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Saturday, May 3, 2008

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep1

[Posted @ 11:37 AM]
It was supposed to be a wonderful friday but was kinda spoiled by the presentation I had on that fateful day ... sigh I really felt bad about it and with my groupmates, we worked hard but ... sigh. Reckon that hard work doesn't always pay off.

Anyways, bad thoughts aside, ONA, Candy☆Boy Ep1 was released via Niconico last night, 7pm [Japan Time], which means it's hm 8pm [Brisbane Time] lol.

If you haven't watch Episode 1 yet, OZMG what the hell are you doing?! Click the link below RIGHT NOW before I THROTTLE YOU!

It's 14 minutes LONG, yes, twice the time of the prologue and twice the fluff!!!

Candy☆Boy Ep1

So go on.

Ah, I believed you watched the episode already hm? There's only one reason why you will continue to read my post lol, that's cos you don't or vaguely understand what they were talking about ne? LOL. Ah, just joking.

Afterall, coming from a person who watch Mandarin subs, I'm not much better. Anyways, I reckon that there're already alot of summaries and squeals going around since last night.

Candy☆Boy Ep1

It's sooooo fluffy, so sweet, so suggestive, ahhh, best yet, it made all my worries and troubles from last night melt away. Right from the start, the waking up scene really sent my mind into the gutter ... I mean, a sleepy Yukino mumbling ... 'Kana-chan's that place's so hard~'. I MEAN LIKE WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK OF besides *that*?! LoL. Then she went on to add, 'Can't help it then ...', *invites Kanade into her blanket* went on to whine, 'Hurry~~~ up~~~'.


Kanade's reaction was totally drastic too as she dropped her hairpin which she was biting on, stopped whatever she was doing and climbed in with Yukino lol. Well, in the end, the girls might be late for school and thus had to miss breakfast, to Yukino's dismay. While they were waiting for the train, Saku-chan appeared and was moe-ing over Kanade's untied hair and megane appearance XD kawaii~. The two girls then left the dreaming Saku-chan at the platform lol and boarded the train.

Yukino revealed that Sakuya actually made the effort to be at the same station as them every morning even though she lived on the other side. Yukino then asked whether if Kanade would do that for her as well, Kanade mumbled about Yukino knowing the obvious asnwer and tried to change the subject. But eventually Kanade replied that she will try her very best to be there, awww.

In school, while Yukino's happily digging in her pudding ignoring Sakuya who was chatting up with Kanade until Kanade told Yukino to help her out lol. Yukino then showed some pictures of Kanade to Sakuya who later gave her the promised 50 coffee vouchers to a high class hotel's cafe as a 'thank you' gift LOL. The pissed Kanade then pinched and dragged Yukino off to a corner for a 'small talk' lol.

Later, Kanade was at the school pool, waiting for Yukino to probably finish her club activity, as she was waiting, Sakuya, who was probably in the swimming club as well, drew an umbrella with both their names in it [It kind of symbolizes the persons who's names were written under the umbrella are in love]. That image triggered one of Kanade's memories of younger Yukino and her walking home sharing an umbrella.

Kanade went on to mention that it was taken from granted that they shared most of their stuff in primary school and kind of stopped when they went in secondary school however, the unchanging fact were their feelings for each other. In the dorm room, Kanade was happy over the fact that the weather report predicted that it will rain tomorrow. The next day, Kanade was feeling that her plan will go well as sky was dull and rain seemed inevitable.

During class, Kanade kept staring out of the window, hoping to see signs of water droplets lol and indeed, it started raining. After classes, the sisters went on separate ways for their club activities. Later, Kanade checked her locker and found her supposed-to-be-there umbrella was gone!!! LoL. Oh nos, that means her perfect plan of sharing a umbrella with Yuki-nee was foiled! On top of that, the weather forecast predicted 'Sunny' for the next six days lol.

Kanade went around to buy/borrow a umbrella but failed ... Saku-chan then invited Kanade to go home together via her family car but Kanade make an excuse saying she had to go somewhere else with Yukino. Kanade then tried to 'test the waters' by asking Sakuya how Yukino felt on that fact that Sakuya likes Kanade. Sakuya replied that she don't really understand but she felt that it's not right that if she thought of sacrificing her friendship with Yukino just to be with Kanade. [Seriously, I don't really understand either lol]

Anyways, Kanade smiled, patted on Sakuya's head and commented that Sakuya's a better kid than she had thought out to be and took off, leaving Sakuya in bliss lol. Later, Kanade told Yukino that the supposed-to-be-there umbrella wasn't there and she had tried borrowing an umbrella but was unsuccessful. Yukino then revealed her own umbrella to Kanade lol, it seemed like Yukino knew all about Kanade's 'secret plot' after all.

I was thinking that Yukino was the one who 'stole' the umbrella from Kanade's locker [That explains why she doesn't want Kanade to visit her during her club activity, lying that she's embarrassed by Kanade's presence there] and gave it to Sakuya who opened the umbrella to find it ... unusable LOL. Evil Yukino XD.

Ahhhhh~ ... gave me a nice after feeling ... the months I've waited were worth it, don't you think so too? I wonder when the second episode will be aired ... is it weekly? I sure do hope so!!!

Okay, now off to make brunch and then watch Last Friends Ep4 lol, I'll do up a post later in the evening XD.

[Signing off @ 1:20 PM]


  1. AHHHH it's finally here!!
    it made me feel so warm and fuzzy xD

  2. I was in a frantic mood yesterday.... KIIIITAAAAAAA .... XD XD XD XD

    This is the mark of a new yuri era =P

  3. I was worried sequel of ONA Candy Boy will be drama. Or they'll change their sisterly relationship onto something more suitable for larger audience. You know they should keep to the original.

    I am so glad my worries were wrong :3. This series is so fluffy, so comfortable and non-angsty, it gives me the "Aaah" feeling all the time ^^. And bed scene... Cool, I got my candy. *cough cough* I look forward to the next episode.

    Anyway, thanks for the review! Helpful and funny as always.

  4. spent my whole time juz looking for the ep... RAW somemore.... lols but i feel tat the Sukuya's collections of pics are increasing~ hehe

  5. ano...
    the site is it? it's in japanese,i love yuri but i can't understand what should i do to watch it...
    akayuuki-sama,could u help me? =)

  6. Anoooo. Does anyone know the end song of this ep? I like it~

    Ohhh, ne, Akayuuki, did you see the sceen after the end credits? I guess like KnM, they placed this sweet little scene after the credits (that almost everyone misses)
    Anyways, Kana wakes up to her alarm again, and tries to wake up Yuki. She notices Yuki's puckered lips and stops and stares for a moment. Only to have Yuki, whos actually conscious go "uuummmmmm" waiting for a kiss.lol. Kana gets mad, and again, pinches her cheeks. I guess...reference to the side stary of when Kana had a flashback of their childhood?
    A bit disappointed though, if Yuki waited, i'm sure we'd see a kiss. I'm looking forward to the next ep. I believe it's weekly, btw. From what an SA member says.

    Still awfully cute. ^___^ -lovelovelove- Kana and glasses made me squeel~~~~

  7. Here is the raw torrent - http://tracker.anirena.com/download.php?id=6417.

    I hope I won't give trouble to akayuuki :O.

  8. I read about a male lead :( i hope he doesn't ruin the yuriness for meh LOL

  9. Please tell me what OZMG, OTL, and XD mean. Thank you.

  10. What is hard??!! I mean the first scene...I don't get it 0.0 erm will there be english subbed on this? Omg...I totally want more..I hope there's at least a kiss, wet would be better but a kiss on lips is good enough...

  11. Thanks for your episode summary, I now get the gist of it. But why the hell was Yukino dropping a raw egg?

  12. Akayuuki-sempai, is there some place I can watch this with english subs? I like this yuri but I'm not confident enough in my foreign languages to watch it without subtitles.

  13. Whoa, alot of comments.

    to anon1, yeah!

    to elevan, lol sure does.

    to rinu, lol yeah you worry too much, enjoy the fluff XD. Welcome.

    to anon2, lol yeah, cos Yukino keeps sending to her to get 'gifts'.

    to anon3, yes, it's in Japanese, I think you have to register to watch the video but look at rinu's 2nd comment, just download the raw torrent.

    to anon4, yeah I like the ED too, I think it's call, '恋のカタチ',
    Koi no Katachi, I think it means 'Shape of Love' or something around there I reckon lol. At the ending credit, it states, it's by za3068635, probably it's a fan-made song? I might be wrong, I'm just guessing.

    I did saw the ending scene LOL, just that I didn't expect to mention it haha cos it's kinda self-explantory XD.

    I think it's a reference to the first scene in Ep1 inself where Kanade teased Yukino that she will kiss her if she didn't wake up soon. Kanade didn't kiss her of course, merely smiled, got up and went to tie her hair. We did know later that Yukino did heard that statement during the train waiting scene where she said that she would had awoken if Kanade had kissed her back then lol.

    Oh great! Weekly! Yay, can't wait for friday then!

    to rinu, thanks! No problems I reckon =).

    to anon5, O_O, are you serious or joking? LoL.

    to anon6, O_o, OMZG = Oh My God, OTL ... is a type of posture emoticon similar to ORZ, XD is also an expression lol.

    to anon7, I have no idea, lol ask Yukino. I'm not sure about english subs, I watched the mandarin subs heh.

    to anon8, welcome, LoL, I'm not sure I think it's some random advertisement Yukino saw on TV that this super egg won't break even when you dropped it from the Second Floor. Kanade of course said it's a gimmick and Yukino tried to prove her theory right by dropping it lol, of course it broke.

    to anon9, uhhh I'm not sure who's subbing it ... o_o. If you can, search for Mandarin subs.

    But I think the English subs will come out soon, just wait patiently.

  14. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhXD it finally here ,,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    it was worht my Life..XD
    So when do you think the nest ep will be out> :}
    Thanks akayuuki....

  15. Hewwo again, Akayuki~~ Commenting again, you'd know me as Anon4. ^__^

    Gahhh <3333 Thank you~ I've been looking for the song since i heard it. Very addicting.

    Which brings me to another point, why would she say that something was 'hard'? And if she heard Kana tell her she was going to kiss her...wouldn't she be conscious of what she said was hard? Unless she feel back asleep.
    ....iunno....anyways...i really can't translate, but i think it's something along the lines of 'hard' Who knows what Yukino was dreaming of......


  16. sorry about the presentation. *pat on the shoulder* :)
    wow would love to catch this anime as well !! thanks for the cool introduction. totally get me attracted !! XD

  17. aaawww...i wish i could watch this series...it sounds really good.... =(
    ill just have to look for it around here....

  18. You have a very enthusiastic way of writing reviews, I very much enjoy it. You're a good raconteur.

  19. aww is there a way tow atch it without the torrent? D:

  20. Whoa, I haven't had these much comments since ... Strawberry Panic anime lol.

    to raza, I think someone mentioned weekly ... but I'm not sure. So if it's weekly, it'll be shown on 7PM, Japan Time, 9th May.

    to Ellla, lol, yeah it's quite soothing and mellow leaving this good after-taste fluff feeling.

    Uh I'm not sure, it's what Yukino said ... haha. Probably its just some random line to stir fans up you know, fanservice.

    to levian, nah, I think I'm over it ... going to get the marks tomorrow .. wish me luck haha. No problems, good stuff are meant to be shared =).

    to filkid, uhh the sub's out =).

    to anon10, uhh thanks =). Glad you like it.

    to anon11, probably you can watch it via crunchyroll or youtube if someone would upload the sub online? But, torrent is always your best friend, it's great!

  21. From what I've heard...
    27 may >> episode 2

  22. Ahh, I'm so happy! This anime is so cute and yuriful! Thank you for posting about it or else I may have never heard of it.

    If/when English subs come out, can you let us know?


  23. to anon12, ... 2 more days lol. But I dont wanna be ... disappointed ... o_o

    to anon13, it is already out. Just google Candy Boy Ep1 [English Sub] and you can find many posts and Fansubs on it. Try Tokyo Toshokan.

    Oh yeah, to anyone else who's interested in the Candy Boy ED, 'Koi no Katachi', there's a short clip of the singer introducing herself on niconico, see link below;


    That's by it's by 'za3068635' LOL cos it's actually a ... url, a smart person from yamibo figured it out o_o.

  24. Okay, so I started falling for the show but I'm soooo confused. Aren't Yukino and Kanade supposed to be sisters? D: