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Friday, April 25, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Ep3

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In the previous episode, Ruka yelled at [DV aka Domestic Violence guy] Sousuke not to touch her Michiru, now when Sousuke badmouthed Ruka, Michiru told Sousuke not to say bad things about her Ruka LOL. Sousuke was like .... 'YOUR Ruka? ...' *Major Pissed* 'You just said, YOUR Ruka!?' *Slap*!

Whoa, since when did Michiru grew a backbone to go up against Sousuke ... oh well, it's about Ruka after all lol.

Ahh, poor Sousuke, he knew that it was coming but damn, haha it sure hit hard, I mean getting sandwiched between two clueless 'friends' who apparently more than like each other.

Last Friends Ep3

Recapturing from Episode 2, Ruka was protecting Michiru against Sousuke who was about to hit her with a chair. When Takeru and Ruka demanded explanations for his actions, he merely shrugged everything off as a joke. Michiru even agreed, which made me so pissed at the first part of the episode lol.

Later when Ruka asked Michiru out for a talk, Michiru defended Sousuke's actions and saying that it's the only time in her life that she felt loved. Of course Ruka felt pissed off, however it's not that Michiru defended Sousuke but rather, her 'love' for Michiru apparently wasn't conveyed.

Oh yes and Spooky Sousuke went as far as stalking Ruka at her motocross workplace O_O lol. When Michiru came home late, Sousuke made her wait outside the house like a scolded puppy and then showed her the burnt cigarette marks he made on his wrist while waiting LOL. Totally creepy. That's not all, remember Sousuke made Michiru promised not to cut the hair for male customers? Yep, Michiru broke that promise but managed to lie her way out during dinner. HOWEVER. HOWEVER LOL, she made this stupid mistake by adding ... 'what if she did ...' LOL. I was like you freaking moron!!! Why don't you quit while you're ahead!! Butttt nooo, she just had to dig her own grave as Sousuke got suspicious and beat her up duh.

Meanwhile, Takeru moved in the Sharehouse and was given a welcoming party, oh yeah, we managed to see the woman who's 'harassing' him as he gave her a scold down via telephone when she called him. Apparently, that woman's married with kids!!! Anyways, Takeru made Ruka call Michiru who was getting frustrated and upset over DV guy and hesitated for many times before telling Ruka that she wanted to see her. I almost thought she wanted to confess her love or something ... going 'Ai .. ai ... [Aishiteru!!!] .... aitai yo ...' I was like *Sad droopy ears ...* lol.

The ever nice Takeru brought the girls to ... uh a familar place where they saw the city's night lights and left the two alone while he ran back to the car lol. I kinda like this scene because Ruka expressed her feelings of love subtly by comparing her father's devoted and quiet concern for her even though she's doing dangerous stuff like Motorcross with Michiru's 'love' for Sousuke and Ruka's devoted and quiet concern for Michiru even though Sousuke's a DV. Well at least Michiru's consistent in a way that she values Ruka's friendship alot and saying that the two most important persons in her life are Ruka and Sousuke.

Putting Sousuke as her top priority costed Michiru's 'job' in the sense that she's making unreasonable demands to her boss [Like knocking off on time and not to accept male customers]. During the night, unable to sleep, Michiru found her school year book under the living room table and started flipping around. When she saw a disfigured photo of Ruka, courtesy of Sousuke who appeared magically lol.

Manz, I give Michiru credit for asking Sousuke why he did that to Ruka's photo lol. Sousuke calmly replied that he's not going to let that person get near her and even reminded her of the promise of not seeing Ruka again. Yes, this is the part where Michiru suddenly grew wings and rebelled, asking why can't she meet her friend, an ex-boyfriend she can understand but it's a female friend. Sousuke actually said that Ruka's not a woman as she looks at Michiru with the eyes of a male o_O. [Oh I love the part where they switched the scene to Ruka who was playing Old Maid with poker cards with her gang and selecting a 'Joker' after Sousuke's statement]

Michiru started defended Ruka and raising her voice against Sousuke when he said that Ruka's a dangerous person. I also like this part here when Michiru started rambling that she had suffered for the sake of Sousuke, thinking she can withstand everything however this, she can't allow, [You go friendship! Here comes the line!] - 'I will not allow you to say bad things about my Ruka!'. Then it's off to pissed off Sousuke slapping Michiru for that statement. Could this foreshadow that Ruka won the 'game'? LoL.

In the end, the badly beaten [holy ... she's pretty ugly, no puns intended] Michiru went to Ruka for help.

It's a hug!

However, Michiru's crying face was like so totally fake and forced ... lol O_O. Oh well, bad acting aside, it's a interesting episode =). Can't wait for Ep4!

Preview of Ep4.

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  1. Heey, i just watched the third episode without subtitles. But since my Japanese knowledge is kinda limited, so there were some parts I didnt quite understand. But after reading your summaries, it's more clear to me now.. haha.. i like your comments! =)

  2. She's realy badly beaten up... can't even recongise her at 1st sheezz hehe.

    But i loved the way they say 'MY'... a very loving way showing tat she,ruka and michiru hehe indeed is important to each other haha and not by physically but mentally and throught ur heart hehe they indeed belongs to each other, akind of bond tat even his boyfriend feel stress of hehe....


    more more more more more rukaXmichiru

    less less less less less

  3. Speaking of "aitay yo", "Aitay samishi yo" was a phrase a Japanese pseudo girlfriend taught me. She said that it usually is a (sweet) lover's line. But can also be loosely used on other very close relationships. At the very least, it also helps establish their special bond further.

  4. Sheesh, way to downplay the emotional ending of the every previous episode... I'm almost sorry that I began watching it right now and not after it was finished. I'm hooked, and it is not enough... I already watched these episodes two times, going on the third to keep myself through the week.

    About Takeru. I think that tis woman is a close female relation to him that molested him when he was a boy.

    Ruka brought Michi to the water source... That made me very happy, because in my mind it is still half Sailor Moon. Just... Takeru wanted Michiru to go there?! Mou...

    Anyway, I just can't see Michiru in love with Takeru. Especially, not at the paste they are moving.

    Ruka is not a woman... Very cute line. No, really.

    And, well, I'm waiting very patiently for a direct confrontation of Ruka and Sousuke without Michi. I hope it isn't going to be just a staring match, though...

    The soft subs are out already! These guys are fast...

  5. This is a nice one especially the ending. I almost throw all my popcorns when Michiru said MY Ruka! I'm so happy then straight shocked on my bold ass when Sousuke immediately turns nuts! man I wonder if ever michiru would love ruka the way ruka did to her....

  6. to anon1, no problems, I believe the english subtitles are out now =).

    to anon2, lol yeah ... coughuglycough. Well, I dont really mind Ruka x Takeru scenes, Takeru's a really nice guy and apparently he knows Michiru is important to Ruka ... and Ruka only has eyes for Michiru heh.

    to anon3, o_o well in some sense, it's like a 'need' to see each other.

    to ida leter, O_o, ohhh that's an interesting thought about Takeru, yeah I believe she's someone related to him, probably a cousin? An aunt? A sister-in-law? Or even a sister!?!?! LOL.

    Well I don't think Takeru wanted Michiru to go there with him, he's probably just easing the tension ... like bringing the girls to a beautiful place =). He is afterall interested in Ruka isnt he? I'm kinda fearful of a direct confrontation between Ruka and Sousuke ... might turn out to be some bloody bath fight o_o.

    to anon4, lol, yeah it's the only scene where I was like, 'Way to go Michiru, finally you've done something good!' hmmm ... probably ... probably not.

  7. lately i feel tat there is too many anonymous around here.... lols so i think i better put a name instead hehe.. btw im the anon2 lor~