Ruka's very ... troubled and agonized by the whole thing and cried in the showers. After the breakup call, Sousuke was staring blankly during duty. The boy who he was supposed to 'look' after came to him asking for bread LOL. The kid was like, 'No bread today?' Hahaha. Anyways the boy brought Sousuke back to his apartment and by the looks of the situation and mess of the place, it's apparent that it's been a while since the mother came back. The boy came running to him, stating that all the food's gone lol. Sousuke then brought the boy to his house and even cooked curry for him. The boy started asking 'innocent' questions, like where's Sousuke's mum, are you married? Sousuke replied that his mum's gone and he had a girlfriend. The boy went on,
'That means, you don't have a girlfriend now?' and 'Aren't you lonely?' [I can almost picture this arrow sign going through Sousuke's chest LOL]. Sousuke replied that he's not because ... she'll return back soon [Ohhhh~].

Takeru's still pondering what Ruka was trying to tell him on the confession night and he was acting all out of character by being ... pushy. When Takeru returned to the sharehouse, he was met with noone [Michiru was in her room but he didn't know that yet]. Just then, Ruka still troubled by the letters, returned home, ignored Takeru and hid in her room. Not able to stand the tension any longer, Takeru begged Ruka to tell him her problems. To Takeru's surprise, Ruka slammed her bag against the door and basically told Takeru to piss off lol. Hurt by the outburst, Takeru went back to his room and where he had a flashback of a younger him with his Onee-chan seducing telling him that she has something nice for him and not to tell their father about it [Oh noes! LOL]. When Takeru awoke, he noticed Michiru crying and didn't went to comfort her ... which is kinda OOC cos the old Takeru we know would had gone to her. But because of Ruka's rejection and his recent meeting with his Onee-chan, it probably had stressed him out.

The tension was so thick that morning that Eri and Ogura could feel something was wrong lol. When Michiru asked Ruka to share her troubles to everyone, Ruka gave an excuse of being in a slump with her motorcross practices. Ruka then pretended to take a nap in the living room's couch as Michiru announced that she has offically broken up with Sousuke. Ruka then left shortly that the statement, it's obvious that both Takeru and Michiru were hurt by Ruka's distant attitude. As the both of them were cleaning up the dishes, Takeru noticed Ruka left her handphone on the couch but he didn't take any action to return it or what. Anyways, Takeru made up for last night by comforting Michiru who had cried last night over Sousuke. Takeru revealed that he can understand how Michiru felt as he too, once had a person he liked the most became the person he hated the most and assured Michiru that everything will be alright.

Apparently, Michiru's so touched by Takeru's novel statement that she leaned against Takeru and asked if she could like him. The scene was witnessed by Ruka who came back at the WORST time to collect her handphone. Ruka was totally emotionless, I guess what she wanted had came true, Takeru had Michiru in his hands but witnessing the real scene was still to raw for Ruka. A flowerpot toppled down as Ruka left the sharehouse and interrupted the lovey-dovey scene. It was then Takeru noticed the missing handphone and realized that Ruka had saw them. Cue to Eri and Ogura as Eri saw Ogura having a pleasant conversation with his ... gasp, wife o_o! Fighting back any emotions, Eri went on her way. Cue to Sousuke and boy, the boy saw his mother across the train barrier and recklessly ran towards and fell on the train tracks. Sousuke yelled danger and ran to save the boy duh. - End of Episode 7 -

Btw I think it's the same train barrier from the J-drama, 'LIFE' isn't it? LOL, the scene where Ayumu saved Manami from killing herself when she was standing in front of the tracks LOL.

It's so weird to see Michiru suddenly determined and set on her decisions while Takeru and Ruka were breaking apart from their ... personal troubles. It's kinda like a role reversal lol. Maybe this time, Michiru can help save the both of them. It's more complicated and exciting! Everyone and everything's falling apart! Hopefully they are be placed back together again lol.

Last Friends Ep8 Preview.

Awww, Ruka looks so sad here, makes me wanna huggie her lol. In the preview, Ruka's ... leaving the sharehouse and Takeru's going to stop her!?

You know, I'm kinda interested in the Onee-chan thingy LOL, feels so controversial ... o_o heh. I'm fine with Candy Boy because it's all fluff and sweetness with no sense of direction ... unless I'm proven wrong in one of the 7 episodes LOL. But then, I know the relationship will go no where, either one of the siblings die or both of them dies or best yet they marry someone else, have kids and then have affairs secretly LOL. *gasps* Not going to go there, I can't even get myself to read this rather popular mxf twincest 'Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru' by Aoki Kotomi. Anyways, I'm kinda interested in the ending, lol, I have this vague memory that I saw the ending that they had eloped and lived happily ever after or something. LOL. Oh I think there's another called Koi Kaze too but I'm not going there, nononononononononono. I'm happy with Candy Boy. Enough said.

Oh yeah, changed the Song of the Month to Utada Hikari's 'Prisoner of Love - Quiet Version', hmmm love it.

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  1. hi, I dont want Ruka to really change her gender!! "hopes she doesnt" and 4 Takeru i was wonderiin when he was goin to show his weak side , and i can imagine what Ruka must be feelin like, 2 watch the girl she love falls in with some one else over and over again ...that musta hurt like hell so i think that she is allowed to be angry "at least just a bit"...

  2. to lulu-chan, lol neither do I but she's really confused and all and perhaps she thought that the only solution to her orientation is just to get a sex change and that will make her 'normal' per say.

    As I've said, it's easy to just say, 'Hey Takeru to go like Michiru' but looking at the truth and scene, it's different from mere talking haha.

    to anon1, o_o what's bad?